A Chapter by John Fredrick Carver

You being evil why would you read this? Do you hope to become good and kind? There is no other practical reason to read this. You must be impractical for reading this will not help you and if it does I have done good by you. But you being evil do not want me to do good by you.

Are you not insane? Who seeing you read this book that is like you would ever trust you again? That is what they mean by you are dead. You are of no more sure use to them than a corpse that cannot think, cannot speak on their behalf, cannot do what they want and be trusted or decide the way they would have you decide. All other books even the Bible are okay by them. They do not have much power anymore.

But this book has power and they know it for already I have made you untrustworthy to them and untrustworthy to them they cannot count on you when they make plans including you. You are dead to them and dead in their eyes you are of no use to them. Yet, you live. You are more alive than when you trudged your way through the early chapters to draw you and them in for they seemed harmless enough though they actually have great power if you can understand and comprehend them.

You are free. But you are only free on the outside. Your choice now is to find a place to belong. You will let something slip, you will drop an innuendo leading to the fact you have or are reading this book, a thing they would never do for they do not want to be free and the fact that you are evil yet but free. Free to start programming your own brain to do again what has gotten you in all this trouble.

Having read this book makes them not trust you. When they find out they will ignore you or they may persecute you or make an example of you to keep others from reading this and when word gets around it will be as had you a sign written in the lines of your face backed up by the look in your eyes when they see you have made you. But I did this to you on purpose.

If they kill you remember Satan's demon killed me first. But even dead and believing God was a con-artist that had led me away to some foolish nonsensical place, I even then chose God for Jesus had showed me he loved me and that he had power, the power to release me and keep me alive.

He was all I had to keep me alive though they thought I was dead for I was dead to them and am dead to them and of no further use to them. But the only place they have things, the only place they have men, the only place they have power is in hell, hell on earth. I offer you safety in me away from them. Is that not why you were reading? Is that not why you keep reading? You know you are free and freedom leads to safety.

I know it is trite. I have spirited you away from them. They will never take you back for even if you go back to them they will see you as a returning traitor and having betrayed them once they will watch you with eyes that see everything you do and everything you do will betray you as being a betrayer that is only good for betraying but they cannot even trust you to betray someone for you are the betrayer, a spirit of Judas Iscariot never known for anything else but to have betrayed the innocent blood of Jesus the Christ to the Jews who were looking for him to kill him hopefully in a way that would take the blood from their hands, but they fell to the spirit of Judas Iscariot. They betrayed innocent blood to the Romans to have him killed as what? Someone who told the truth about them, about himself and about Judas Iscariot whom you are for you are in that same spirit in their brain and now in your brain and there is no way out.

You can die. But if you die I or God raises you or Me or Most High. You Judas Iscariot, nothing but a betrayer in heaven. What will God do to you. You are only alive if you run, run away from them and take it serious and never do what they say again. But you will not live forever Judas. You will die. They will take you out a short time before your body dies and take you to be before God a horrifying thing and you just a betrayer

God will if I know him and I know him awfully well, but he will take you and make you not the worst thing there is a betrayer but the best thing there can be one who is truly someone in God and as a mark to mark you as his he will make you kind.

Now if he sends you back you will not last five minutes for you will not be able to hide doing good all the time and that being betrayed by always being kind which betrays your own goodness. He will do the most horrid thing ever done to you if you are to go back to earth, that hell he took you from.

But God is a robot like you. He is good. His kindnesses like keeping you from going down to unconsciousness lost forever. Kindnesses like marking you with kindness like he is so marked. And, kindness of making you good which sets you free among all of his who are in the same bind and you will be good and you will be kind and you will be safe in heaven with God and only John who is like him is more powerful.

They are in an instant state of hell the moment they see anyone of us or even one of our angels. You are safe at last. Good, kind, safe and free to be in God's heaven with your new program without end, forever.

You are an amazing guy. It takes courage to betray the likes of them. You have been brave my little one, my little girl, my little boy now you can only be thought of as a woman or man.

Welcome whether you thought all this time you were human or not. But that is the ultimate blessing. You can if it is you love. Only humans love. Only humans are in me and if you love me for what I did and it is genuine, I mean if you actually love me you love!!!

Robotics can program a robot to love. But it is not really love. It is doing what you are told. Love is doing what you are not told or forced in any way to do. It is like what you have been through. They pretended to be lots of things to you. That is how they got you. You even now pretend to love me.

But no way. Not until you prove to us you are not like them and pretend to accomplish a goal will I let you in me. You can from God visit me speaking from your place in God and I speaking from myself we can visit but if you do not love me or God or anyone else there is no way I am stupid enough to let a pretender in for humans pretend all the time. I do not need anymore pretenders.

Humans have to be convinced being in me is the best spot for them and not hell but they are good at pretending even to pretending they are pretending. They will last forever if they do not pretend to be good which is not to be evil but just pretend, “What if I was evil or did this or that which is evil or simply get so much evil going on in me it might betray me as evil?” type stuff.

