Chapter 8: Town

Chapter 8: Town

A Chapter by ~Dragon X

Felix ignores the warning written on the back of his grocery list and pretty much treats what he's getting into a tad too lightly.

Felix woke up that morning early, as usual. He was a little less tense though, because he knew his Master wasn't in the cottage. Still, Felix got up quickly, changed, and went to the kitchen to set up his own breakfast. Aarwing woke up slowly, but once he was up he zipped after Felix eagerly. There was money and a little piece of parchment, Master's handwriting scribbled on it, laying on the kitchen table. 
Felix concoted a quick sandwich consisting of spinach and tomatoes, and started to chow down on it. He left some veggies for Aarwing, who ate greedily from. Casually, Felix's eyes drifted over the note and he picked it up. It's probably the grocery list, right....? 
Felix was right. However, there was more written on the back.
I know you're still thinking about dark magic.
That caught Felix's attention. He blinked, pausing from his breakfast, and read a little more intently.
 Dark magic can really mess you up. That black, hard stuff you have as an arm now stops at the shoulder. If someone like you gets exposed to some other person's dark magic for too long, your body will absorb enough of it spread. And it'll mess with your head too. Remember that night I first found you? Do you really want to be acting like that again? Think about it.
Felix looked down after reaching the end of the letter. Oh.... He thought numbly to himself. He did indeed begin to think about it. My arm can...spread...? He looked at Aarwing with a soft expression. And....I'll be thinking I did that night....?
        After some contemplation, he pursed his lips and flipped the note back over to reveal the grocery list once more. W...well....I won't let that happen to me. I can control what I am and what I'm not, can't I? He looked at his Master's written words in determination and finished the sandwich. I'm more responsible than Master probably thinks I am. I can take care of myself. He cleaned his plate at the sink and slipped on a pair of gloves. He grabbed a cloak loosely hung on the hangar and slipped it on, pulling the hood over his head.
Aarwing perched on Felix's shoulder, and with the money and grocery list in hand, he strolled out of the cottage and they headed for town. He stayed away from the frequently traveled dirt paths and kept to the trees until there were simply none left as he neared the town. When Felix stepped out of the trees, he made sure his hood covered his face.
        The town he went to for groceries was not the same town Alyssa was buried. That town was far more civilized, in a sense; it had a large number of proffessional businesses and many officals lived there. This town, named Visilous, was in essence, a giant marketplace. An endless expanse of farms were located in and around the civilization. Near the heart of town, hundreds of workers, farmers, and grocers created equipment for farming, sent crops to the other towns nearby, and sold them both here and in the other towns.
        Felix fiddled with the piece of parchment he clutched, and went over to the stalls. "Let's see..." He muttered to himself, "apples for Aarwing, bread....milk...eggs...."
        Aarwing's nose twitched to the word "apples". He licked his little snout briefly and snapped his head about. Apples...apples...where are the apples..... His finally eyes rested on a beautiful, red, large, juicy one. It lay innocently at the top of a pile of others.
       "Eep!" Aarwing squeaked, and pointed a paw to the apple. He tugged on Felix's hood with his other paw. "Eep!"
         Felix blinked to the tugging of his hood and secured it back in place with one hand. He followed Aarwing's paw to the stall that contained bushels of apples. "An apple? Ok, ok, hang on..." He walked over to the stall a random one off to the side.
        "EAP!" Aarwing tugged on Felix's hood harder, zipped to the apple and smacked it out of his hand, then returned to the hood-tugging.
"Wh--what!?" Felix sputtered, shooting his hands to his hood to keep it from flying off. "Stop pulling on the hood!" He hissed.
The store clerk, a young brown-haired man with freckles, cocked his head slightly. "Can you sir...? And your...furry friend....?"
Felix stiffened. "Ah, um, y--yes!" Then in a much quieter tone, "Aarwing, stop pulling on my hood...!" He tried to grab the winged ferret and hold him in place, but this only caused Aarwing to zip much like an enlarged, yet still very elusive, pesky fly. When Felix thought he had grasped his tail or stomach he just slipped out as the grip tightened, like a breeze. Felix's attempts to grab the ferret made him flail his hands about in the air around his head. He got a few odd looks, including one from the store clerk. Eventually, as Aarwing zipped around, he latched his paws around the rim of Felix's hood and yanked it back.
Felix gasped. "Aarwing!"
The store clerk simply blinked. "Can I help you, sir?" He asked again.
Felix stared at the clerk for a second, as if expecting something out of him to jump at him, then he hesitantly nodded. "...Yes...Um, an apple please...." He motioned for Aarwing to pick the apple out this time, which he did happily. After Felix payed for it, he looked at the clerk curiously.
"...Is there anything else I can help you with?" He asked once more, a question that seemed more rehearsed and automatic. 
Felix inhaled. "Um...where do you think I can know...magic..that's...dark...or something...?"
The store clerk looked at Felix as if he'd just grown a second head. "....No sir."
Felix sighed, and looked down. This is going to be harder than I thought.... "R--right, of course...thank you...."
The store clerk nodded and smiled mechanically until Felix was well away from the stall. 
Felix glanced at Aarwing, who was happily munching into his apple. "How am I gonna learn dark magic...?" He asked partly to himself, partly to Aarwing.
"Meepth!" Aarwing with his stuffed mouth responded.
Felix simply shook his head, having no idea what the white ferret was trying to say. He thought about pulling the hood back up, but he didn't seem to be attracting attention at this point with it off, so he figured a hooded figure seemed to draw more attention than without his hood.

