So Stubborn!

So Stubborn!

A Chapter by Delana

When I heard Alina coming around to the front yard, I met her half way. She threw her arms into the air, looking at me.

"What the heck was that, Asher?!" she yelled in a whisper, storming towards me.

"What was what?" I asked, pretending not to know what was going on, while I looked at what she was wearing. Black skinny jeans, sand-colored fuzzy boots, and a red hoodie with a brown t-shirt underneath. Absolutely beautiful.

"Oh you know WHAT! The jumping down from a two story house out of a window!"

"Oh...That? That was nothing compared to what I can do." I said, smiling.

"Oh God he has such a cute crooked smile..." she thought. I laughed under my breath. Silent enough for her not to hear.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure. Just...Don't do it again." she ordered.

"Whatever you say, precious." I said, still grinning. Her face turned red and she looked down, then back up, then she was back to her pale self.

"Precious? I like it...Wait...No! No, Alina!" she thought to herself. By this time I was cracking up inside.

"Don't call me that."

"Why not?" I said, poking my bottom lip out.

"Your such a baby!" she laughed. I laughed with her.

                 Shes soo easy to get along with. I love how her hair runs smoothly against her body, and the way she looks down when she blushes. Her blushing reminds me that...shes not what I am. And she never will be more than likely. She can't know about "us". She can't know what we are. It would be breaking the number one rule if she found out. I looked back at her, she was walking ahead of me, gesturing for me to follow her.

                 "Sorry." I said, when I jogged up to her, slowly.

"It's okay. So where are you suppose to be taking me?" she asked, looking up at me. She came to my shoulders. I looked down at her.

"You'll see." I said.

"I HATE surprises." she thought to herself.

"Fine. How are we gonna get there though?" she asked.

"My car. My house isn't too far away, well, now that I think about it it's a pretty good distance, but I will carry you when you get tired." I said and winked at her. I heard her gasp for air under her breath. Then, she blushed, again. Which took my breath away.

"Okay, sure. Seems good." she replied blankly. We walked and walked and walked.

"Asher...I'm exhausted. Can we sit down a minute?" she asked, already taking a seat on the side of the road.

"Hey, I said I'd carry you, remember?" I reminded her.

"Aren't you tired though?"

"No, not really. I excercise A LOT. I walk miles every day." I lied. I don't really need excercise.

"Oh. No, it's alright. I'm probably to heavy." she said, downing herself.

"Wanna bet?" I teased her.

"How much?" she teased back. I laughed lightly.

"Nothing. Just watch." I said, walking towards her, grabbing her underneath her legs with one arm, and holding her back with the other. Like a baby. I laughed to myself.

"Uhm. Wow." she said, with an astonished look on her face.

"Whose the baby now?" I teased.

"Still you." she smiled evil-ishly.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll see."

              When we got to the house I put Alina down and let her walk in the front door herself, without me holding her. We spotted Kaden and Joshua in the livingroom. they both had to sense we were coming, otherwise they would've been in the backyard, wrestling. They were the only ones home, I'm guessing the rest went to a club or something? Weird, I know. Me and Alina both walked into the livingroom.

"Hello there." Joshua said, walking up and greeting Alina.

"Hi." she replied.

"I'm Joshua Night. I'm cousins with Asher." he introduced himself.

"I'm Alina Faye. It's nice to meet you, Joshua. I'm...just a stranger to Asher, sort of?" she laughed.

"Well, your welcome here anytime you'd like." Joshua said. Just then Kaden walked up beside Joshua's side, and stuck out his hand.

"Hey cutie! I'm Kaden Night." he winked. Alina grabbed for his hand, awkwardly, and shook it.

"Hey. I'm Alina."

"So I heard." he said, looking at me.

"I can't believe you did this, Asher. Your gonna be in BIG trouble later!" Kaden thought to me. I tried a technique I had been working on with Joshua for the first time when Kaden said that. I focused on connecting mine and Kaden's mind, and then, I talked to him through my mind.

"Shut up, dude. I know already. Trust me. But shes...just so...perfect. And you know the feeling! With Amelia. Remember?!" I thought directly towards Kaden.

"Asher! You got it down! Alright lil man! Way to go with the mind thing!.....WAIT A SEC.....NO WAY! YOU........???? OH HOLY CRAP!!!! ON A.....HUMAN?!??....HAS THAT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE???" he thought.

"I don't think so? happened. Everyone will just have to get over it!" I thought to him, then I started losing focus because something shocked me. I focused even harder then with Kaden.

"I understand. Okay. I say go for it. But...what are you gonna do?" he asked me. He didn't even have to ask the second part to that question. I already knew what he meant.

"I don't know, Kaden...I don't know..." I thought back to him. Then, I cut him off, and realized Alina was holding my hand. So that's what was making me lose focus, and what shocked me! It had to have shocked her back to though? I guess she doesn't mind? That's...strange? I looked into her eyes, and there was the feeling again. She felt it, too, when she stared back at me. Then, we were interrupted by Joshua.

"So what are you guys doing today, anyways?" he asked suspiciously.

"Going for a ride." I replied plainly. Then I dragged Alina into the garage where the cars were.

"OH MY GOD!" she gasped, looking around at the cars sitting in the garage.

"What?" I said.

"Is this...what I think it is?"

"It's just a Chevy Camaro?" I said, looking at her.

"It's BEAUTIFUL!" she said.

"Your...into cars?" I laughed.

"Of course! I love cars! I used to work on them when I was smaller with my dad." she spit out.

"Well, hop in." I smiled.

© 2010 Delana

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Added on July 2, 2010
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