Complications. [[Mykal's Point of View]]

Complications. [[Mykal's Point of View]]

A Chapter by Delana

Running through the forest, I tried to put together what had just happened last night. I don't understand it. I got so close to killing that girl! happened! WITH A HUMAN! Why a human?! I use humans It was just a coincidence. It didn't really happen. It was just all in my head, yeah.
I was lieing to myself.
I have to go find her and make sure, if not I know I'll regret it for the rest of...forever. I began running faster, I knew where to find her. I watched that other vampire take her home, it's pretty late at night, so why not? She's probably asleep anyways. I'll sneak a quick glimpse, it can't do much harm.

Her room was covered in posters of half naked guys, along with lime green, blue, and pink walls. Unique. She was laying under her covers, on her right side. Her bed was a queen size. Her breathing was even, her eye lids shut. I went over to look her in the face, I bent down to her face. I put my hand against her pale cheek. My body filled with electricity automatically.
It was true then...I'm in love with a human...


My mind was racing. I couldn't belive this. I can't be in love with a human, I can't. It goes against the rules, the laws of our kind, our people...I would be betraying them if I had anything to do with her...I was taught humans are VERMIN. Their not good for anything, but feeding on. But...the only shot I have at with a human. If I betray them.....I know the consequences....Wait...that other vampire in the alley...he acted like he wasn't going to feed on them? I don't know, he just didn't have that look of feeding in his eyes....HE WAS DEFENDING THEM!!!!....But why?...Why would he be so stupid, so ignorant?! What has a human ever done for him that made him turn to defending them, and against his own kind?!...This makes no sense. My head began to ache, I didn't think it was possible for my kind, but my head was actually hurting from thinking too much!...I need to get out of here, clear my head for awhile...


I left the room, and back into the forrest where I came from...

© 2010 Delana

Author's Note

This chapter will be in Mykal's point of view. His views, how he feels, what he is thinking, everything. [[Will write more later.]]

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where is the rest??

Posted 13 Years Ago

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