Fire Alarm.

Fire Alarm.

A Chapter by Delana

I dreaded the next day at school, I knew I would have to face her again. I took my place next to her during Anatomy class. I hate having assigned seats, I used to be able to sit by myself during this class, but nope, not any more. I tried not to look at her at all during the class, but her thoughts just kept on throwing themselves at me.
"Why won't he look at me? Am I that hideous?" I heard her mind wonder."I guess it doesn't matter." and then she sighed. Did it really bug her that much just because I wouldn't glance at her once? I looked over at her, and decided to introduce myself, politely.
"Hi. I'm Asher Light. And you would be?" I whispered quietly enough, only for her to hear me.
"Oh. Hey. My names Alina Faye." she whispered bacck, smiling a big, brilliant smile.
"Okay Alina, quit smiling now. Hes not THAT gorgeous. Oh! Who am I kidding? His beautiful!" I heard her think. I laughed lightly. I guess that's one thing we have in common already, we both think the other is beautiful.
"Where are you from?" I asked.
"Memphis." she answered back, quickly.
"Why did I just do that? How did I answer so quickly? I wasn't even ready for the question?" she thought to herself, confusingly.
"Ahh, bad city from what I hear." I said, trying to avoid her thoughts.
"Yeah, it has it's bad days, which is...Well, everyday." she laughed nervously.
"I sound like a dork!" she thought to herself. I almost answered "No, you don't.", but then remembered. That sucks. Oh well. Just then the bell rang. I ran through the hallway and into the cafeteria for lunch time. Got my tray of food, and then sat beside my family and began to talk with Derrick.
"Hey." I said to him.
"How was class?" he answered back. We both laughed softly. Human joke. Then that's when I heard her, again. But she wasn't thinking this time. She was talking to a few of the other girls. I ignored Derrick's hand in my face, and listened in.
"So who is he?" she asked some blonde girl, sitting at the table beside her. I could tell the blonde girl was uncomfortable talking about whoever "he" was.
"He doesn't go for girls, Alina." the blonde girl told her.
"You mean...hes...."
"NO! He just doesn't date. Well, hes never really taken an interest in any of the girls here atleast. I've seen girls just throw themselves at him, but he just ignores it like no ones even talking to him or flirting with him and walks away. Kind of a rude guy in MY opinion." she told Alina.
"Rude guy? No...That can't be it....She was probably one of the girls that just threw herself at him and he just wasn't interested." I heard Alina think to herself.
"Oh. Alright. Well, I'm going to the bathroom. See you guys." Alina said, turning away. "Alina! Wait." the blonde said.
"Don't even try to go for him. He'll just end up hurting you. Trust me." the blonde girl told her, defensively.
"There. That outta do it. If I can't have him, neither can she." the blonde girl thought to herself.
"Thanks." Alina said, walking away.
I couldn't believe that. I don't even remember that blonde girl? I've seen too many throw themselves at me to even count. Wait. What does it matter to me? No way am I going near that girl, Alina, anyways. "Stay away, Asher. It's best." I kept telling myself.
Just then the fire alarm went off. Everyone was outside as fast as they could get there. I searched the crowd for Alina, she was no where to be seen. So, I went back in after her, instinctively. I couldn't stop myself. Instincts took over immediately, and I was running through the school, searching for Alina...

© 2010 Delana

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Hey there. You can call me Delana, but I prefer Lana. I'm new to the site, and I'm trying my best to get better at it. I've always loved writing, and I'm trying to get better at it. So if you see one .. more..

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