"I hate to do this..."

"I hate to do this..."

A Chapter by Delana

I could smell her scent, over all the fire, coming from the home ec room. When I got to the room everything was blazed in fire. I'm guessing this is where it all started. I spotted Alina laying on the floor, face down, coughing. I jumped over the fire that was in my way and made it to her. I scooped her up into my arms and then looked for another way out. The window. I took my fist and hit the window with it, busting the window into a million little shards. I jumped through it, with Alina in my arms, and landed on my feet, sprinting. I heard Alina gasp for oxygen. I had to find Emily. Alina's heart wasn't beating. I ran to where I knew Emily would be. The house. After a fire at school, I knew she would ditch. They probably already sent everyone home because of the damage. But that wasn't the problem right now. I raced to the house. As soon as I got to the house I went through the front door and up the stairs to where I sensed Emily was at. She sat beside Derrick and Amelia on her couch, listening to Wolfgang Mozart Concerto No. 21, Andante, I could tell. It was one of her favorite pieces she liked to listen to and play sometimes.
She looked over at me even before I said anything, and she knew.
"Emily..." I said, sorrow drenched heavy in my voice.
"Lay her down, on the couch, now." she responded in her military voice. Amelia and Derrick rose, and I did as I was told. Emily put both of her hands on where Alina's heart would be and closed her eyes, focusing. Her hands began to glow an electric blue, next thing we knew Alina was gasping for her breath and sitting up. I stared, never breaking my gaze from Alina. Alina looked alert. Well, to be exact, she looked like she had just fought off death. And she did. She got so close to...dieing...today. Alina's head twisted and turned, looking for a familiar face, she went from Emily, to Derrick, to Amelia, and then...to me. And...once our eyes locked...for the first time ever...I knew...She had never looked me in the eyes before, I've looked at her eyes, but shes never looked back. Now I understand why those instincts, the instincts I never thought I had, kicked in. My thoughts were interrupted by Alina's voice. Her voice sounded distressed.
"W-what? What am I doing here? Who are you people?" she asked us, looking at me. I knew she felt it, too. She looked away, as did I. I looked at Emily. Emily nodded.
"There was a fire at the school." Emily began.
"In the home ec room." I interrupted. Emily looked at me, I looked down.
"Thank you, Asher." Emily said sarcastically. I knew she hated being interrupted when she was in the middle of her "medical" terms. "I'm guessing you were in the room that the fire began, uhm...What's your name again?" Emily asked Alina.
"Alina. And what about yall?" Alina replied demandingly.
"My name is Emily Light. And these two are my brother and sister." Emily said, pointing at me and Amelia. "Asher Light, and Amelia Light. And over there is my cousin, Derrick Night."
"Wow. Their last names rhyme. Weird?" I heard Alina think to herself. I looked at Emily, she began speaking again.
"Well, when you were in the room, you didn't bend down away from the smoke, did you?" Emily asked.
"Uhm...Not that I can remember, no?" she replied, confusingly.
"Then that's what did it. You had to have been inhaling the smoke for atleast ten or fifteen minutes, and that's what caused your lungs to give in. Too much smoke inhalation puts too much carbon monoxide into your lungs. And also, carbon monoxide prohibits hemoglobin from transferring oxygen into your body, and carbon dioxide out of your body." Emily explained in her know-it-all voice.
"Wait..." Alina shook her head and paused, "Wouldn't that cause brain damage?"
Emily looked dumbfounded.
"Uhm...Yes, it would, but you see...Well..." Emily said, looking at me.
"Asher...Do it. NOW." I heard Emily think to me.
"Emily...I...I can't." I said. Alina looked over and locked eyes with me, confusion written all across her face. I looked away. Emily's eyes widened...She knew.
"This isn't a good time, Asher. You have to do it. She can't know. Not..." I heard Emily think, then blocked her out. I looked over at Alina. I began walking towards her. She looked up into my eyes, she looked away.
"I hate to do this..." I said. And I meant it.
I put my hands on her shoulders, and began. I felt her...mind. It was...resplendent. Absolutely magnificient. I have felt human's minds before, but theirs were NOTHING compared to...hers. I wasn't going to intrude on her mind though, I was just going to erase her memory and replace it with a new one. And so I did...Then, I put her brain to rest, and put her to sleep. I carried her back to her house, and laid her on her bed. How did I know where her house was? Well, I did intrude a little on her mind, I guess. But I had to! I looked at Alina, and put my hand on her cheek, she cringed in her sleep. "Forgot I had ice cold hands. Sorry." I apologized in my mind. Then I ran back home, and went into the living room where Emily and Joshua sat. Waiting on me, I guess.
"I told Joshua what happened..." Emily began.
"Figured you would." I replied sarcastically.
"Hey, chill. Now what did you tell her exactly?" Emily asked me. By "what did you tell her" she means, what did I make her think happened.
"Well, I made her think she was never at this house with us, I made her think one of the firemen escorted her out and saved her life. I made her think she was only in the fire for a minute or so." I told Joshua and Emily.
"And what about...?" Emily's voice trailed off.
"Yes. I even took THAT memory away from her." I said through clenched teeth. "Are you HAPPY now?" A sudden rage rushed over my body, like it had taken control of the poison in my veins, and I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself much longer.
"Asher...I'm sorry...But...you know the rules...We just...can't have it...Not right now...Maybe in time?" Emily said, Joshua looked over at me with concerned eyes. I'm guessing she told him, too. I didn't say anything else to Emily, and stormed out the house...Not looking back...

© 2010 Delana

Author's Note

Sorry if it's confusing? Let me know what you think though. Should I keep writing? Or no? Thanks guys :)

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