Chapter 7: Curiosity

Chapter 7: Curiosity

A Chapter by ~Dragon X

Felix believes he can become stronger faster if he tries the magic his counterpart so effortlessly uses, but his Master, the darkness-hating paladin, has a bit to say about the proposed idea.

        Felix fixed the door....somewhat. He managed to put it back in two of the three hinges, the third one being the topmost hinge, and was far too hesitant to swing it shut, so he just left it hanging open. Luckily, his Master seemed to accept this, as he wasn't ordered to do said thousand push-ups after seeing the door and Felix's sleeping form. He spent the coming day training, as usual; the obstacle course, the weapons, the physical discipline, the poorly prepared meals....
Felix was ordered to prepare a chicken sandwich with some veggies, like lettuce. Luckily, there was some fresh chicken plucked and skinned already, ready to be cut for the sandwich. Even with one of the main ingredients ready, Felix's sandwich still turned out bland. He did not pick the best of bread; dry and hard, and the chicken was cooked rather unevenly; overcooked, dark and brown in some areas, and almost pink in other areas.
The lettuce wasn't too much of a problem, and neither were the tomatoes, luckily. Felix grabbed about a handful of each of these for Aarwing, who ate almost as fast as Master Rose. It was fascinating how far he could unhinge and the size Aarwing's maw could become to devour it all.
        Felix ate his chicken sandwich slowly; slower than the slow he usually ate at, actually. How can Void blow off a door with a punch...and slip underneath the crack of a door....? I can't do anything like that.... Felix turned his black, right hand over a few times, studying it,  passing the sandwich to his left hand. Black magic....I know it's supposed to be bad,'s really powerful....
        Master Rose could tell Felix was thinking about something. She pounded her fist against the table, right in front of Felix's plate, making a loud Thud! and a rattle from the vibrating dish. Aarwing squeaked in panic, zipped around in circles, then landed again and resumed his food, much like a house fly.
        Felix's eyes snapped wide open and he stiffened like a pencil. "Yes Master?!" He stammered, mashing the two words together.
        Master Rose raised an eyebrow. "What were you thinking about?" She bit off another piece of her chicken sandwich. A depressed Felix was bad. Half-demons that weren't naturally born as one, like Felix, often lost their minds. Depression was one way to lose it.
        Felix blinked multiple times in rapid succession. "N--nothing!"
Master Rose was neither satisfied nor amused. "Felix. Tell me. Now." Her eyes met his, effectively intimidating Felix.
        "'s just....I'm thinking about Void.....and how strong he can be...."
Master Rose's eyebrows were sagging. "The only thing he's 'strong' in is his arrogance and cockiness."
        Felix looked down. "Well....I wasn't thinking about that...more like his actual strength....his..." he then mumbled the last phrase, but it was inaudible to Master Rose's ears. He looked down at his plate and sighed. I might as well just say it..... "Master, that dark magic was really powerful. I know you might think of it as bad...but really, the only thing I think is wrong with it is that it happens to be black-colored."
         Master Rose's eyes narrowed, then she shook her head in disdain. "You don't get it. It's bad for those on both ends of the magic; those who use it, and those who are hit with it."
        Felix frowned slightly. "No, you're right, I don't get it. Void does it all the time, and he--"
        "Listen Felix. Dark magic corrupts. Stay away from it." Master Rose's tone was rather serious.
        Felix's frown grew slightly broader. "But, you tell me to get stronger, isn't this an easy ticket to--?"
Master Rose's volume rose. "I will not speak of this any longer. I am warning you for your own good. So shut your mouth, and finish your chicken sandwich."
"Shut. Your mouth." One of her hands clenched into a fist.
"If--if you'll just let me--"
He was cut off once again. Master Rose's gaze morphed into an outright glare. "I said can it!" She snapped the command, and leaned forward towards her pupil to project her voice even louder.
Felix almost fell out of his chair. He had it engraved in his mind that his Master was about to pummel him, and was left taking rapid, shallow breaths when his Master stopped progressing forward, adrenaline and fear still pumping through him.
Master Rose sighed. "Just stay away from it," she said in a slightly softer tone. "It's bad for you."
Felix stared for a moment, breathing still fast-paced, then nodded quickly.
"Finish your dinner..." She then ordered, in an even quieter voice.
They finished their dinner in silence. Once Felix finished, Master Rose pass him her plate to clean and said, "I'll be gone tomorrow for something I need to take care of. I'll be back by tomorrow morning. While I'm gone I need to you fix the house up and get groceries. Do not search for anything dark-magic related anywhere in town."
Felix sighed, and nodded reluctantly. "Yes Master..."
Master Rose nodded, figuring she had scared her pupil enough for today. "Good."
As usual, Felix changed into his pajamas and Aarwing made a fluffy maze in the folds of the blankets. Felix sat at the edge of his bed and looked down at his fingers, then up at the door, and back down. ...Void fingers...didn't he....? So....I should be able to do it to..... He stood and faced one of the walls of his room. He took a deep breath, straightened his back, and raised his hands up to his face, fingers outstretched. He closed his eyes, focused, and commanded the black magic to come out and strike the wall, jerking his hands forward slightly, and released a little air from the breath he held.


