The Bottle lady

The Bottle lady

A Chapter by Robin

a ghost


  If one has a rock and roll band , one needs a place to rehearse - to do this consistently, the best way is with a "band house" .

we found one on the southside of town and thought it perfect , tolerant neighbors and plenty of room for all of us . I remember walking into the place for the first time and felt the vibe , something happened there, I just knew it . later , I would find out . 

   after we moved in and got settled , we began to rehearse - and immediately lost power , out to the breaker box and check it out and it was Ok . We flipped it anyway and still no power ... end of rehearsal , party time for the gang and while me and friend delved deeper. no voltage at the outlets so we installed a new one the next day and still no power , ok a wiring problem so we called the landlord , leaving the tracing of the problem to him . We moved our gear into the living room , where we again we had drop-outs problems but could still manage to practice. 

  as we got into a groove rehearsing every night , other things started to happen - cups sliding off counters , a gas stove top that shot flames high into the air and then the first sighting of the shadow , seen moving around the house at night ...

  one night I fell asleep on the couch and I was awakened by what sounded like glass bottles being stacked in the Drummers bedroom , I just shook my head and went to my room where it was even louder , I yelled out his name and the noise stopped and  I fell asleep again . The next morning I confronted him , " what were you doing last night ? "   he said sleeping . I told him about the bottle sound and he said "I dont have any bottles" ,  and we went into his room and couldnt find anything that could make that noise .. we just gave each other a look and we forgot about it .

  that afternoon I saw a friend who lived across the street , standing outside and I walked over and we quickly started talking about our motorcycle racing days . in a pause , he looks at me says "so how is that working out for you guys " I said
ok" , he then tells me you know an old woman died there .  I said "NO WAY, I knew it  ! " . He then goes on to say she was quite a character and eccentric , how  she would go around and collect bottles and had the house full of them . I then told him of what was going on and he said the previous renters had similar stories . he looked me right in the eye - "its haunted man"

we left the house within the month due to other factors and I still wonder if she ever found anyone she could "live" with ...

© 2011 Robin

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more great story telling

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A haunted house....eerie for sure...this was good. I found that last line, 'I still wonder if she ever found anyone she could live with' so profound and thought provoking...wonderfully done...

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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