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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by HannahMarie

After hours of snacking, gossiping and getting to know each other,  

The girls felt like best friends,  

Trisha and I even told jenny about our "gifts"  

"In my dreams" I began to tell her  

"I can see what's going on at the minute or what's going to happen in the near by future. I can talk to them, touch them, interact with them in everyway possible but I'm not there it's like my spirit has been set free to roam around while I'm sleeping, one of my most helpful "dreams" has been when Trisha nearly fell down the stairs and I knew I had to stop it from happening."  

"Oh. My. God." Jenny replied dramatically,  

taking a deep breath between each word  

"that is so cool."  

Me and Trisha laughed at Jenny's excitement.  

All I could see then was Trisha's head as she leaned towards Jenny  

"so Jenny what can you do?"  

"HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?" Jenny burst out,  

her eyes full of caution and her voice dripping with mistrust  

"I can read minds, that's my gift" Trish replied laughing at Jenny's face  

"oh, right" Jenny replied more warmly but caution still in her eyes  

"OH. MY. GOD. That gift is awesome, as if you can do that" Trisha burst out almost as if she'd been laughing  

"what, what is it she can do? I hate it when you can read people's mind" i grumbled while Jenny replied laughing at my face  

"Maë i can shock people with my mind and by touch, so if you was to grab me by surprise i could shock you so much you would fall to the floor"  

"That is cool" i replied laughing along with them. 

"we should be landing in about twenty minutes" Jenny told us  

"Jenny i think your mum is looking for you" Trisha told her  

"how do you know that I though you could only hear our family and others with gifts" I asked her confused  

"I can but because I know jenny her power stretches to her mum so that entitles me to hear her as well" Trisha replied kind of smug  

"Oh lucky you, all I'm getting at the minute is him fighting, what looks to be an elf but elves don't exist do they?"  

"No they don't but our 'gifts' shouldn't exist either should they?" Trisha replied  

"Okay you guys I'll see you later" Jenny told us  

"My mum wants me remember" she continued seeing our surprised face's  

"Okay don't forget to e-mail us when you get in" I replied a mischievous grin spreading across my face  

"What are you planning?" Trisha asked seeing my grin  

"Well you should know you can read my mind" I replied flashing a dazzling smile  

"Mum will never agree to it, should know, I think I know her better than she knows herself"  

"Well we'll never know until we ask, and I think I'll leave it for a few days before I ask, you know how she is about moving to knew places"

Dear Diary...

Car ride from airport to Santa Cruz  

I began to write in my diary.  

Very boring Trisha and I can't even talk about my newest 'vision'.  

Well I guess I can write about it in here.  

As I walked around the castle looking for something to do it had started to quieten down outside.  

I had begun to wonder if the battle was finishing when I saw him,  

he looked even more inhuman in all his armour.  

A look of panic in his eyes which disappeared as soon as he saw me, 

he started to walk towards me slowly, too slow.  

As if he didn't want to scare me.  

"are you okay?" he asked me his beautiful voice layered with concern  

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?" I asked back worry evident in my eyes  

"Well the lightning struck the place you ran into, I thought it might have..." His voice trailed off starting to get panicky  

"No, no I'm fine it didn't touch me I saw it coming towards me and then I woke up" I replied a little confused.  

"Will you take a walk with me" he'd asked me,  

something in his eye that he didn't mean for me to see.  

Almost as if he was wishing I would say no.  

"Yes of course" I answered him, my eyes never leaving his.  

Something that he saw there must have made him smile, as a smile came onto his face.  

We started walking slowly; I recognised the direction we were heading in,  

towards his part of the castle,  

he was on the third floor of the castle and had about half the floor - his sister Olympia owned the other half with her boyfriend Sam-  

his part was split up into 4 spaces: a bedroom, a mini living room/games room, a bathroom and a study I had been in all the rooms except his bathroom.  

He took me into his study then turned to face me.  

"Are you real? Or are you a nightmare conjured by the elves?" he burst out his eyes full of apology. 

"Well I am real but I'm dreaming I only see this place in my dreams, it's like a special power I've got"  

"You've got a special power?" he asked shock evident in his voice 

"Yes why?" I'd asked suddenly curious  

"well I didn't think humans had gifts"  

I picked up on the most important word there.  


