Trials of Tartarus

Trials of Tartarus

A Chapter by Eli_Wolf-Queen

Chapter 6


Chapter Six

He let me rest for a day. One whole day, where all I did was constantly pace back and forth, my hands twisting over and over with worry.

“Will you stop? Before you ruin my floor?” Caltaya demands.

“What?” I ask, freezing to look at her.

“Your pacing. It’s annoying, even for you. Just calm down,” she says, rolling her eyes.

“I know that I’m so awesome that you forget that I can be annoying. I’m so, so sorry for putting you in the terrible position to witness that. But it’s true. I’m sorry,” I say, faking concern.

“Just when I thought that you couldn’t get anymore… You-ish.” Caltaya grumbles.

“How dare you!” I exclaim. “Of course I can be more me! Because I’m absolutely fabulously amazingly full of awesomeness!!”

“Do you do this on a regular basis?” Caltaya asks. “I’m just. I’m really concerned about people that are friends with you. Truly I am.”

I grin at her, winking on impulse before turning away.

“Why do you think he’s doing this?” I demand. “Making me wait for the next trial? It’s terrible. Waiting is the worst.

“Maybe he’s regretting letting you take Moon’s place,” Caltaya mutters.

“Lucky for you then!” I say. “Because if he hadn’t then you would never have met someone as awesome as me.”

“You say that way too much,” she says. “Seriously. Do you know any other word?”

“Oh there is no other word to describe me,” I say with a grin.

“I can name a few,” she mumbles.


Caltaya eventually left, saying that she had things to take care of. Leaving me alone, and bored in my prison of a room. For a few minutes I despised the fact that she could leave and I was stuck here.

But then I figured that I too would be out of here soon enough. I groan, I didn’t even get to play Flappy Bird, and I heard that it was popular among gods lately.

I mean, geesh, what kind of hotel was this? No room service, other than the slop that they called food delivered twice everyday. No Flappy Bird. No doors. I give this place and F on inspections.

Not to mention they need a new interior decorator, I mean this place is wowza. Definitely not confused about why they don’t get that many tourists around here.


© 2019 Eli_Wolf-Queen

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