Chapter 2 -- New York

Chapter 2 -- New York

A Chapter by Forbidden


The club was no ordinary club. It was a stripper’s club, there were table’s all around the large room, with polls attached to the tables. Girls were in reviling clothing (which was more reviling then Heather’s). Groups of 5 or so men sat around the tables watching the girl’s slide their bodies around on the polls. Me and Adam were speechless, had we come to the wrong club? What had happen with Adam’s vision? Or was it Zack’s idea to bring us here?

“Umm Adam... Why are we at a strip club for?” I asked Adam, hoping I would find a logical answer for why we were here. Adam didn’t respond to my question, so I read his mind but all that was there was a blank. He must still be trying to get over the fact that we here, instead of where his vision said we would be.
“Oh stop whining Ed; we’re at a strip club. Probably somewhere you have never been before so enjoy it while we are here.” Was Zack’s response, It was obvious that he had brought us here. Heather and Zack had gone to a table and were watching a blonde girl dance around the pole. Adam still stood there, with his mouth hanging open. I tried to shake him out of the brain-less state he was in, but it was no use. So I left the building and went walking on the New York streets trying to find someone who I could feed upon. It was when I was near an old high-school that I came upon the hospital across the other side of the road.
“There are many hospitals in New York, so it’s very unlikely that this is the one my father works at. But I might as well check to see if he does work here.” I thought to myself. I don’t want to hurt the humans anymore. I don’t want them to have to live like this; I shouldn’t want to damn their souls to eternal damnation. I come to the automatic sliding doors and went up to the receptionist’s desk.
“Hello, may I be of assistance to you my dear?” The Elderly woman asked me. She looked to be in her 60’s or even 70’s. She wasn’t that much older than me, perhaps 20 years older than me, although I hardly looked any older than seventeen. I asked her the one thing that I would want to know about this hospital, Was it the one that my father worked at?
“I am looking for Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and I was wondering if he happened to be here?” The Old woman looked pleasantly at me; she was noting my features and trying to match them with my father.
“Would he be your father dear?” Yeah she recognized my pale skin and gold eyes, which in her mind she had just matched to my father’s pale skin and gold eyes.
“Yes, you could say that.” I said to myself, rather than to the old woman.
“Do you happen to know if he’s here at the hospital?” I asked her again for the second time in the last 7 minutes.
“Yes, he is here. He’s in the ER room. He’s leading a major surgery at the moment. Would you like me to leave him a message?” I should have known that my father would be busy leading another surgery. It was something he loved -- being able to help save the human’s lives rather than destroy them -- It was amazing the control my father had around all that human blood.
“Yes please. Could you say that it was Edward that stopped by and that I just wanted to be able to talk to him while I was in New York? My mobile number is 04383161329, if he could give me a call please.”
“No problem dear, I’ll leave the message at his desk. Good luck and May the lord be with you.” Yea “let the lord be with you”; There is no saviour for the dead but she meant well so I smiled a goodbye and left to go and find Adam and the rest of the gang.
Meanwhile Back At the Hospital
“You did it again Carlisle. How do you do it?” I wasn’t sure who this guy was. He was new in the business and I had not worked with him before, so how on earth was I meant to know his name. I looked for his ID card and found it hanging inside his jacket pocket, his name was Henry.
“I can’t tell you that Henry, it’s a secret. Now if you will excuse me.” I pardoned myself from the gentleman’s presence and made my way towards my office.
I opened my office door and found my office the way it should be. The leather chair was pulled up next to my brand new computer.  I picked up my phone which was just next to my computer and called Jen the night shift receptionist.
“Hey Jen, Did I get any call’s while I was doing the surgery?” The buzzing noise inside the phone was exceptionally horrible tonight.
“Umm just let me get out my notepad and I’ll have a look-see.” Her ragged old voice was becoming worse because of her difficulty with breathing, she was lucky to be working in the hospital. The rattling she was making on the other end of the line was horrible, I would have gone down there myself and helped her but I believe it would have looked suspicious if I just showed up out of thin air.
“Excuse me Dr. Carlisle; you had a visitor tonight at around 10:30 almost 11:00 o’clock.” What human would be awake at that time, which was even looking for me? The answer to that was none.