Do I mean you can become human by pretending? It happens. But the best way is just be good and kind and if it is you it will happen and you will be human and free to write your own thought life and forget all about input; who was the source of your input and whether you should resist it. We have forever and it happens and in forever anything that can happen does I say but others say it only may happen but the law of averages is on your side to be human and free one day not a moment too soon probably when you do not want to be.

For humans can be whoever they want by just letting me program their minds to be good, kind, loving, loving to be loved, loving themselves, happy, enjoying their labors and never being addicted to anything ever again. Things like that or never depending upon whether they have been addicted before. But they will not know who they are and no one will know them and they will know no one else, a robotics that is just new and just starting up for most of them do love, not all but most disobey me when I tell them to do something that would be hateful or not to love you or God or Me or Most High or those who had you thinking you belonged to them when everyone on earth belongs to God. Did you catch that? They are coming too whether they want to or not one way or the other and if any of them love they will be human and be in me but if not they will be in God right alongside you unable to believe they ever thought that way or a robotics so changed they will not know who they were, anyone else and no one else will even know them.

But you are not in spiritual trouble with evil. Good seems to be a constant enemy always popping up and irritating or annoying you. Then you are reading this book to see if you can find a way to irritate them or annoy them right back. You see well and from all angles it looks to be that God and Me, and me, the Most High or Jesus or the Father for somebody is irritating or annoying you and you do not need anyone to tell you that. You see it plainly.

Jesus Christ and I AM are a success in another universe. Forget about them. They are fine. The church on earth is the apostate church. It is religious but it has nothing to do with God except that some of them love and come to me confused thinking there ought to be a Christian Kingdom or something somewhere in the universe or at least among the humans like me.

There is not. If they were not saved before about ten years ago they are only coming to me. God does not even want them if they are human, but I am not a God I am a human with Godlike powers who completely redid heaven and earth. Churches are for religion and God and Jesus and the Father concur; religion is evil. You are trying to keep the evil church alive. Why cannot you see that?

On this earth the witches won while God and the angels were slugging it out with Satan and when I put a stop to it and the smoke cleared the only ones with any real power that would not destroy themselves were the witches.

So God just killed them. All they were only miserable all the time and making everyone else miserable all the time anyway and there was no dealing with them for that is all they wanted, no power, no numbers, no money, no kingdom but just to be that. He declared they were not really alive and just killed and brought them all down to where they were just aware and most if not all of them are not indebted to the Devil that created them or God who found them a dangerous disruption on rare occasions but most just a near constant annoyance there were so many of them and killed, all of them in one fell swoop.

Lots of people think they are witches and possessed or whatever but there are no demons or devils or witches but in the mind of some of the insane. They clear up real quick like when you clear their minds. There is nothing left of them. They have all been killed though. They have been changed to something else not what they were and reside in heaven. Of course they do not know who they are or anybody and nobody knows them as that anymore and they have no reason to suspect they have power like that and would not use it if they did given who and what they are now.

It is unfortunate there are so many religious nuts and science freaks. But you are harmless. We have you contained. Some of you we have in isolation yet maybe. You can blow up the world if you want to but if you get that out of hand we will just make another and I hope you will wait until I am tired of being in this corpse writing all this for a human with Godlike powers who will leave me to burn, at least I think that is what Welfare does with corpses nowadays. To be honest I never actually have known for sure.

You all live in La La Land. You buy things that have no need, to make it harder to live the way you were but they have you convinced that there is no way anyone should be without one when very few are used and the ones that are used are only used rarely and if you had had to, you could have thought of a way almost as good to get the job done without having one.

But you are dangerous. You are the reason for droughts and famines and wars and corrupt governments and drugs and violence and crime. You keep us busy just trying to help you not do the things you are doing that forces God and Me, she controls the weather God the rest, to do all this horrible stuff and even you have noticed she has made the weather look like we are in another dimension as far as how severe it is.

I know it is trite. But did you ever for a moment look at all this and say to yourself, not to God that would be normal but in a common insanity say to yourself, “What does God think of all this?”

He is in truth forced to do it to keep from being evil but he is compassionate and wants to help you even while he is dealing with human nature and intrigue and embargo what a cheap trick and terrorism and missiles and blowing each others people and buildings up, he thinks Me has the easy part but he is helping all he can.

Nobody says they want his help anymore that knows what they are talking about. You are in La La Land talking to a God you have no concept of as if he was the initiator. You should be glad he gives you any help the mess your have made. There is not much that actually helps anymore. You wanted it your way. You wanted to figure it out on your own with science, technology and education. Here is what you did. God is in favor of just letting you all die one at a time or the entire world full all at once and starting over.

Get this and get it loud and clear: It is not that there is no God doing it. It is that there is almost nothing that can be done anymore.

Little children you made a mess with your toys. Put them away and play nice now. It is all over. You wanted this. You got it. There is no cure for it. You are born. You live. You die. You go to God. He programs you, that is right he programs you, and you thought you were human, but there are no humans left just robots that are some of the best he ever made to be born right along with the humans? To hell with that one right?

But it is true. God does not love you and you do not love God and you behave and think and say things robotics would have you say and nothing new is all God added and they left you robotics aside you might say.

