Trials of Tartarus

Trials of Tartarus

A Chapter by Eli_Wolf-Queen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

Mutt’s POV

Cal never came back within the ten minutes. So I was stuck preparing for the next trial alone. Last night the dreams had come back. Erupting into my head so suddenly.

And I saw a girl, Mariel. She wasn’t just any girl either. She was our daughter. Her hair was blonde, and she had it wrapped in a braid, falling down her shoulder. And her eyes, bright blue.

She was laughing with a bunch of people… Friends that hadn’t been born yet. She had looked so happy. Better than that, she looked alive. Which means that I didn’t kill them.

But the question within me still remained, could I kill them?

Somehow I knew that this trial would bring the answer.


So what do you say? Can you do it?

This time I ignore the message, looking around to see if I could find a way out of this. But the answer was simple. The only way out was in a coffin. But if that’s what it took to insure that Moon and Mariel stayed alive, then that’s what I would do.

Except the thing was, if I died in here, then Mariel would never be born. She would never grow up to be that girl from my dream.

When my friends appeared in a circle the doubt set in. Could I really kill them? Just to save my own family? No, I couldn’t.

Because they were my family too.

“I’m not going to fight,” I whisper.

Nothing changes. My friends don’t move, they just stand there, looking at me. Robots. They weren’t even my friends.

What did you say?

The wall demands. It was funny, that this whole time the Trial Master had been too much of a coward to actually show his face. He used a wall to communicate. Like yeesh, has this guy ever heard of postcards?

“I am not going to fight,” I say louder. “I AM NOT GOING TO FIGHT!”

Then you will die.

“Don’t you get it?” I laugh. “I’m already dead! I didn’t realize it until now. But I’m already dead. And you didn’t kill me! I killed myself! The minute I threw Moon out of Tartarus I died!”

You think that’s the worst death that the world can give you?

“No,” I say. “But it’s the worst death that I can give myself.”

If you don’t fight then you will die!


I could feel the anger vibrating through the room. Whether it was mine or the Master’s I didn’t know. But it was there, a dull throb that never ended. Instead it was getting stronger.

They will kill you…

The robotic friends all take a step forward at the same time. I look down at the sword that was in my hand, it had appeared there sometime during my screaming.

They take another step forward, and I drop my sword. It shatters the second it hits the ground, and somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder why. But then I don’t care.

I look up, standing directly across from me was Moon. Her eyes were dead, just like a robot’s should be. I walk forward, they stand their ground. They had no emotions. They weren’t confused.

But the Master was. For the anger had faded. Leaving just confusion. Absolute and total confusion. I stop when Moon raises her sword, pointing it at me.

Then I shrug and continue walking forward, stopping only when the tip of her sword was pressed against my skin, right where my heart was.


“You said that they will kill me,” I remind him. “So? Do it. Kill me. Experience whatever joy my death will bring.”

Nothing happens, the robotic Moon doesn’t move. The wall message doesn’t change.

“DO IT!” I shout, grabbing Robotic Moon’s hand and jerking the sword so that it presses harder against my chest.

Instead the robot steps back and drops the sword.

You have no care whether you live or die?

“I thought I already explained this,” I say. “I’m already dead.”

For a few minutes there was nothing. Nothing but absolute silence. I stand there, not moving. Eyes downcast and head hung.

“Let Caltaya go,” I say finally, sitting down. “She doesn’t deserve to be here.”

I felt more than saw the word shift around me, until I was sitting on the bed in ‘my’ room. I didn’t bother lifting my head.

“Mutt,” Cal whispers. “Are you okay?”

It was such a stupid question, and if I had cared enough I would’ve laughed. But there was no reason to laugh. So instead I say nothing. Finally I hear her footsteps as she walks away.

And not long after there was a click signaling the door had opened and closed.

But through the wood I hear her say one last thing.

“I swear on the death fire coursing through my veins that I am sorry,” she whispers.

That’s when I look up, eyes wide. It seemed like so long ago.

“Mutt, promise me. You won’t trust the fire of death.”

Themis’s words echo in my head. All I can do is stare at the door that Cal had just walked through. It had to be the same thing. It had to be.

But why would Themis warn me about Cal? That didn’t make sense. On shaking legs I stand up, going through everything in the room. When nothing seemed out of the ordinary, nothing was different I almost gave up.

Until I saw a piece of paper, the edges black, like it had been burnt. I pick it up, and I can see the ‘Dear Moon’ on the top of the paper. I grab the notebook I had been writing the letters in. Looking through them I count seven. Only seven letters. But I had wrote more than that. One every morning, one every night, one after every trial. Way more than seven.

So who had burned the rest? The answer was obvious. Caltaya had. Which only meant one thing.

Themis had been right.

I look back down at the letter, and something catches my eye. The very end, the ‘P.S.’ it was in my writing. But I don’t remember having written it. Grabbing another piece of paper I copy down all the P.S’s starting from the first letter:

Even though you’re a thousand or so miles away from me, you’re never further than a second from my heart

Trust the sun but never the moon.

The end is near, and the answer is clear.

The situation is dire, the friend is a liar.

Beware the fear as the holder brings it near.

Over the stars lies the truth it’s closer than mars.

Fire and ice shall battle again

The first sentence was useless. But the rest… The rest made up a prophecy. At least, I thought it did. I look up as the door opens again.

© 2019 Eli_Wolf-Queen

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