Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Tim Youn

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Chapter 6

I regained my conscience after being stomped on by Helleige. Oh you don’t realize how terrible my nose and jaw feel from being stomped. I regained awareness by the sound of three people talking. I quickly looked around and saw Helleige and Strider tied back to back on chairs. They were both knocked unconscious, I had to do something or else they’d kill all of us. I spotted a briefcase sitting on a pedestal beside the grey suited man. I honestly didn’t care if it was a bomb as long as it got us out of here, I needed more time. But to be honest all I could do was get their attention and try to convince them to let us go, though I doubt it would be that easy.

“Hey you. Yeah you with the grey suit.” I said looking him right in the eyes.

“Oh seems like the child has awakened. Haha I’ve been told that you were knocked out by your own teammate, how pathetic.” He mocked me as I walked closer

“I don’t know what you did to Helleige to make her hit me but I swear to God that I won’t stand by and let you mess around with my teammates.” I yelled with all the force I could to try and wake the others

“Now, now no need to raise your voice. I know why you’re here and who y’all are so just simmer down and wait till I kill you.” He said as he walked back to Vice and another women

“Wait, what do you mean you know who we are?” I said quizzically. It seemed to grab his attention as he stopped walking and slowly turned to face me.

“You poor children are slaves to an organization known as C.O.R.E. and the purpose for your presence here is to kill a very respectable man in the underworld. Stop me if I missed anything.” He said without even blinking. He just continued to stare at me as if he was looking into my very soul.

“H-how did you know all that?” I said as I sat dumbstruck

“I’m sorry my boy but that is a story you’ll never know.” He said as he opened the briefcase and pulled out a .500 S&W magnum.

Oh God what’s he going to do with that thing. Wait a minute how can he possibly shoot that. That would break his wrist…

“Oh child you doubt my ability to shoot this huh? Haha you amuse me boy, let me show you how a real man uses guns.” He said as he pointed the gun at me.

All I remember of that incident is the sound of the biggest bullet ever fired from a pistol and a hell lot of wind as it whizzed by my ear. I sat there terrified that he could shoot such a large pistol and still be able to aim that close to me. Now I knew that something wrong was going to happen if I didn’t do anything. All I can remember is a loud scream and a blur as the second woman who I just noticed went and grabbed Helleige. I tried to focus on her but my ears were ringing and my eyes wouldn’t focus on her. After a few seconds my eyes finally focused. The women had this prestigious look to her; she looked very proper and polite; yet deadly if you get on her nerves. The way she dressed made me think that they were prepared for the worst possible outcome.

“My lord what shall we do with this one?” she had a very thick German accent to the way she talked.

“Leave her be for now Pride” the man in the grey suit ordered, as he turned and faced her. I don’t know what kind of expression he gave her but she didn’t argue.

“Very well sir.” she said as she returned to Vice.

I had to think of something quick, or else my friends were next.

“Hey ‘lord’ what’s your real name?” I asked trying to stall for time and to get some information out of him.

“Amusing that you’d ask for the name of your captor, very well I am Daemon. Remember that well child for you shall be resting in eternity.” he said smiling while aiming the gun at Helleige.

My mind froze why’d he tell me his name was Daemon? Who were these people? Why were they so powerful? No it wasn’t time for questions nor would I get proper answers. Helleige was in trouble and if I didn’t do anything soon we’d all be in trouble.

“Wait, this doesn’t involve my friends let them go and you can do anything you want with me.” I demanded.

“HAHAHAHA boy you don’t even know what’s in motion. What we have planned for your little ‘family’. Soon family will be the last thing on your….” Daemon was saying before the large window panes exploded and three people smashed in.

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Tim Youn
Ignore grammar problems, just tell me whether this is interesting or not.

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Tim Youn

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