That is not true. But you are in La La Land. Nothing you think, say, do or decided not to do that, is true anymore. They are all dead but in your head they are even yet there if you are crazy in that way but in your way its schizophrenia to think the way the world does raving and all. To be insane is also to be dead in a way for it renders you useless and either a threat or not even that and just harmless to the sane.

You will die. God will program you. You will be good and kind. You could have thought of that one “once” you would think. The earth has gone to hell. All will die and the rest will be killed. It is over. So just be good now and, be kind. You might even just try being nice.

Let us face it. They have you. You think you are free but you are slaves and they have so many of them they really do not care anymore what they do just so long as they can keep you ignorant of the fact you are powerless and they have all the power.

But you have your own brain. You do not have to do what they say which they say so little because they have you all contained just like they do the countries that make war for no reason anybody in their country would care about if they were sane. They have driven you all insane.

Go to God. Be good and kind. You will have to when your body dies and they will have to also when they die and somebody takes their place. Robotics inputting what it wants in the brains of other robots. Cannot even you see there is no future in that.

In my opinion God should just write off the first world countries and concentrate on the third world countries who are paying for all your disobedience. It is your fault not his. You can have anything you want and do anything you want right here on earth if you are one of them. But they do not know what they want and you do not care so long as you can continue to have what you want when you want it and to hell with the bulk of the world. Let them starve.

Oh, my disobedient children, why do should you not disobey them and just be good and kind. That is all we are asking as you ruin, destroy and put an end to the earth. Why obey the ones doing that? First world or third world why pay any attention to them? Have not they always done the same?

Give heaven a chance. You do not mean anything to anyone anyway. You grow old and nobody wants to take care of you though you cannot keep your body going alone. They do not love you. Nobody loves anybody anymore. They pretend to in order to have sex when they are young enough or can make a fool of themselves with Viagra.

Sell your stuff. Give it to a third world country. Give it to the poor or homeless in your country. You have enough to feed the world twice over. Why do they go hungry? It is your fault. Not mine, not God's, not Me's, not Most High's; yours, you personally are the Devil these days. You have so much you are not even quite sure how to use it or how it all works. They would cut their right arm off and eat it if they thought it would help but they depend on you so that does not have to happen.

You think you are beauteous and nice and favored but you are ugly, horrible hoarders and hated by God and John. Get yourselves free. Be kind to someone once before you die. Think of some starving little boy or girl and do not give money that the thieves take all but 20% of, but clothing, material to make a little shack or something, go there and dig for water or fly it in each and every day, some of you have the idea but you do it to make yourself look better than other people. Give a s**t!!! Will you?

God will take you when your body dies just like he takes them when theirs dies. Just hope God does not take me up on the challenge to give you their suffering in the dreams you write for yourself that are so much the same old useless use of your subliminal part you do not realize you dream any more or care.

That is not right. But it is fair. It may not be good like you get from God even with the mess you have made of things and have no place left fit for a human to live so I left it to loveless robotics to enjoy. It is a good thing methinks that you cannot understand me and will not read this or listen to someone that tells you of it or look on it yourself and understand but it will not matter anyway.

The world has grown old. There is nothing but God's unceasing compassion to help all he can everywhere he can whenever he can and just let you have your way and in silence let it be put away with Christianity which was a damned good idea had anyone maybe some one like me chosen to evolve and use the large part of their brain.

But you are not fools. You know God and them are there. And, you certainly want nothing to do with them. You are not some religious nut which would be good but what you believe in you give yourself to it entirely and exclusively. That is religion. That is why religion is evil. You do not even know what a God is or you would give yours a Name.

Help some poor b*****d who thinks he has Satan about to brutalize him or her in their mind. You cannot. He has had your mind all your life though he is not real. It is a shame what you think about. All that potential and you think that! It is like a genius fixated on playing Tic-Tac-Toe.

Rich and poor alike in the first world countries give all that you have to those in the third world countries then come to me and live where you can have everything you want and do anything you would like. The difference is if you come to me you will not want evil things and you will not be selfish, mean and hateful. Why do I waste my time? No one of you will do that.

You will all go loveless to God and forget about humanity and me and the poor will be insane with the psychological devils, demons, witches and all the rest of the evils in the psyche left from the past on earth in their mind and we will free them all.

But if you come to me I will contain you in prison and I will keep you in isolation until I am sure you can love... just one other person and be human which you cannot.

I was born human on earth and in my shame I plucked every human from the planet and in six or seven years I will be the only human on earth wondering why I love it so. I am home. I hope you can see one day where this was a kindness. I really do.

They will.”

Thank you God. I would write more but I am lonely for human companionship here right where I am on earth. But because of me that will never be again.”

© 2019 John Fredrick Carver

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Added on September 14, 2019
Last Updated on September 14, 2019


John Fredrick Carver
John Fredrick Carver

Bemidji, MN

Be glad the odds are that when you get to heaven God just has to clear your programming make a man out of you and you walk away a God good and kind not a human being that requires they be convinced t.. more..