Chapter 7 -- The Forbidden Kingd

Chapter 7 -- The Forbidden Kingd

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 7 – The Forbidden Kingdom

I awoke to the pouring rain, finding myself inside a cold dark dungeon that was hardly lit with any light. It felt as if I had been out for days; I wasn’t entirely sure how long I was actually out for. All I remember before I passed out was that Topaz - the “angel” who had kidnapped me – whipping me, until I heard a deadly voice tell him to stop or he would be next and that’s when I passed out; I think I passed out because I had lost so much blood.
“Huh your finally awake, do you know how long you have been out for?” I heard a male voice say from outside of the cell.
“A couple of days, I am not really sure.” The guy let out a small bleak laugh.
“Try a week and a half.” Had this guy been waiting for me to wake up for one and a half weeks; to me it didn’t sound that likely.
“Have you been out there for that long?” I asked the guy; I still didn’t know his name.
“Yea, others have wanted to get in there and do things to you. The Kings order was to let no-one in there, so I was doing just that” The guy’s voice was dead and flat, no emotion what-so-ever; The King must be a really strict guy, I wasn’t even sure where I was.
“I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name. Mine’s Jasmine, what’s yours?” I really wanted to know this guy’s name, so I could thank him for protecting me from the people he was talking about.
“I know you don’t know my name, it’s because I didn’t give it to you.” He took a deep breath and started again “Sorry, I know I am being rude. It just got a bit boring doing nothing out here. My name is Jared.” He spoke kindly to me, what was up with this guy and his mood swings.
“Why are you being so nice to me?” It was rather an important question; if the king was who I thought it was I knew I’d be in for hell soon.
“Because the king is going to be giving you a public whipping, for not coming straight here like you were told to do by Justice.” How did he know of my step-father Justice?
“Who is the king Jared?” I had to know if the king was exactly who I thought it was.
“Jasmine the king is Lucifer, your father.” My father that can’t be right, my father Darrius is dead I saw the Arch angels kill him; my mother explained to me that it was because he was with a Vampire, a forbidden thing for an Angel to do. He was killed because he loved me; it is my fault that he is dead.
“That can’t be right, my father is dead.” I said more so to myself than to Jared but he heard me anyhow.
“Darrius, the one you are referring to was believed to be dead until three years ago when he was sighted in the barren realm.” Jared explained to me, I can’t believe that my dad is alive, it is simply impossible.
“But I thought he was dead.” I replied to Jared; I still couldn’t believe that my father was alive. If I got out of here alive I would have to track him down.
“That was the King’s plan from the beginning to make you believe that Darrius was dead so that your Vampire powers could quickly form inside of you. Usually you have to be bitten by a Vampire for that process to happen in humans but if someone has had a Vampire parent, a tragic accident can also speed up the process for you to earn your powers.” Jared explained to me. More lights turned on before I heard the footsteps approaching, I guess it was time for my whipping. I knew it would come – thanks to Jared – that I would be receiving this whipping otherwise I would have not known about it. I heard the shuffling of feet and I heard Jared stand up; a model soldier.
“Sir Justice, the girl is in her cell. She hasn’t had a thing to eat or drink as the king order.” Jared announced to this Sir Justice; I was just hoping it wasn’t my step-father Justice but honestly how many people have the name Justice?
“Good job Jared, now stand aside so I can get the girl. The King will be pleased to know that she is prepared for her punishment.” Why am I getting punishment for? What had I done wrong exactly? Jared moved aside with a “yes sir” coming out of his lips and Justice opened the door. I wasn’t that surprised to see my step-father Justice standing inside the door frame; it was obvious it would be him; I was just hoping it wouldn’t be him.
“Hello there Jasmine, surprised to see me?” He cooed to me from the place that he stood, I always hated him for this exact reason he treated me as if I was worth nothing at all.
“Not really, I always knew you worked for the devil himself.” I spat at him, I hated him to my very core. I hated him for every time he came close to raping me, I hated him for every whipping he gave me with his belt; I hated him for cutting my skin with his daggers, which the wounds never fully healed. He walked closer to me and grabbed my face with his hand and squeezed my checks tightly.
“Funny you say that, angel. You will know how much of a devil he can be when he’s through with you.” Justice slapped my face twice before he turned around to talk to Jared who was still outside of the door far away so I could not see him.
“Jared chain her up and then take her to the arena.” Justice practically screamed at Jared, giving him no respect at all; I didn’t know Jared well but I knew that nobody should be treated like that.
“Which arena Justice?” Jared sneered if anything Justice should be treated just the way he had treated Jared.
“Which arena do you think you idiot and that is Sir Justice to you, pup.” Justice slapped Jared hard across the right side of his face I could see that he had layered black hair and a black eye; his eye held no emotion, no hope it was just filled with sorrow. Why did Justice call him a “Pup?” Jared stood up straight again and turned into my cell, bending down to chain me up like he was told too.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered into my ear as he gently put the chains around my wrist, He was so kind to me even though I knew that no-one else would be. I took the chance to look into his eyes again and he must have understood what I was going to say before I said it. He knew that I would forgive him, that I would forgive them all for they do not understand what they are about to do.
