hearts two-piece

hearts two-piece

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

We all sat at the dinner table as Mrs.Wesaley set the table then waved her wand and bowls full of rolls and other foods went onto everyones plate then the bowls settled themselves in the middle of the table.Thanks i said as i smiled at her she smiled back and said your welcome deary.


suck up i heard Ginny whisper I shot a glare at her and her mom did too.she looked away and started to eat.


I shook my head and started to eat myself.I went to grab the last roll when another hand touched mine...I looked up to see fred


oh i said you can take it


no its ok you take it he said smiling at me my om told me i need to loose weight any way i giggled when Mrs.weasley said i did not.


he smiled at me and then winched when his twin hit him in the side...you have a girlfriend remeber he said whiepering..but i heard the words loud and clear.i was done eating and was talking with Ron about how we felt about spiders when i remembed something.



hey sasuke-kun look at what i found


Nice one its a spider...look i found a garden snake.


ewwwww i hate snakes i said


whatever your just a baby


am not

are too


am not


are too


hey little bratz get in the house time for dinner





I smiled to myslef  but then it faded when i had another flashback.








hana-can no dont go please dont leave me




Michii run


but sasuke






iTACHI WHY WHY DID YOU DO THIS..ANSWER ME...what are you doing..stay away from me.....NO NO STAY AWAY!

end flashback


hey hey charlene you ok huh what i asked as i looked at Ron


you spaced out there he said smiling


oh sorry just thinking about something i said smiling back

He nodded and took another bite into his food.



After dinner


I was sitting in our room looking out the window from my bed.there was a full moon and i loved full moons.I was so into the night sky i didnt here the bed room door open.I felt weight on my bed and i turned my head and came face to face with deidara.


hey he said


Hi i said slowy losing myself in his beutiful blue-green eyes...wait eyes?


hey i said didnt you have a metal eye before.


yea he said smirking but i could take it off you know..


really i asked thats so cool


you think he asked me


yeah i said why


because he said..most girls thinks its weird or something


yeah i said its weird but a good weird i said with a smile.


he smiled back.


soo he said i saw what happened at dinner today..actually everyone did.


my smile faded and i turned my head away


is that why you wouldnt go out with me because you liked fred.


well yeah but now that i know he has a girl im not really all that intrested i said pulling my legs up to my chest.


it was silent for a while


Things that bloom

seasons sweet tune

baby cries

mircles arise

things to come

loves undone

my sunset

his fun

heart achs

pains awake

lovely lie

silent cry

tears heart

fake smile

moves on

pain never gone............


wow he said..you wrote that


i only nodded.


well he said your a good poet


thanks i said as i smiled a little.


Charlene i heard him say but i didnt look at him.


I flet his hand brush my face as he pushed my hair back i looked at im with tears in my eyes.he hugged me and said has someone hurt you before.


I nodded into his chest


tell me he said...


well i started i was secretly going out with this boy he was  few years older then me.at first everything was cool but then i found out he was cheating on me so i went to break up with him.he got upset and he hit me.I promised myself no man will hit me and get away with it.so i ran to the kitchen and picked up a knife...


so you were at his house..i nodded ..ok go ahead he said


so i grabbed the knife and  put it in my shirt.i went to leave but he wouldnt let me he said that i have to pay for hrurting him..i said the only one that was hurt was me.he hit me again and i fell to the floor.I went to get up but i was too dizzy.he then tried to drag me to the bed room and i got free somehow he then came at me again but i through the knife and it hit him in the leg.I then ran out the door.


where i use to live he would circle the school looking for me my friends didnt notice and i was glad i never told him where i lived soon he stopped coming around.


wow said deidara ...and im guessing your friends were brittany and cyara..i nodded again.


well he said as he ran his hand through my hair if you go out with me i could protect you from harms way.


I ..I dont know i said as i pushed away from him..i've been hurt alot lately.


he signed and said i see you still need to think about it..well i understand he said as he stood up.I'llleave you to your thoughts then he said


I wanted to call out to him but i didnt he left the room and when the door closed i broke down crying......


© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on February 20, 2009
Last Updated on February 20, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..