Chapter 9

Chapter 9

A Chapter by HannahMarie

My plan was to tell her a load of things I love and hopefully she will tell Miranda that and they will do exactly that but not everything goes to plan.

"Ooooh Maë, have you ever heard of fresher's?" Crystal asked me

"Urm yeah isn't it where you get extremely drunk for one week at the beginning off term?" I answered

She laughed before saying

"Naah it's where we pull a prank on the seniors" she told me a massive grin on her face

"So what are we doing then?" I asked her my excitement growing. At my old school we would never have dared to do anything like that as hardly anyone talked to anyone else out of their own cliques so everyone would blame the other cliques. Yeah we didn't go to a very cooperative school.

"Well here's the thing we was thinking of doing..."


Trisha's P.O.V


After I warned my sister I went back to my own group of friends, I decided to become part of the outcast group no chance was I going back to the popular after what happened I changed my entire perspective on life instead of being miss goody-two-shoes I changed I started skipping school and smoking, I'm not proud of it but it was the only way I could deal with the stress of what happened to my baby sister (Yeah she's only younger than me by half an hour but after she went out with that son of a b***h Louis I swore nobody would hurt her like that again.)

"Hey Trish you want some or not?" Gavin the school 'Bad Boy' asked offering me a cig,

"Yeaah course I do Gav" I replied while taking it off him.

Jason may be the school player but Gav is the ultimate bad boy the only reason he is still in this school is because his uncle is the head teacher. He even got kicked out of a delinquent. Oh yeah Jason is also s**t scared of Gav

"Gav will you see to Jason he keeps trying to bed my sister" I asked him coming closer to him

I don't know, maybe, damn I want her, Keep your mind on track Gav, you never let a girl take over your thoughts - but she's so nice and looks so sof- stop it Gav.

 I nearly laughed at his internal debate but I used my advantage over him

"Pleeeeaseeeeee" continued rubbing my hand up his arm

"Fine" he answered reluctantly just before the bell rang. I chucked my cig onto the floor before going into 1st lesson


Time Table


Science Physics ~ 7:25 - 08:15 ~ Mr Smith

English ~ 8:20 - 9:05 ~ Mr Phillips

Science - Biology/Chemistry ~ 9:10 - 10:00 ~ Miss Langard

History ~ 10:05 - 10:55 ~Mrs Jones

Maths ~ 11:00 - 11:45 ~Mrs Sanders

Lunch ~ 11:50 - 12:30

Art ~ 12:35 - 13:20 ~ Mr Lee

Drama/Music ~ 13:25 - 14:15 ~ Mr Tomlinson


I absolutely hated science and I had it two times a day and I was only passing the lesson part of it by reading the answers in the teachers head. During the exam I looked in everyone else's head and see which answer is the most recurring

"You've been smoking again" Maë accused me as soon as I sat down

"I know I have but there's more going on at the minute then you're actually aware off but you will find out soon enough" I answered before tuning into her thoughts

I wonder what that is. Oh well I need to think of some good pranks to help with fresher's. HEY TRISH WHATS SOME GOOD PRANKS TO PULL she screamed the last part in her head.

I ripped a piece of paper and started writing down ideas she could do

1. Soda Bombs

2. Sheep on top floor

3. Hair dye in the shampoo/conditioner

4. Write really bad stuff all over the bathroom in permanent marker or spray paint

5. Put nudie pictures in people’s lockers, this backfires if they keep to themselves and are perverts.

I gave her the top five that I could think of then wrote at the bottom

If I think of more I’ll tell you them (:'

My hand writing was quite messy but you got used to it, it wasn't even five minutes before I got one back

Heey Thanks, I’ve thought of some as well’

Maë's writing was considered as calligraphy at home. I quickly read through her mind and laughed at some of her ideas, looks like some of my influence has finally rubbed off on her.