"What and your not human?" I asked him a bit sarcastically.  

"No." He replied

And then I'd woken up.  

What did he mean by that?  

That he's not human?  

How could he not be human?  

What else could he be?  

I thought I knew the answer to that but it was ridiculous he has to be human.  

And with that I decided not to tell Trisha,  

she would only think me crazy,  

how could he not be human yet he was obviously more than human,  

ugh it's so frustrating, he doesn't seem human,  

but I cant help myself thinking it over, what could he be  

"Maë, Maë hunny where here" my mum told me I was too busy lost in my thoughts to here her at first  

"Maë Carlie Evans are you listening to me?" my mum started to shriek  

"What, sorry I was writing in my diary"  

"Oh don't give me that excuse I called you twice"  

"Okay, Are we here yet?"  

"yes that's what I was telling you when you so rudely ignored me"  

"Oh sorry, can I go choose my room?"  

"Yes sure hunny, give your big sister a chance"  

"will you stop saying that honestly, She's only older than me by half an hour"  

"I don't mind having the smaller room mum" Trisha put in  

"Sweet can i have the room with the en-suite bathroom" I asked my mum  

"Yes of course you can,  

we need to know what colour your going to have your rooms so we know what colour paint, carpet, curtains and bedding to get you" my mum told us 

"Go on upstairs take some of your stuff up and unpack there's already two wardrobes in two of the bedrooms  

and a built in wardrobe in the room with the en-suite bathroom there's also a chest of draws in each of the rooms a bed and bedside cabinet" my mum finished. 

"Come on Trish we need to take everything of ours upstairs which will take a while then we need to sort everything out seen as our clothes are mixed together" I said with a smile,  

I loved re-decorating,  

the best bit of moving I would say.  

It also gives me the chance to get money off my mum as she is always disorientated by the moves.  

I put the money in a bank account and saved it up for my collage fund so far I have enough for the first semester at a place like Dartmouth.  

It would be so cool to go to Dartmouth but I don't think I'm smart enough.  

I know that Trisha also wants to go to Dartmouth but if I don't get in then she hasn't got a chance as I'm the smart one in the family.  

I'm 16 and already a straight A student some grades I've got A* in.  

My best subject is drama and music, I love performing arts.  

My worst subject would be maths I can't understand it at all, all them numbers they get me so confused, what are we going to need?  

I know my times table up to 10x10 and adding dividing and subtracting is easy so why do we need to learn algebra? 

"Earth to Maë, honestly why do you keep blanking out on me did you hear anything I just said?" Trisha asked me  

"what sorry I dazed out then, I was just thinking about collage and what I wanted to do" I replied with a cheeky smile on my face I wanted to be an interior decorator and Trisha has already told me I can do her house as an example.  

"God you are so dilatory" she told me her eyes had a glazed look in them her brown eyes normally warm looked very cold  

"you have the bigger room it also has a en-suite bathroom" she continued something in her voice made me think that she knew something she wasn't letting on  

"okay thanks" I replied very confused. What's with her, is it because where not sharing a room anymore?  

I walked into my new room and my jaw dropped, I could feel it dropping but could do nothing to stop it.  

My room had a massive window with a seat in it;  

it was also very big about the size of a normal downstairs with all the walls knocked out I walked through the door on the other side of the room and my jaw dropped fro the second time in minutes the bathroom had a built in bath with jet sprays in it;  

it also had a corner shower which was also a steam room.  

There was also a built in mirror over the sink with shelves in it and a cabinet for my towels and a toilet.  

Back in my room I began un-packing my clothes with Trisha coming in occasionally to take her clothes in and to drop some of mine off,  

it was on her third trip I noticed him,  

a scrawny looking boy with what looked like blonde hair looking through my window  

I hadn't noticed at first that my window was bang opposite someone else's  

I suddenly felt self-conscious as I only had a tight top on with a pair of skimpy shorts,  

how long had he been looking at me? 

"Trisha" I called worry thick on my voice  

"Yes what do you want Maë"  

"there's this umm boy looking into my room" I said nervously  

"you what is he nice looking?" Trish asked me excitedly  

"why don't you look for yourself" I replied snappily instantly regretting it by the hurt look on her face  

"okay" as she glanced out of the window the scrawny looking boy popped up and started smiling at us  

"ugh I feel sorry for you he is disgusting" Trisha said laughing at my disgruntled looking face  

"I need mum to get me some blinds or curtains" I whined  

"don't worry they'll get you some while there getting the bedding and paint and stuff" she replied still laughing at me.  