In an alleyway, where a few other shady figures crept about, a girl looked up. She had long hair held up by a high ponytail, bangs that fell just short of her very dark brown eyes. She wore black finger-less gloves, And a black jacket over a dark green tunic, complete with black trousers going a little past the knees. 
Hands stuffed in her pockets, she cocked her head at the naive boy she heard asking about dark magic. What a fool....asking a farmer and expecting him to know about the black arts? But at the same time....I think there might be something dark about him...Just can't put my finger on it... She started tailing the weird kid from a distance, intrigued.

© 2012 ~Dragon X

Author's Note

~Dragon X


I'M SO SORRY. ;__________________________________;

I just had a lot of work I needed to get done....I'm soooooooooo sorry, I should've tried to finish it....I hope the length makes up for the delay....

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Oh, no. I have a bad feeling about the new girl. But I love this chapter! I can't wait to see who, and/or what, she is. And how Master Rose will react to her. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is sooooo late, but I decieded to review as part of your Hoyacb gift. :)

Wow, I just cannot say how much I love your character development. It's amazing.

"Meepth!" -Ilaughedsohardfornoreason-

Wonderful Chapter! Just wonderful!
I cannot wait to see what happens next! And what part this mysterious girl has in it.... Muahahahaha

Posted 11 Years Ago

W...well....I won't let that happen to me. I can control what I am and what I'm not, can't I?
Uh. Stupid idea. +______________+ See, your stupidity already cause you to get some random woman stalker. >.> See, you'll get all corrupted, and not even the strongest can stop it. Much less a boy who can only summon a butterknife.

IT'S AWESOME THOUGH, it truly is!!! I love this book so much. AND THE PLOT THICKENS LIKE HOT PORRIDGE. Had to say that. XD

STALKER LADY. Leave Felix (Void) alone!!! Don't you dare confuse him with ideas about dark magic!!!

MUWAHAHAHA. You can claim Felix. I'm keeping my claim on Void. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago

If Felix wants to do black magic, THEN I SHALL CRY! :'( Bad Felix. I wish he could be more of a dog.. "Stay Felix! Good boy! "


Posted 11 Years Ago

*gasp* WHO IS THIS STRANGE WOMAN AND WHY IS SHE STALKING MY FELIX? Lol, sorry, I tend to claim characters. XD And Felix, you MUST. NOT. PRACTICE. DARK. ARTS.

Interesting chapter.... Hm.. I think I caught two wording mistakes, but I can't place my finger where I found them. Try a spellcheck through Word, I think you'll find it there.

I is waiting for Friday to find out who this stalker lady is..... XD

Good job Sunny!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The XYZ Writer

11 Years Ago

Your welcome. ^_^

Ahh, I wish I could cartwheel....
~Dragon X

11 Years Ago

I CAN CARTWHEEL............

*Much more quietly*

The XYZ Writer

11 Years Ago

LOL. SO CAN I. *inmyfantasies*

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