Every Touch

Every Touch

A Chapter by Nusquam Esse

Gazing through shadows
of hands outstretched
To a moon unseen
through bedtime ceilings
It's as if, by reaching,
touching immutable seas
I could for, but a moment,
gaze down upon
Myself // All the World
Reverse this cast of shadows
and forget this mundane
existence below

Smothering me with
the buzzing cacophony
of automata cicadas
It's that untuned Cathode
Ray Tube // Lurking
A rippled vestige
of Quark-Gluon Plasma
the Progenitor of all
My fingers tease
the cosmic static
of time immemorial
Still echoing within
these veins

A cadenced scent
lingering // flowing
Chestnuts and Cumin
A casimer effect for
eddied fingertips that
want to imagine more
Than just hair cascading
my reminiscent touch
Pantomiming sensations
before myself, the world
Reality or Time

Yet behind closed eyes
there's but a phantasm
Of clasping hands
teasing caresses
And darkness that flows
through the sieve
my mind
always was
an eidolon
Unable to grasp
a fantasy // a reality
tingling ever out of sight
But palpitating
My every Touch

© 2020 Nusquam Esse

Author's Note

Nusquam Esse
I wrote this after thinking a bit too much about physics. Might be an odd inspiration for poetry, so there is some jargon.

The second stanza is referencing the CMB, a faint reverberation from the big bang, which is part of the static you may hear on a radio or on a CRT Television. Likewise, Quark-Gluon Plasma is the state of matter (like gas, liquid, solid) from that early universe. It is where temperatures are so high that even atoms are broken apart.
Finally, the casimer effect is a phenomenon in which objects held close will interact (usually an attraction). Basically, non-magnetic plates will be attracted to each other if you bring them less than a micron apart. Why this happens comes down heavily to the idea of virtual particles or zero point energy for quantized fields. The specifics for the Casimir Effect and why it happens are very complicated and not universally agreed upon; although the existence of this phenomenon is easily verifiable.

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Added on September 18, 2020
Last Updated on September 22, 2020


Nusquam Esse
Nusquam Esse

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