Sentenced To A Life Of Misery.

Sentenced To A Life Of Misery.

A Chapter by Delana

The beginning. Asher Light is at school, in the cafeteria, thinking to himself.

I sat at the lunch table, dieing from boredom. I shut my eyes and leaned my head back. I wasn't going to eat the food on the tray in front of me. It was just a prop, so I'd look "normal". Like every other human in this cafeteria. But I'm not normal. I'm no where near it. I'm not even human. No one really knows what I am. They probably don't even know that something like meactually exist. I'm just another...myth, supposedly. But that doesn't matter, they'll never know, any ways.
I laughed to myself.
"What's so funny?" Derrick asked me, looking over at me and away from Amelia.
"Nothing really." I replied, "Just entertaining myself. So don't fret, Derrick. I'm not listening in on your thoughts." I said, opening my eyes to look at him. Derrick is a fairly good-looking guy to the girls from what I hear. He is about 6'3, has pitch black hair that goes over his eyes and stops along the back of his neck. And, of course, he has dark gold eyes, just like the rest of our "family".
"Better not be." he threatened, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips. Then he returned to talking with Amelia, who everyone thought was my sister. She has midnight black hair, that flows along her back, and is about 5'10, along with her gold eyes. I looked over at Joshua, Kaden, and Emily. Emily, who everyone think is my sister, is the smallest in the "family". But man, does that small girl pack a punch or what. Shes always blowing the guys away with the way she walks, it makes Derrick kind of mad. But I mean she is beautiful, theres no lie when it comes to that. Shes the shortest of us also, shes about 5'7, has light blonde hair, and it is pretty short. It stops just above her shoulders. And then, theres her gold eyes. I looked over at Kaden and Joshua, which was kind of funny because they were both sitting next to each other and Kaden is a giant compared to Joshua. Joshua is about 6'0 with his short black hair, and his gold eyes. Kaden, now, is 6'5 with his short blonde hair, that reaches over his eyes and his gold eyes. Then...theres me. I'm around 6'2, with my short dark brown hair that stops right above my eyes, and my, well, glowing gold eyes? Everyone always comments on how they "glow", when really their just brighter than everyone elses. They don't glow, people!
My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bell. I got up from the table and threw my things in the trash. Then off to class I went. Next was Alegbra II. I sat silent in class and listened to the humans think. I didn't like to listen in, but I couldn't help it. I just...hear them.
"God, I hate this crap!" I heard the girl in the corner think to herself while writing down the assignment. Then, I listened in on Emily Light, my "sister". Just to annoy her.
"Cinis cineris , EGO teneo vos es audio volo. Iam subsisto is!" I heard her think. That thought was directed to ME that time. I laughed under my breath. Translation of what she thought? "Asher, I know you are listening to me. Now stop it!". Shes always LOVES speaking Latin.
As soon as the day was over the six of us (Me, Emily, Amelia, Joshua, Kaden, and Derrick) all headed home. We all live together. Everyone at the school thinks were all cousins. Me, Amelia, and Emily are "supposedly" brother and sisters. Emily Light, Amelia Light, and me, Asher Light. Then theres Derrick, Kaden, and Joshua. Except all of their last names are Night. Wanna know the weird thing? Derrick and Joshua are actual brothers. Me, Emily, Amelia, and Kaden, well, theres no relation there whatsoever. Yeah, kind of confusing I guess, but oh well. Sometimes it even confuses me. When we got home, we all just relaxed.
"It's Friday, we should do something, Asher." I heard Kaden think from downstairs.
"What do you wanna do?" I said from upstairs, everyone in the house could hear us now. Yes, we have incredible hearing. Amazing, huh? Everyone was used to me answering questions that had never even been spoken outloud before, so no one asked what I was talking about they just listened.
"How about we go hunting?" Kaden said, "I'm beginning to get a little thirsty."
"Sure. What's on the menu tonight?" I asked.
"Grizzly sounds good to me right about now." he answered back.
"Hey, I'm coming, too." Amelia interrupted from her room.
"Sure." I replied, "What about you guys?" I asked the rest of the family
"I'm fine for now. But thank you." Joshua told me.
"I'm good. I think I'll stay with Joshua." Emily said from downstairs.
"I'm staying, too." Derrick said.
"Alright. Let's go Kaden, Amelia." I yelled, already running through the woods. I listened in on Amelia on the way there.
"I hate being sentenced to this life of misery..." she thought to herself. I knew she didn't like to talk about her immortality, so I kept my comments to myself.
"You and me both." I thought to myself. "You and me both.".

© 2010 Delana

Author's Note

Let me know what you think! Criticism is very much appreciated, good or bad. Thanks! :)

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