Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by HannahMarie

Maë's Point Of View.

After waking up from my dream I realise what day it is.  

The move. We are moving to America for a year as my dad had got a job over there. 

So he jumped at the opportunity.  

So far it's only a trial to see how well we cope I hope we get to stay out there.  

Santa Cruz is supposed to be on of the hottest places in America Along with California.  

Our new house is one of the biggest; I live on a small estate with about five over houses.  

The back is grassland for about 10 miles,  

we have a stable and a few horses the previous owner let us keep.

My twin sister Trisha has long brown hair and brown eyes,  

she looks nothing like me.  

I have blonde curly hair and crystal blue eyes,  

my mum told me that if you look into my eyes for too long,  

you could get lost in them. Me and Trisha are really close we tell each other everything, 

she even knows about the weird dreams I have,  

one time I had a dream that Trisha would fall downstairs,  

the next day she tripped at the top of the stairs and nearly fell over,  

if it wasn't for me she would have fallen down.  

Between me and Trisha we had four wardrobes.  

During our packing we had 6 suit-cases our selves,  

which were just for clothes, hair products and make-up. 

My mum and dad were getting pretty fed up with how many clothes me and Trisha had.

Two hours after waking up from the dream, 

We stepped out into the pouring down-pour of rain 

-great last thing I'm going to see of England, Rain- 

and having a slow drive to Manchester airport,  

where we would be catching our flight to America.  

In the airport an hour later me and Trisha was sat discussing my latest dream.  

She thought it was weird that after all this time my dream would.  

change the night before I was having a big change.  

As we boarded the plane I heard Trisha say out loud at random  

"nothings a matter with us mum"  

What you doing? Mum doesn't know about your power,  

stupid I thought to Trisha quickly  

"What's happening I can usually only hear your thoughts?  

Why can I all of a sudden hear mums?" Trisha asked me quiet enough so only I could hear  

"I don't know, your power might be growing,  

mines grown a bit I can see things when I close my eyes sometimes,  

but it's really frustrating because I just see the battle going off" I replied,  

just as quiet worry shown on my face. "It'll be ok; you are excited after all,  

so they might go back to normal when we get to the new house" I continued.

On the plane,  

We took one last look at a country we had lived in since we was born,  

A country we loved but couldn't wait to leave,  

A country which held all of our secrets.  

We looked at each other with a knowing look.  

There were many moments to come,  

new memories,  

new friends and new secrets.  

A whole new life.

Trisha challenged me to a competition on one of the games on the plane,  

When the sound of a little boy misbehaving for his parents made me look up.  

In front of them was a girl who looked about the age of 17-18  

She turned around and said something to her mum, 

who replied straight away.  

The girl looked incredibly bored and by the looks of it she only had a book to read.  

All of a sudden she looks up as if someone had called her name;  

She caught me looking at her and looked away quickly, back to her book.  

I got up and made to go over to her  

"what are you doing?" Trisha asked curiously  

"Don't worry I'll just be two minutes" I called over my shoulder,  

with a sly smile on my face, as I walked over to the girl  

"Hello my name is Maë and that's Trisha" I told her,  

pointing over my shoulder to my sister "umm hello I'm Jenny" the girl replied,  

she was quite pretty with long black hair and green eyes  

"You look bored, do you want to come and sit with us?" I asked her  

"err I don't know, I don't even know you" she started saying  

"oh don't worry we not exactly going to do anything are we?" I asked,  

making myself look a bit crestfallen, I knew some people weren't too keen on others being boisterous "okay" jenny started slowly  

"two minutes I'll just ask my mum" she finished as she turned around  

"can I go and sit with Maë and her sister?" she asked  

"yes of course you can" her mum replied with a strong American accent.

On the way back down to her seat I asked "Are you American?"  

"Yes I am, but,  

I've been around my cousins in England so I've picked there accent up" Jenny replied  

"here we are" I told her laughing at Trisha's startled face  

"hey she looked bored so I asked her if she wanted to sit with us" I replied to the questioning look in Trisha's eye "where are you from? You don't sound American" Jenny asked with a searching look in her eye at both of us. "No where from Rotherham" I told her laughing at her confused face "you know in England it's near Sheffield if you've ever heard of that"  

"oh ye, okay, cool" jenny replied still looking confused "Is it nice in America?" Trisha asked her "well it is really nice, but it really depends on where you live. California and Santa Cruz are both really nice places to live, and there hot It also depends on what kind of lifestyle you are used to you're probably used to something a bit packed" Jenny replied. "So is Santa Cruz one of the quietest places to live in America?" I asked curiously. "Yes it's very hot, and there is this gorgeous house with massive grassland all around it, the new owner is coming soon, my mum cleans for them." Jenny told them "Sweet I don't know what part of America where moving to.  

I just hope it is as hot as Santa Cruz" I replied. "Yes we do know where were moving to, where moving to Santa Cruz in the big house" Trisha whispered to Maë "Yes but she doesn't need to know that, we can surprise her" Maë replied laughing.

© 2011 HannahMarie

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Im Hannah Marie, I Love Reading And Writing And I Have Posted My Story That Im Currently Writing On Wattpad :) more..

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