Meet Angel.

Meet Angel.

A Chapter by Delana

I stood there, staring at the ground. I ignored her thoughts, wondering what her next words would be...Then she spoke.
"...That's okay with me, Asher." she said calmly. Relief rushed through my body. She was telling the truth, I could tell by the way she spoke, and the way her heartbeat kept it's pace.
"Your okay with me...being a...." then she interrupted me mid-sentence.
"Vampire. Yes. I am."
"Your not..scared?" I asked her, looking up at her, into her eyes.
"...No. Not one bit." she said taking a step towards me. She put her hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes.
"You..have the eyes of..."
"A predator? I know." I interrupted.
"It still doesn't scare me, Asher."
"But..." And at that moment, I looked past her and saw a figure walking towards us. It was human...Or at least it had human figure? It had long hair. It was female. She was dressed in faded blue jeans and a fitted, lime green t-shirt with converses. She was waving her arms wildly. How had I not seen her earlier? Oh. That's right. Alina's a distraction. Thanks to the shocks she sends through me...I laughed to myself under my breath. I grabbed Alina's arms and held them to her sides, then let go. She looked at me like I was insane.
"Do you know her, Alina?" I asked her, making a gesture towards the blonde girl walking towards us. Alina turned around and squinted her eyes tightly, narrowing them so she could catch a glimpse of the blonde girl.
"Yeah! That's Angel!" she exclaimed.
"...Who?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Shes one of my closest friends. One of the best! Come on! You'll LOVE her!" she yelled, tugging at my arm, but not budging it one bit. She gave me an evil glare. I stuck my tongue out at her. She smiled and whined. Then, I decided I would move.
"THANK YOU!" she exclaimed, smiling brightly. When we got to the blonde girl, the girl smiled at me, and immediately embraced Alina in a hug, taking her away from me. I moaned.
"Hey girl! Where have you been?! I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE. Are you crazy running away like that and not telling ANYONE where you went?!" she exclaimed, then in a whisper she said, "...especially ALONE...with him!...Who is he?"
"Angel, meet Asher. Asher, meet Angel." Alina introduced us. I stuck out my hand.
"Nice to meet you, blondie." I said, grinning at her.
"Nice to meet you, too, tall person!" Angel teased me.
"I met Asher at school, he...hes a good friend." Alina said.
"Yeah, I think I've seen him around. I didn't know you DATED though, Asher?" Angel said, elbowing Alina in the arm.
"Oh. No, me and Alina aren't..." I laughed, " Were not going out." I said grimly, with a bit of disappointment.
"Thennnnn...What are y'all doing ALONE?!?" Angel screamed, throwing her arms to her side.
"Just having fun?" Alina said. Angel snorted and laughed as hard as she could it looked like.
"Seriously Angel?" Alina said, "You're embarrassing me!" she said.
"AND?!" Angel said laughing, I could've swore I saw a tear come from her eye. This girl seems...outgoing. I laughed to myself, then looked at Angel. Alina's cheeks flushed red. She was blushing. Her skin had color...something mine would never do again since...Painful memories flashed through my mind, the muscles in my body tightened and locked. Then...the worst happened. Something touched my arm and shocked me, like a million lightning bolts were sent through my entire body, head to toe. My body was alert and my instincts were on edge, and that's when it happened. I grabbed the thing touching my arm and striked. Hitting it, hard.
Her body laid there...limp. She didn't move. She didn't make a sound. And Angel stood there...staring at me. That's when I tried the trick I had been working on for a few months. I looked into Angels' eyes and reached for her mind.
"...Walk away and forget everything that happened here. Now." I directed the thought straight towards Angel's mind. It worked immediately. She turned around and began walking away. I ran to Alina. the only thought going through my mind was...No...
I heard Alina's heart beating then picked her up and ran to the house. I got there twenty seconds later and Emily was standing next to Joshua outside.
"Asher..." Joshua complained.
"Shut up. I KNOW. you don't think I KNOW by now?! Just help her. Please, Emily. I promise, this will be the last time I ask ANYTHING of you! PLEASE, EMILY. PLEASE!" I begged Emily.
"Put her down inside the house." Emily said. I ran inside and laid her down on the couch. Emily came from behind me and examined the weak, and barely breathing Alina. She put her hands on Alina's heart once again and closed her eyes and concentrated on her weak points. Emily's hands began to glow electric blue. And within that instant Alina was sitting up once again, gasping for air.
"Asher!" Alina gasped.
"Shhh, don't talk. Take a breath for a minute. Angels fine. I sent her away. She won't remember anything...Are you alright? I...I hurt you...I didn't...I thought..." I began saying, then Alina stopped me.
"I'm fine, Asher. Don't worry. I don't feel anything. Look." she said gesturing to her arm, she began bending it back and forth. It obviously wasn't broken.
"...Still...." I said, "Look...we...we need to talk about some things. Come with me...please." I asked her, holding her up to stand.
"Sure? What's the matter?" she said, curiously.
"Nothing. I just want to talk."
I picked her up, and walked to somewhere I never showed anyone else...