“Come on move it pup, you know how impatient the King can get. We don’t want to make him mad now do we?”Justice sneered at Jared. Jared handed Justice the chains that were around my wrists and Justice tugged on it harshly, laughing like a maniac as he did it. He pulled harshly all the way to the arena while Jared followed behind us like a dog with its tail between its legs. Jared looked sorrowful as if he knew that a pure angel was going to be killed in the hands of the devil that I was going to be killed in the hands of their King.
I could hear the cheer of the audience, they were happy that I was going to be killed on this dark hour and that no Justice was going to be delivered to me. As I entered into the arena following after Justice – Jared waited at the doors of the arena – I could see five royals seated in thrones ten miles away from a single post that stood in the centre of the arena. Justice tugged on my chain making me fall onto my knees and tied it around that single post, his voice filled out into the arena as he introduced me to the audience.
“Dear ladies and Gentleman of the Forbidden Kingdom. Your Highness and majesty I present to you your long lost daughter, Jasmine and she will be your entertainment for tonight.” The king stood up from his throne which was the middle one out of the five thrones and walked over to me, Justice seeing this bowed immediately to the King.
“My daughter you say, yes I can see it now. My long black hair and strong check bones and your mothers beautiful grey eyes. I wonder what your punishment shall be, 100 whippings with the nine cat tail or death.” At the thought of death a sickly sweet smile spread across his high strong check bones, he turned to the queen begging her to come over here, she was by his side in less than a minute with her white glorious wings spread out behind her.
“You are right Lucifer, she does resemble us physically but her mind set is not like ours. She would rather die than be like us.” She laughed out loud with no humour in her tone. I spat at her, she was right I would rather die than be like them.
“Go ahead take my life for I will never be like you.” I screamed at their inglorious faces, they will suffer because I will suffer. They just smiled at me even more.
“If that’s what you really want daughter but then I’d be giving into you. Fine its 500 whippings with the nine cat tail, it is.” Lucifer whispered in my face, he slapped me across my face as well; what was with these people and slapping?
“Justice get out the whip and show your step-daughter what you can really be like.” Lucifer screamed at my step-father, I knew I was going to be in for hell. Lucifer and Ashley (The king and Queen) returned to their seats so that they could watch me suffer while they were comfortable. I was looking at Jared watching his face trying to see if he cared if I was going to be in pain or not; he seemed to be very jumpy and I just can’t understand why? I heard footsteps approach me knowing that it was Justice, taking the first steps to my first whipping in so long. There was silence as everyone anticipated the first blow, I kept my eyes on Jared and he was shaking violently. First I heard the crack of the whip it literally filled the whole arena and then I felt the searing pain; my clothes and I were being reduced to nothing in the first ten blows of the whip. It was excruciatingly painful but I kept my eyes on Jared the whole time, knowing it was the only kind face I could look to, everyone else was laughing like hyenas at my pain. It was so unfair what exactly had I done wrong?
Whispers started to fill the arena after my 400th blow of the whip, whispers of awe, surprise and even some whispers of hatred. I had my eyes close because the pain hurt so much but I wasn’t giving in, I thought the king would have been the one to scream out at who had Intruded on their sick entertainment but It was the Queen instead who screamed at to the intruder.
“What the hell are you doing here Darrius?” The Queen yelled out, I opened my eyes to look for who they were talking about. There was an angel who stood in-front of me crouched down on one knee, his silver wings spread out behind him and he looked over his shoulder to look at me. His beautiful silver eyes shimmered and a breath-taking smile was plastered onto his face, he looked exactly like a guardian angel. He stood up tall and proud and spoke to the queen.
“I am here to protect my daughter Ashley.” He responded to her, it was my father Darrius. Ashley let out one bleak laugh.
“She is no daughter of yours. She is my and Lucifers daughter.” She sneered to my father Darrius. He started to laugh; I didn’t understand what was so funny.
“Perhaps by blood but never by love, you will never be able to love her because you don’t feel love; you don’t even understand what love is.” His words moved me and it shocked Ashley for a moment, I saw a flicker of a memory. It wasn’t one of mine but a memory from Ashley. It was a memory of her and Caleb in a snow filled meadow watching the starry night together, I screamed out in pain because of her memory.
“Who are you?” I screamed at Ashley and she looked at me puzzled, how she could not know what I just saw inside of her mind.
“I am Queen Ashley.” She replied puzzled, I saw Jared run over to Darrius and I, Darrius threw Jared an axe and he used it to cut my chains.
“No you’re not, you know Caleb. Who does Caleb know you as?” I stared at her face for so long, there was only shock that she couldn’t believe I knew Caleb, I could tell she wasn’t going to answer me. The only answer I was going to get was a single thought.
“Sky” She thought in return for me, Darrius had Jared standing in-front of him with his hands underneath Jared’s arms ready to take off by flight and I knew he wanted me to join him in the air. I stretched out my white wings and flew up into the air following behind the only man I considered as my father.