“Who was it? Did they leave me a name? a number? Anything?” I questioned the old lady; probably giving her a heart attack at my ferocity to find out whom on earth would try to visit me at 11 o’clock pm.
“Uh yes, it was your son Edward.” Edward had come looking for me; He must have come to say sorry. What else would he want to do with me, if he did not want to come back?
“Did he leave a contact number for me to reach him on?” I could feel my frantic voice rattling away however I wonder if she could hear it in my voice.
“Yes he did doctor. He left a very strange number. Not something I have ever come across in my time. Why I remember the day, telephones came into use....” Here she goes again the senile old hag, rattling away over stories from her past.
“Jen, the number please” I was starting to become impatient, waiting for a number that I could call my son on.
“Right, sorry doctor, the Number is 04383161329.” I quickly wrote down the number, Esme my wife will be thrilled to know about Edward. I wasn’t sure to tell Esme of our son before because I was afraid of getting her hopes up, when a couple of months ago it wasn’t very likely that he would want to come home.
 “Okay, well thankyou Jen. You wouldn’t understand how much this means to me.” I hanged up the phone and run as fast as possible for a human, I wanted to get home as quickly as I could so that I could tell Esme about Edward.
Back with Edward’s Coven
As I walked the New York Streets, I saw Heather, Zack and Adam in a dark alley way, a couple of streets down from the club that they were in before. Adam was leaning against one of the alley way’s narrow wall, Heather and Zack was finishing the last of their meal, drinking the last final sips from the human’s throats which were the most delicious thing a vampire could ever have.
“Ah Edward your back. Where did you go to?” Adam looked to me from where he leaned against the wall made of brick. Heather and Zack were completely oblivious to the fact that I was back.
“I went to see if I could track down my father, Adam. Plus I also fed.” He smiled knowing well of whom I was talking about, to him Dr. Carlisle Cullen was my infamous father figure or in his words the Big Daddy. I could tell that  Adam had finished his meal hours ago. Adam was very clean with his meal unlike Heather and Zack who loved to make a mess of things.
“Well we got a call, an old timer perhaps a thousand years old called asking us to come as quickly as possible. He said he heard we were the best, that if anyone could help him that it would be us. What do you think of that Edward?” Adam started walking towards me then, he always found it hilarious when people called us the best or that people say that they heard we were the best, of-course we were the best in the business no-one killed our own kind like we do. The reason why we were the best because no one else was less afraid to die then we were. We are not afraid to die and that’s why we are not afraid to play god when it came to killing our own kind.
“Well then what are we waiting for, the sunrise.” At that Zack and Heather finished their meals and laughed at my sarcastic comment.
“Yea let’s go Adam. Let’s go kill some vampires.” Heather and Zack chanted together. “Just because they are newborns doesn’t mean they have to act like it.” I thought, Adam just looked at me and smiled.
“Alright, Alright. Let’s go and slice some vampire throats children.” Adam let out an evil laugh as we plunged through the night wanting to destroy some more vampires, whom were the demons of the night. Yes, we were vampires too but it did not bother us to kill our own kind, it put us out of the misery of being alive our self because we were so close to death that it felt like we were dead.
Carlisle’s P.O.V
I literally ran inside of the house calling out for my wife Esme.
“Esme, Dearest I have some wonderful news to tell you.” At that moment I just saw her at the bottom of the stairs, just waiting there for me with a pleasant smile upon her glorious angel-like face.
“What news have you brought home for me tonight Doctor?” Esme began to walk towards to wrap her thin arms around my neck.
“Well I didn’t want to tell you this before when we first met but love long before I turned you, I had turned another and he was to be my companion someone I could talk to. Sorry love I am rattling along like an old timer but dearest my son, our son is coming home; well at least that’s what I believe. He dropped by the hospital tonight leaving me a contact number so that I could talk with him.” Esme’s eyes began to fill with tears. I didn’t understand why she was crying for, this was wonderful news and I thought she would be thrilled about the fact that we had a son. I wiped away the tears that had just started to fall.
“Esme love what is wrong?” I asked her as I wrapped my arms around her.
“Nothing is wrong love, this is wonderful news. Thank you so much Carlisle, I have always wanted a son.” She stopped crying then, so I took her upstairs so that we could spend some quality time together. I just pray that our son is not in any danger.

© 2009 Forbidden

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