Once we were there, she looked up at me, and said,

"Asher, where are we?" she gasped, "It's...beautiful...breath taking..."

"Just like you..." I whispered silently. Then I set her down on her feet, still holding onto her elbow to make sure she had her balance.

"I'm fine." she smiled at me. And when she did, I got that feeling of relief, of peace. And I knew she would be fine.

"Are you going to answer me?" she teased, interrupting my train of thought.

"Oh, of course...This is...this is where I come, alone, some nights. No one knows about it. Except you now." I laughed, looking down at her. I hadn't realized until then that it was night fall, and that the moon was shining down on Alina's dark, brown hair, making it seem translucent. And the way the moon light sparkled in her eyes and lit up her face was just mind-blowing.

"It's absolutely beautiful, Asher! I LOVE it!" she exclaimed, jumping in the air.

I laughed, "You can't tell anyone about it though. It'll be our place. And only ours."

"Deal. Sounds perfect to me." she said smiling a half-smile at me.

I smiled back.

"Can we go see Angel? I want to make sure shes okay..." Alina asked me, tension in every word. She cared for this "Angel" girl, I could tell.

"Alright. Hold on." I smiled, then grabbed her by her waist, and threw her on my back, piggy back style! Oh yeah! Then I tried to find Angel's scent, once I found it's trace I followed it until it led me to her. Then, there she was, sitting on a bench outside in the middle of Legion Park, alone. But why alone?

Alina ran up to greet her.

"Hey! Are you okay, Angel?"

"Huh? Oh yeah! Hey girl! I'm fine, I'm fine. Just looking out at the waters. Whose your friend?" Angel asked, looking up at me.

"Uhm...Asher, why doesn't she remember meeting you? Is something wrong with her? Did something happen after I blacked out?" Alina asked me through her thoughts. Then, I did something I had never tried on Alina before, and something she didn't know I was capable of.

"No, she doesn't remember a thing from earlier. It's only because I erased her memory. I'm able to do that just by what I'm doing here with you. Talking to you through thoughts. I'll explain it later." I told Alina.

"This is Asher Light. From school. Remember seeing him around?" Alina said.

"Oh yeah, yeah! I remember you now!" Angel said. Shock feeled my body.

"...You do?" I asked.

"Yeah! Don't you remember me? I'm in one of your classes." Angel stated, matter-of-factly.

"Yes, I believe I remember now." I said simply. Relief. She didn't remember me erasing her memory, or me pushing...Alina.

"Are you guys wanting to go somewhere?! I know a good dance club! It's REAL fun!" Angel exclaimed, jumping up from the bench. Alina looked at me, I nodded my head yes.

"Of course! Let's go! Now!" she yelled in pure joy, smiling a big, bright smile.

Angel squeeled in happiness, and hooked arms with both me and Alina, and started skipping, making me skip in the process. Grrrr. I don't look so masculine anymore! I frowned. Then looked at Alina and smiled once again. I was happy...

© 2010 Delana

Author's Note

The picture at the top is a picture of the park Asher and Alina found Angel in at night. Legion Park in Everett, Washington. Let me know your thoughts on the picture and book so far. I changed the chapter title by the way, sorry. It was more convenient. Nect chapter is going to be EXCITING! I promise! Stay close.

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