I turned slowly away from the window and started to unpack my clothes I carefully hung them up in my walk-in wardrobe,  

at the very back there is this sort of door with a keyhole in it,  

I just stood there and pondered why there is a door in the back of my wardrobe after looking at it for five minuets  

I carried on un-packing I know that looking at something won't make it open.  

I had two rails for my clothes then a cabinet for all my beauty products and my jewellery and two rows of shelves for shoes.  

I didn't have to worry about any shelves being taken up by uniform as I have finally left school.  

That was one of the big reasons why we moved now.  

As I carried on unpacking,  

with my blinds closed.  

my mum near enough bounced into the room all excited,  

"hunny guess what" she said  

"what" I asked my voice infused with excitement just to keep her happy  

"I've got you into school over here" she re-plied starting to jump up and down  

"WHAT" I shouted disbelief and anger filling me. 

I carried on unpacking after closing my blinds. 

When my mum literally bounced into the room  

"hunny guess what?" my mum asked jumping up and down  

"what?" I asked my voice infused with excitement just to keep her happy.  

"I've got you into school over here" she replied continuing to jump  

"WHAT!!" I shouted disbelief and anger filling me  

"I've finished school, I've got my GCSE's and everything" I continued shouting  

my whole anger form the past few weeks coming out.  

"I've had to leave my best friends behind,  my family, the love of my life" then I stopped remembering 'the incident.'  

Tears of anger and emotional pain falling down my cheeks.  

"Yes and that turned out so well didn't it?" my mum replied  

"your starting school on Monday and your paint is downstairs come and get it"  

she continued while walking towards the door.  

"Does Trisha have to go?" I called from my room  

"Yes she's going to be in all of your lessons, you won't be on your own,  

the head teacher knows why, and what happened" she replied. 

"All right I'll come and get it now" I replied grumpily,  

sadness one of my biggest emotions

- Then a flash of his face appears before my eyes. His eyes deeply troubled.  

His eyes met mine then he disappeared -

I stepped towards the stairs thinking hard when Trisha walked past me  

"whoa watch out you don't want to fall down the stairs again do you?" she asked me laughing at my confused expression.  

"hey you fell down the stairs not me" she laughed  

"Anyway you put mum in a pretty bad mood, 

You couldn't just accept the school thing its only a year and half" she carried on  

"oh god I need to get my paint and she's going to be in a right mood with me" I replied a grim smile on my face.  

"Oh you'll live and Maë I'm doing your hair and make-up for school, 

You haven't got a choice in the matter"" Trisha said while walking off  

"Okay fine, but, your doing my hair like it normally is" I replied smiling  

"fine" she snapped.  

As I walked downstairs I could hear my mum moving around in the kitchen  

"hey mum" I started nervously  

"yes" she inquired and glass of whisky in her hand. 

Great. Whenever we do anything wrong out comes the whisky until she forgives us. 

"I'm sorry for shouting at you. You just caught me by surprise and I'm a bit of a wreck at the minute. After everything that's happened. Moving, leaving my friends behind, it's just not fair" I told her, silent tears falling down my face. 

"it's okay baby, I know it's hard, leaving everything you've ever known behind,  

but think of it like this, no one knows you here, no one knows what happened, 

[Okay a clue's coming up that's going to be important later on]  

The police and the hospital both said you could go, and for you not to worry if you ever want to return to England, one of the other reasons we moved here was because of you, we knew you wouldn't be able to handle going to that school everyday, with all the accusing stares-" I cut through what my mum was saying with a sob  

"p-p-please s-stop mum, please" I cried,  

"can we please just forget about that who-whole incident please, I j-just want to move on" 

"Of course hunny" my mum replied while walking over to me with a concerned look on her face.

I walked upstairs laden down with paint,  

Memories flowing through my mind, 

Memories i've never seen before 

Louis and Katrina at the party, 

Louis lying on the floor blood all around him, 

A gun falling from someone hand, 




Pain, a wrenching pain 

Went through me, as I saw the way Katrina and Luis looked at each other, 

My boyfriend, my bestfriend, all taken away from me in one night, 

One drunken night. 

