A Chapter by Meghan Frederick

I used Artie as a crutch as I stood with the others around our kitchen table. It's been a week since the incident with the demons at Skyler's family's house, and even though Skyler saved me, I'm still hurting. Pain shoots throughout my entire body even if I move the slightest bit. At times, the pain was unbearable, but no matter how much it hurt, it never bled. It looked almost completely healed. Just a scar was left.

Skyler's entire family had evacuated to my apartment complex. They all stayed in different rooms of the abandoned building. We knew the demons were going to attack soon, but we didn't know for sure when. "So what are our defenses?" Skyler's Uncle Tom asked the group of us.

"You will be safe as long as Artie and I are here. We're protecting the apartments and no evil force can get in here," I spoke up.

Tom nodded. "That's good to know. Any word on the next attack?"

Artie and I both shook our heads.

Tom looked down in frustration. "Well, that's all we needed. Thank you, boys. You can go now," he said all that with the least amount of emotion as he could.

Artie huffed and started pulling me out of the the room. Skyler's other uncle, Benny, lightly closed the door behind us after giving us a warm smile.

"Dim, can I talk to you about something real quick?" Artie asked me as we headed toward the kitchen where Skyler was.

"Sure. What's up?"

"I was thinking about going home for a little bit. See what's going on up there and talk to my mom about everything."

"That's actually a really good idea, Artie! Yeah, go see if them up there knows what's going on and then whenever you're ready to come back you can, just keep in contact okay?"

He grinned widely. He helped me onto the kitchen stool in front of Skyler. "I'll be back soon," he patted me on the back a little too hard.

He exited back the way we came and I saw the flash of light from under the door. Artie was gone.

"Dimitri?" Skyler's sweet voice beckoned me.

"Yes, dear?" I looked up at her.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, honey." Why does everyone suddenly want to talk to me about something?

"Why won't you tell me you love me?" Oh, geez.

I couldn't look into her eyes.

"Dimitri." Now she was getting stern.

"How do you know I love you?"

"I say I love you all the time, and it's true. I love you, Dimitri. Don't you love me?"

I didn't say anything.

She threw her spoon in the sink. "WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU SAY IT?! We've been through all this s**t and after all of it you can't say it!!" She stormed off toward our bedroom leaving me stunned.

Her Aunt Jane came from the storage room and looked at me. "I'll go talk to her."

She walked away before I could say thank you, and I honestly don't think my lips could form the words.

© 2013 Meghan Frederick

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Added on December 5, 2013
Last Updated on December 5, 2013
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Meghan Frederick
Meghan Frederick

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