...Maybe Aarwing mumbled in his sleep.

Felix blinked. Slowly, he allowed his arms to droop awkwardly. But that...that can't be..... He sighed. It's not fair.... He trudged to his bed, and slipped into it. I'll show Master....I can easily become strong with dark magic..... He thought to himself, before riding a train of thought that eventually took him to sleep.

© 2012 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X
Ok, if this chapter seems in any way, well, less well written to you, it's because I've been procrastinating on certain things and am now paying the price for it, to put it simply. XD But, here you go, and I apologize and if this isn't to your satisfaction....

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Amazing! I think Felix is growing to like the dark side. XD As always, the details are great, and the way it is write is very good. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Posted 11 Years Ago

EH. *clicks repeatedly on the Next Chapter button* DRAGOOOOON!
IT. NOT. WORKING! *stares at blank page* ._. meep!!!!!!! Must have more! XD

Okay...craziness over. XDXD

Wow, Dragon, wonderful chapter.

Like Jazz said, the spacing looks kinda funny, but that's WC for ya. XD
It happens with me too.


Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

;______; I'msorry! It's there now! It'stherenow! *gesticulates to button frantically*

I.. read more

I .... HATE....MYSELF.... FOR... NOT..... REVIEWING/READING.... THIS... YET...!!!!
I'm SORRY!!!!!!!

I think this had a half of a good point for NOT doing black magic, because it's dangerous. Thanks for putting it up! ^____^

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Thanks so much Hidden, I am so sorry the next chapter was put up so late....! ;______;

.. read more
Forever Hidden

11 Years Ago

You say.. THE NEXT CHAPTER? I will have to check it out right now.

What are you saying .. read more
Master Rose needs to have a talk with Felix, or the poor boy is going to get corrupted by dark magic.

Amazing chapter though Sunny! How do you work so fast? My chapters are always irregular, especially now that I have to finish all of your stories first.....

Haha. You know my fav character? AARWING!!

I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

XD I've thought it out, and she doesn't want to see his scared face when she tells him, so she's tho.. read more
Number one track to danger: Not telling the truth. Master Rose should really sit Felix down and give him a big talk about how exactly Dark Magic corrupts. I always feel like murduring the mentor when they don't tell the protogantist what's going on, and in a fit the protogantist ends up making thi s huge and horrible mistake...

BUT STILL. I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! IT'S AWESOME. Master Rose, pleassssse tell Felix how bad Dark Magic is!!! ;_;

More stuff about Void.. YAY!

I think it's pretty well written, although the spacing is all weird again. If you're writing this on Microsoft 2010, be sure to change it to No Spacing, because Spacing doesn't show up on Writerscafe. I CAN'T WAIT FOR TUESDAY! If this book is long enough....

Posted 11 Years Ago

~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

Thank you so much for your review, Jazz! ^^

Aha, yes, I didn't very well explain that b.. read more
Jasmine Thousand

11 Years Ago

No problem! ^.^
I actually think the part about Master Rose not explaining could be good,depe.. read more

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