The rest of the day flew by without any incidents, all of the freshman were starting to get excited as the following Monday the rest of the school would see our pranks. Today was Thursday and we have long weekends so we don't have to come in on a Friday (well its only me and Maë who got long weekends as we had already got our GCSE's) I finally walked into art and over to my teacher Mr Lee to ask about or project

"Sit down Trisha I'm going to tell the whole class so I don't have to repeat myself" he told me firmly while softly squeezing my hand and transferring a note. Well let me tell you something about Mr lee a.k.a Charles he's four years older than us and went to the same school as us in England we had a thing before he moved out here to get his teaching degree, he's also Gav's cousin which means his dad is the principle of the school. But I never met his dad while we were dating as he was always out here. I skipped over to my chair and sat down I was happy I could see Charles again we didn't particularly leave on a good note




"F**k You Charles" I screamed at him while throwing the closest thing to me at him

"I know your leaving me for another lass" I continued another vase gone

"I'm not Trish my dad's offered me a place at his school so long as I get trained" he said trying to plead with me, but I wasn't having none of it. I kept seeing the faceless girls, millions and millions of faceless girls, all laughing at me, pointing at me, making me feel small and stupid. I lashed out but it seemed as if they only danced backwards making their way closer to Charles.

"Get away from him" I screamed tears streaming down my face

"Baby there's no one here" he tried to comfort me but all I saw was the laughing faces laughing at how stupid I was to trust him

"Get out of my house Charles I never want to see you again" I told him putting as much venom into my words as possible. The girls started laughing harder now, whispering in my ear 'Yessssss we can finally get him' a red head whispered from my right. I hear a door slam but I am powerless to stop him from leaving, powerless to say I am sorry, I am at the mercy of these faceless girls, these faceless girls laughing at me for letting him go now, letting him be at their mercy. I was practically giving up my soul to them they knew my deepest fears and my darkest dreams. 'We have you under our control now yessssss we doooo' a brunette sung in my left ear, their words repeating in my ear before I passed out.


-Flashback Ended-


 I smiled a sad smile as I thought back at how stupid I had been, I let the rumours come between the best thing that had happened , my hands suddenly started shaking as I thought about the note in my hand, what could it possibly say, I only wish I knew without reading the note. I looked at it for a few minutes before reading it


Trisha Trisha Trisha my beautiful Trisha, I don’t even know where to begin, I was so glad when I saw you walking through my door yesterday but now I have come to my senses I can’t help but think of the way I left things with you, I know you must have grown to hate me in the time I was away and I don’t blame you, I am sorry I never got in touch with you but I didn’t want to cause you unnecessary heartbreak when I thought I could keep you away from it, from the day I left my only wish was that you could move on and be happy and to not hate me, but my more selfish side wanted you for myself, I wish I could tell you this to your face but it would be weird and my dad has already warned me if I don’t treat you with the same indifference I treat my other students I would be out of a job and home. It is killing me to see you with the other lads looking at you the way you do, you know I love you and I will always love you, you shall always be the holder of my heart, but it won’t work between us, well not until you’ve left this school, I guess my selfish side is taking over again as I don’t want you to date but my more reasonable side knows you must as you would grow to hate me if I kept you away from the male population of this school, Oh and another thing please don’t tell Gavin about our history I can tell he likes you so he will do everything he can to get you, even if it means spreading lies to get me fired,


I love you so much Trisha and I only hope that one day you will be able to return my love,



I had to read the letter a few times to comprehend what he was saying before I felt a goofy smile slipping onto my face, but then another realisation hit me, we would have to act like there was nothing between us for another year before we could start to date again, we would have to date others to avoid being suspicious, I quickly looked through the mind of everyone in the room, the girls were staring at Charles - I mean Mr Lee - while the lads where glaring at him, there was only one set of eyes on me, Maë she gave me a sympathetic look as she glanced at the letter. I smiled back my goofy smile still in place, before I tuned into what Charles was saying

"-people who inspire us, if anyone has any questions can they please put their hands up now" he asked and about 5 hands went up including mine, he steadily made his way around the class answering questions so I took my time to inspect him, he still looked good, better than I remembered, he was tall about 6'5 with the same gorgeous green eyes, I remember just being able to stare into his eyes for what felt like hours. His hair had changed it was slightly longer with blonde flecks in with his natural colour of brown. He had more muscle now, and he wore a wife beater top with baggy grey trakis (I think I've spelt that wrong but oh well) with the Hollister logo on them, and on his feet he had a pair of black decathlons, all in all one word could describe him, Yum, or maybe NOM. He looked around and saw me sat waiting for him a slight smirk slid onto his perfect face before he got a hold of himself and walked over.

"So little missy, what can I help you with?" he asked smirking looking at the note in my hand, as soon as he saw it a slight blush formed across his cheeks

"What are we supposed to do? I was too busy reading your note" I asked politely. An unfamiliar look formed on his face before it became professional again.

