To the train and..dont touch me

To the train and..dont touch me

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

Soon the day we would all be heading to hogwarts finally came around.It was the morning we were leaving and i just got out the shower.I was making my way back to my room when another door opened and i saw a flash of red hair before they ran into me.I fell to the floor clutching at my glad i put on my underwear and bra .I looked up to come face to face with..fred?...wait no i thought ..


Goerge i said as i sat up


sorry he said as he helped me to stand..your ok right,


yeah i said im fine.


good he said as he smiled at me i felt my heart flutter..wait no i cant like him first i like fred then deidara wants to go out with me and now...oh god whats wrong with me i thought to i turning into a s..


hey said goerge snapping me out of my thoughts


yeah i said as i looked at him


your spacing out


oh..well..i should go get dress i said as i walked past him i turned and smiled at him one last time beforei opened my door and walked inside.I closed the door behind me and signed as i leaned agaisnt the door my heart pounding in my chest.


Goerge pov


Shes so cute whe shes flustered...i cant believe a girl this hot has been living in my house for the past two weeks.I made my way downstairs.Hey fred i said..but stopped in my tracks at what i saw..hey...Angelina i said as my smile grew wider..this was going to be fun.


oh hey george she said as she smiled and waved at me.


regular pov


I was almost done getting dress....I had on my jean skort with my black flipflops and my green crop top i put my hair in a ponytail and headed downstairs.I was fixing my skort as i jumped off the last set of stairs.hey ginny i asked


yeah she said


do you have a belt i can use i think this is a little big on me.I looked up and saw Ginny sitting next to another girl.


uhh hi i said as i smiled at the girl..she looked so dam familiar but i couldnt put my finger on it.


Hi she said as she smiled at me i smiled back as ginny handed me a black belt thanks i said as i put it on.


hey charlene said fred yeah i said not looking at him as i pretended to fix my shirt


This is my girlfriend..Angelina


Now i remember who she was.Nice to meet you i said as i shook her hand yeah she said.George stood next to me and placed a fake spider on my shoulder.I looked down and my first expression was to scream.I jumped and almost fell but goerge grabbed me too bad i was too freaked out and i ended up taking both of us to the ground.i was on top of him as he held onto my waist.He looked up at me as i glared down at him.


you dummy i said as i hit him in the arm


ow he said sorry i didnt expect you to act like that


sooo said two dating


what..nooo..i said we're just friends.


right she said and the way you two are laying just scream friends.


I jumped up just as Mrs.Weasely came in.


Goegre this is no time to be playing around she said since he was still on the floor we have to get a move on she said...i helped him up and he smiled at me i smiled back at him


ohhh said Fred i smell love


ohh i said cutting goerge off i smell a bloody noise angelina laughed


Omg she said your just like them..


why thank you i said..i believe this is the start of a wonderful relationship


yes she said i agree we then hoked arms and made our way into the kitchen


We were finally on oir way to hogwarts...we got on the train and  I went to look for a empty compartment to sit in.when i found one i sat down and waited for the guys to find me.I was staring out the window when i heard me door open i turned smiling thinking it was one of my froends but my smile dropped..standing in the entrance way of my compartment was Malfoy.


uhhh hi i said trying to smile.


He smirked and closed the door behind him..hey he said whats a pretty little girl like you doing sitting by yourself


well i said im waiting for my friends to come and find me '


oh he said i only nodded well how about me and you get to know each other a little better he said coming closer to me


uhh how about no i said as i stood up..change of plans i said you could have this compartment so you could come up with better pick up lines and im going to find my friends i said about to open the door.I then felt someone grabbed me and i turned around and went to punch him but he grabbed my other hand too.


Now he said how about you give me a little taste of what you got..


how about i let my fist taste you face.


he glared at me and threw me down on the seat getting on top of me


get off i yelled pushing him off of me he fell to the floor and i jumped up and ran out the doors and right into someones chest.i looked up to see Sasuke.i hugged him and buried my face into his shirt.Malfoy went to run up to me but stopped when he saw me with sasuke surrounded by about four other guys including Naruto Itachi Deidara, and tobi.he went to run but itachi grabbed him by the shirt and made him face him.


Touch my sister again and you die fool..understand..Malfoy nodded and Itachi pushed him so he fell to the floor.


now i suggest you get out of our sight before we kill you now. Malfoy jumped up and ran off.sasuke then looked down at me and said its ok hes gone now.i only hugged him tighter just because he smelled nice.


you smell good i said he and everyone else laughed.I then looked up at him..


how come you guys were all standing outside of the doors..


well said naruto we were about to walk by when we felt your chakra and just when we were about to go in you came out.


oh i said as i hugged sasuke more...


ok ok letme go the punk is gone he laughed.I smiled up at him and let him go come on i said you guys can sit in here with me i opened the doors and sat down as they all sat around me.





© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on February 23, 2009
Last Updated on March 3, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

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Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..