Chapter 5 -- A New Enemy and New Friends

Chapter 5 -- A New Enemy and New Friends

A Chapter by Forbidden

Chapter 5 -- A new Enemy and new friends

For the first time I could see where I was, the room was white. Like in a dream I rose to my feet and started walking towards the metal door that I believed that I would be able to see the rest of the world from once I walked out of that one single door. My hand rested on the cold metal, unsure of what was beyond the door that was waiting for me. As I tried to turn the cold metal handle that belonged to the door, I heard a woman’s blood curling shriek and I saw a family of five (5) with gold eyes and pale white skin, half had bronze hair and the other half had blonde hair which flew gracefully as they stood as still as stone, Their eyes whispered for me to come. What the hell was going on?
James P.O.V
I rose to my feet and dusted off my jeans. My face hurt from the punch Edward (as Adam referred him to) gave me for having a bit of fun with Adam. Edward was fast but not as strong as others I had met before. Edward was going to pay for taking away my new mate. At least I heard where their next destination was, I was going to sabotage this “mission” they were taking on in Alaska. Oh that little demon is going to pay.
Edwards P.O.V
“Yo Eddie, Where on earth are we going?” Zackary shrieked at me as loud as he could, doesn’t he understand the words peace and quiet.
“Zackary for the last time, if you had been listening to what I said before we got on this snail train, you would know where we are going.” I strained my voice just to try and stay quiet so that the humans around us wouldn’t hear our conversation.
“Oh please, please just tell me where we are going. I promise to listen extra carefully this time.” I looked to Adam for help but he was just staring outside of the train window daydreaming again. Heather was daydreaming as well twirling a strand of her hair around her finger. I pinched my nose with my thumb and forefinger trying to calm myself down before I would respond to the dim-witted boy.
“Fine,” I whispered trying to keep my calm “We are going to Alaska for another Job Zackary.” I was still whispering, trying to remain calm so that when he opened his idiotic mouth again I wouldn’t be hitting the roof.
“Alaska with all the snow and all, Ha -ha-ha-ha. So what are we going to do there dog sled with the huskies and then feed on them ha-ha-ha-ha.” Like I said he is an idiotic, dim-witted new born.
“Wait he said we were going there for a Job, we have never had two jobs so closely put together.”
“That’s just about right Zack; we have never had two jobs within a week. That is why I believe someone is trying to sabotage us, so we have to be extra careful. Especially me and Adam because no-one would be bothered to go after new born’s like you and Heather.” As I whispered to Zack I felt the cabin guards eyes pierce through me, watching my every move and listening to my every word. Something didn’t feel right and I had no idea what that something was.
Somewhere In Alaska
Her crimson eyes and red hair was like fire in the wind, Chaotic yet still beautiful. Her child like screams of Joy as her new born’s destroyed our city, was like a possessed child learning of a dark world which she now belonged to. This woman had destroyed our city and feed off of our people in two days and yet there was still no sign of the help that we had called in; Where on earth was this Edward Cullen.
Edward’s P.O.V
The snail train was coming to a rest at a train station which was basically covered with snow. Snow on the roof, snow on the window still’s, snow on the chairs, snow on the platform and snow surrounding around the whole station. We were in a Ice land like no-other what concerned me was that there was hardly anybody on the platform, except for two people which must have been station guards, there was hardly anyone on the train either. Most of the human’s had gotten off a couple of stations ago and now it was just us four and the odd human here and there. What on earth had happened here to make the humans avoid this Ice wonderland?
On the station platform we were greeted my three women, two of them I did not know the other woman was the one that had called us, her name was Tanya.
“Hello Tanya, sorry we have taken so long to get here. What was it that you had called us here to help you with?” I was waiting for a rational response, instead I got slapped; I didn’t think I was being that smug.
“She already came, with a legion of 50 ‘New Born’s’, she made them destroy our city and feed off of most of our humans. You Edward have nothing to be smug about.” She practically screamed at me loud enough so that she would seem superior but soft enough so that the humans would not hear our conversation.
“Damn that boy, if only he was here on time perhaps I could have given him a far nicer greeting. He is pretty hot, I like the rough look and he wears it well.” Tanya was crushing on me, as most girls’ weather immortal or human would. They found my appearance attractive and most wouldn’t stop at just being over friendly, they usually would try to get into my pants.
“I am sorry Tanya; perhaps we could all go out to dinner and talk this over but first please show me the damage this girl has caused and perhaps you could give me her name, it would be very helpful for us so that we can investigate into this.” I smiled sweetly to her, so that she would understand that I was trying to be nice. Adam and Zack started snickering where as Heather just let out a heavy breath.
“Looks like someone has their eyes on the red head; I wonder what she is like in bed.” Thought Zack, in the last three days he wouldn’t get off of my case, does that boy never shut up?
“Damn Ed, you tell me off because I liked James and you are crushing on the red head, no fair...” Yea Adam was just as jealous as Zack because they thought I liked Tanya, they were both wrong because I was just trying to be a gentleman towards the lady.
“Damn you Edward, you like a red head but not a Russian. You know how long I have liked you and within less than 5 mins you are already crushing on a red head.” Heather was mad at me, full stop. It is very hard to make Heather happy again when she gets mad. It was then when I was thinking how on earth was I going to make Heather happy again that I heard the loud explosion off in the distance.
“Damn It!” Tanya Shouted “The b***h is at it again. Edward do you think you and your team can help us this time.” I looked to her and nodded of course we will help her, defeat this enemy that was causing her problems. I looked to the city one more time as everyone else that was just with me ran towards the city, I stood there for one more minute as I thought of my father and then race towards the city, to help my friends save it this time.

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