One Accidental Night. 

I collapsed to the floor, the paint lay forgotten.

Third Persons P.O.V

Five hours later,  

Five torturous hours later,  

Maë was starting to awake.  

Images flashing before her eyes,  

She started to regain her memory after months of amnesia

"MUM" Maë shouted,  

Her mum -Sandra- ran into her room and saw Maë beaming at her,  

Blue eyes glittering with happiness  

"What's up hunny?" she asked  

"I'm remembering, your really are my mum" Maë replied while laughing.  

"Yes Sweetie I really am your mum" Sandra answered crying with happiness


Maë's P.O.V

I walked into Louis's house; he was having a party for his seventeenth.  

I was wearing a pink and silver bikini with denim shorts  

And a cropped top with high heeled neon pink shoes.  

As soon as Louis saw me he got on the stage and declared the party open.  

"POOL PARTY" everyone shouted.  

Louis walked over to me and pulled me towards him  

"You look stunning babe" he whispered in my ear,  

Making me shiver the only way he could.  

His soft whispering breath makes my heat beat fast, my breathing to speed up. "Happy Birthday babe" I whispered back and slowly kissed his soft lips,  

His lips moving with mine in a synchronised way.  

His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for entry.  

I gladly gave it him. His tongue glided into my mouth and mine into his.  

He explored my mouth, touching certain spots that only he knew off.  

I couldn't help myself but moan.  

All of a sudden my legs were swept from under me.  

I saw Louis's house from under the mysterious persons arm,  

I felt myself flying through the air and landing in the water.  

As my head came out of the water I saw cal, Louis's best friend,  

"CAL WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I screamed at him.  

"Well I know you wouldn't go in so I thought I'd chuck you in." he said a sheepish grin on his face.  

I climbed out of the gorgeous pool and smacked him on his arm.  

"Dickhead" I said and walked up to Louis's room to sort my make up out.  

What I walked into was for worse than being chucked into a pool.  

"LOUIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I screeched at him,  

While running up to him and turning the blonde haired bimbo around  

(A/N: No offence to any blondes but these two characters are really important in the future of the story) intending on punching her in the face,  

Only to find myself face to face with Katrina my supposed best friend.  

"HOW THE F**K COULD YOU" I screamed at them,  

My hand slowly heading towards my bag (which didn't get wet)  

And the gun concealed within.  

I felt the cold metal of the hilt against the palm of my hand.  

"Maë, Maë, I-I can explain" Katrina said pleading with me  

"YOU CAN EXPLAIN HOW YOU WAS GETTING OFF WITH MY BOYFRIEND?" I continued shouting while pulling the gun out and pointing it at her.  

I turned to Louis and started talking  

"you've played me Louis, not once but three times" tears rolling down my cheeks. "I'm sorry babe please just put the gun down" he replied calmly,  

a hint of hysteria in his eyes.  

I moved the gun from Katrina to Louis as he started to walk towards me,  

"STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU B*****D" I shrieked at him.  

When the door flew open,  

"Maë what the f**k are you doing?" Trisha asked  

looking from me to Louis to Katrina.  

The moment my eyes flicked to Trisha Louis dived at me,  

I fell over and heard a gun shot  

Darkness surrounding me,  

I tried to call out but no sound escaped my mouth  

"Maë" someone shouted only it sounded distant  

Two bangs  

Two thuds  

"Maë" Someone said closer this time.  

"Don't die, please don't die" she said tears falling onto my face,  

Ahhh now I know whose voice it is  


Wait it's...  

And I fell unconscious, lost to the surrounding darkness  

---- End of Flashback ---

"I didn't do it" I whispered to myself  

"what hunny" my mum asked  

"I didn't shoot them" I replied tears rolling down my face  

"Mum is Maë okay?" Trisha asked while walking into my room.  

I sat up in my bed and started laughing  

"MAË YOUR AWAKE" Trisha Shouted, Jumping onto my bed  

"Yep sis that I am" I replied laughing at her surprised expression  

"You haven't called me sis in ages" she replied laughing with me  

"Well I guess I'll leave you too girls alone then" my mum replied smiling at us

"Maë Help Me" Jared Said....

© 2011 HannahMarie

Author's Note

What do you think Jared wants?

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