"that should be a demerit, not listening on you first proper Art lesson tut tut, you should know better, didn't you parents teach you any manners?" he asked smirking again, I swear down he likes to smirk a lot now, he never used to do that when we was together, I felt a blush creep onto my face before I regained my senses.

"Sorry Sir but I really do need help" I asked again

"well you need to create a picture using whatever media you like of someone who inspires you, this will go towards 25% of your grade" he told me before walking off, "Oh and Trish it's good to see you again" he whispered before he was out of earshot.

I blushed slightly before bending over my book writing down something's I could do for my project, I came up with ten names


1. Romeo and Juliet

2. Pyramus and Thisbe

3. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliffe

4. Tristan and Isolde

5. Lancelot and Guinevere

6. Hero and Leander

7. Buffy Summers and Angel

8. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater

9. Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta

10. Mark Anthony and Cleopatra


I then decided on some other things to draw on it. (I'm Not Saying What Cause I Don't Really Know Yet) I looked down at my list and smiled at what I came up with. I looked at Maë to see her in an intense conversation but for once I didn't look into her mind. I knew what they would be talking about and I didn't want to hear them say it. Looking at the clock I saw there was only five minutes left and Gavin was standing there waiting for me, I quickly smiled at him before packing my work up

"Trisha, a word please" Mr Lee called I saw the girls glare at me as I walked towards him, a smirk slipping on my face as I saw how jealous they was.

"Trisha, what are you doing with your life? You need to stop smoking" he told me looking sad. S**t he didn't know I had started smoking

"Comical isn't it, I started smoking 2 weeks before you left and you've only just found out now" I asked smiling a bit looking back through my memories,

"Please Trisha for me" he pleaded, I almost gave in on the spot but I knew I couldn't if I was to avoid suspicion Ara- s**t I can't think of him, he'll know if I have. I changed my thoughts to other things just as the bell rang. I walked out the class without looking back.


Maë's P.O.V


"Charles I'm worried about Trisha, she's been smoking since before you left, she quit for two weeks then we found out we was moving here, she's started again" I whispered to him so not everyone in the class could hear.

"I'll keep her behind at the end and talk to her, try to knock some sense into her, I don't know how it will work out though, she's always been strong minded" He told me.

"She's looking at us, do you think she's listening in on us?" he whispered sounding worried

"Naaah she's looking out the door now" I told him just as the bell rang signalling end of class


Charles P.O.V


"Trisha, a word please" I called I saw quite a fews girls glare at Trisha as she walked closer and instantly felt mad but when I saw her smirking I felt better, at least she didn't take it seriously.

"Trisha, what are you doing with your life? You need to stop smoking" I said to her I could tell me expression was sad by the upset look in her eyes.

"Comical isn't it, I started smoking 2 weeks before you left and you've only just found out now" she told me a thoughtful look on her face, as if she was looking through her memories. Yes I know her that well I know what expressions are on her face.

"Please Trisha for me" I pleaded, I could tell she almost gave in until he face clenched as if she was thinking and then walked out of the door without a parting glance.

It killed me to see her walk away from me again, and I know my little cousin wants her but I can't do anything about it. Why now, why did she have to walk into my life now, I had to teach her for another year with the feelings I had. Ugh why does God have to hate me so much? I heard my door open and saw Miranda walk in. does this lass have any self-decency. Today she was wearing a skirt that was barely there. And I mean that in the literal sense, if it was two inches shorter it wouldn't be a skirt at all. She was also wearing killer heels and a top that looked three times too small for her. I looked at her heels again and nearly laughed how the hell does she not fall over in them things. They were like the kind of shoes a stripper would wear. I felt embarrassed for her as it was obvious she didn't care how she looked.

"Wait do you want Miranda?" I asked her my voice sounding exasperated

"I know you little secret" she told me coming closer. I started to panic as she said that how did she know about me and Trisha nobody knows apart from us two and Maë.

"I know you secretly want me, don't worry Charles we can keep it quiet" she said strutting closer. God this girl was a full on slag.

"Miranda I'm not interested, I'm sorry but I am your teacher"

"Yes but if nobody finds out its fine" she replies going to grab my arm. I quickly evade her and stand to the side of her.

"No Miranda, you need to leave before I tell the principle"

"Fine, but you will give into me soon" she told me before strutting out in a strop. That lass never gives in I thought. Chuckling quietly to myself.

© 2011 HannahMarie

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