Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by Tim Youn

Hi I just started decided to write a book and now I need a review on these chapters.


Chapter 4

As we crept to the main entrance of the compound our ears were hit with a whole lot of mic feedback. Helleige went down like a ton of bricks. My ears felt like they were going to get eviscerated.

“Uh hmmm sorry about that children. That wouldn’t of happen if your little friend here would stop kicking things over. Anyway the reason I decided to talk to you was to tell you that it is futile trying to rescue your friend. He is part of something much larger, much grander than you know. If you children think that killing hired guns is enough for us to cower in fear or retreat you are gravely mistaken. Come face us at your own discretion, but be prepared to lose your lives if you do” boomed the grey suited man’s voice.

I could see Helleige shivering and I felt helpless. Like nothing I do would help her feel better. No that’s not the way a leader should think. I walked over to her and placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Helleige listen to me. I promise you that I’ll get both you and Strider out of here, even if it means I have to abandon this mission.” I said with all the courage and kindness I could muster.

Helleige gripped my hand and gave me a small smile. “Okay let’s go.”

We walked through the compound; though it didn’t look like what I had imagined it to look. We passed by ten doors, this had to be the longest hallway I’ve ever walked it seemed like it wouldn’t end. I could hear Helleige take short shallow breathes trying to calm herself down. We managed to walk to the end of the hall and we stopped. I gave Helleige the signal to stop and get into position by the door. I put my ear to the door and listen carefully. All I could hear were just a bunch of muffled conversations.

“Helleige I can’t tell how many people there are so be ready for a big fight.”

She gave me a nod telling me she was ready. I reequipped my HK416 to my trusty SW1911 pistol. I cocked the gun and kicked the doors open.

© 2013 Tim Youn

Author's Note

Tim Youn
Ignore grammar problems, just tell me whether this is interesting or not.

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Tim Youn
Tim Youn

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