Bonus Scene – Caleb’s P.O.V
I was a Dream it just had to be, I knew the snow filled meadow well. It was a place where I went to think and to relax; it was once a battle field I fought in with Alex. However now that it was winter the meadow was barren and empty and as cold as the night. I sat in the white pure snow, waiting for the one person I wanted to see again; an angel that I could never be able to see again, Sky. I heard her child like singing voice fill into the air, she hummed the tune of our song into the night air. I waited to see her come out of the trees that surrounded the meadow but before she came out I heard the roar of a Vampire whom sounded quite close, I ignored the roar and continued to listen out for sky’s beautiful voice sing our song. My body shook violently and I heard a voice scream out into my ear, It was Alex’s voice filling into my dreams from the outside world.
“Pandora’s missing.” Alex continued to shake me, trying to wake me up.
“Go away, Alex” I mumbled to my brother who had interrupted my dream, the dream faded away when his words clicked in my mind. My sister in law, Pandora was missing. I shoot up out of bed, scaring Alex in the midst of it.
“What happened to her?” I was going to kill whoever stole her away from us, no-one messes with my family.
“I don’t know, Frava just came screaming into my room yelling that she was missing. Everyone’s downstairs trying to figure how this happened.” I was going to sort this out no matter how long this is going to take, like I said no-one messes with my family.
“Alright let’s go downstairs and when I find out who on earth has done this I am going to kill them.” Alex and I went downstairs to find Frava looking the worst that I have seen him in 200 years; I was going to find this guy and kill him when I get Pandora back, I promise that much.

© 2009 Forbidden

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