Chapter 4 -- The Sky King

Chapter 4 -- The Sky King

A Chapter by Forbidden


Chapter 4 – The Sky King
The king waved away his mistresses that were all dressed in thin silk clothing that barely covered their female parts; they were doing some sort of dance for the king before I had entered the doors. The only thing that had made them stop dancing was that I had slammed the doors open and they saw that I had the white wings of a royal angel. The mistresses did not want to leave the king and the king’s reaction to them staying with him when he told them to leave was not pleasant.
“Leave now! I need to speak with my guest alone.” The king’s voice roared at the women who had disobeyed him. I waited for them to leave the room before I gracefully bowed to the King.
“Come closer child, so that I may get a better look at you.” I did as the King asked of me, firstly because he was higher up in royalty than I was and secondly because I did not want to lose my neck; in case if I displease him.
 “Your Majesty, I am Jasmine. I need a place to stay in your kingdom.” I got to the point, I was urgent I needed to find a place to stay in the Angel kingdom; In fear of coming across the Vampire I met at the gate, if I recall correctly his name was Caleb.
“Jasmine, Could you smile for me.” The king said as he was walking closer towards me. I didn’t understand what he was trying to get at so I did what he asked of me and smiled fully so that he could see all of my teeth. He stood right in front of me now and he was just staring at my teeth, He went and sat back down in his chair.
“Jasmine, you are not just an angel are you?” The king asked of me, now I understand what he was getting at; He was wondering what type of creature I was and since Vampires were forbidden to mix with angels I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen to me.
“No, your majesty.” I said with no emotion in my voice, he was going to get the exact answer he wants out of me and at the least kick me out of his city.
“And what else are you?” He kept on pushing on this one fact; I was a vampire and try as I may I couldn’t change that.
“I am a Vampire,” My voice rang with perfect clarity; I wasn’t ashamed to be a Vampire it was that I was ashamed of my father which was who made me a Vampire.
“And do you know that it is FORBIDDEN for Vampires and Fallen Angels to interact, for them to even be near each other is forbidden!!! And Yet you exist a Vampiric Angel” He yelled at me, shuddering at the thought of me being a Vampiric Angel. I was scared to no end, what the hell was he going to do with me knowing that I am a Vampiric Angel.
“I know entirely well your majesty that angels and vampires are forbidden to be near each other. That is why for the past Seventeen years I have been living in the human realm. Where there is hardly any Vampires or Angels.” My voice started to rise at the king but I controlled myself before I started yelling at him; I had to remind myself that he was the king and could have be killed at any moment.
“Then why are you in my kingdom, asking for a place to stay?” His question stunned me, out of all that tension a few minutes again; he was whispering why I wanted to live in the sky kingdom.
“Because I have nowhere else to go...” I was surprised that I was whispering too.
“You understand that you cannot stay in my kingdom, I will not have my subjects in danger just because you are a Vampire. Now leave my kingdom and don’t come back or I will have your head served to me on a silver platter.” He let me leave without taking my head, I saw him stressed to no end and decided it was best to leave him alone before he could change his mind. I ran down the hallway that Thomas took me down to get to the king, I ran out on to the clouded streets that Able helped me to get to the castle and went back to where I started, the gates of the realm; knowing exactly who I need to look out for.
“Able,” I cried out to the sky, while I was down on my knees. The clouds in the sky were becoming dark and violent, the skies were a dark purple and thunder roared in the sky. I needed to talk to Able; I knew he would be able to make me see a light side to this again. I awoke to see a dark figure tower over me, he was dressed in black skinny jeans, a white T-shirt and a black trench coat, I couldn’t see his face but I saw his white eyes as he took off his sunglasses, the dark figure had no pupils but before I could ask him who he was, I was slipping back into unconsciousness.

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