Chapter 7

Chapter 7

A Chapter by Tim Youn

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Chapter 7

The moment the window panes exploded I knew it was something that I could be happy about. It was Team 24. In an instant they started attacking the enemies. It seemed like they were doing an excellent job of covering us. I’ve never actually seen anyone from Team 24 so this was a new experience for me. They’re praised as the best capture and retrieval Team in C.O.R.E, no one is better at capturing their target as Team 24. The Team consists of Frost who has the ability to freeze any material. His noble is a wrist dial that allows him to control how thoroughly he can freeze someone. He honestly looks like if you touched him your hand would freeze off. He has short spiked up white hair and he wears all these chains (I always wondered if those chains would freeze on his skin but I never wanted to get frozen solid.) Next there is the paralysis expert Widow. She can paralyze anyone; her noble is a lasso that allows her to physically manifest her paralytic powers into the lasso. Probably one of the cooler skills in C.O.R.E, but also a skill that you really don’t want to be caught in. Last but not least is their leader Coup he has the ability to send jolts of electricity to stun an enemy. His noble is a pair of gloves that shoot thin highly conductive metal wires that attach to enemies and shocks them like a taser. He is the best at apprehending his target; I don’t think there is anyone who could withstand a shock from him. The fight seemed like it was going well, Frost managed to subdue the women named Pride, Widow seemed to handle Vice pretty well, and Coup had his hands full with Daemon but he seemed to be able to take him down.

“Okay guys no need to worry Team 24 is here.” Coup said with a big smile on his face.

“Yeah yeah, we could have taken them down as well if we weren’t tied to these damned chairs.” Strider shot back at Coup.

“Hey no need to be snippy we’re just saving you that’s all.” Frost said as coolly as he could.

“Doesn’t matter who saved who as long as we’re all okay.” I said with utmost gratitude.

“Oh poor darling are you hurt?” said Widow with all her sympathy.

“No I’m alright. Thanks Widow.” Said Helleige as she hugged Widow.

I got to admit I was a bit jealous. If I had been acting like a leader and saved everyone I would be the one getting hugged by Helleige, but right now it wasn’t time for jealousy.

“Ok so what are our orders what do we do with those three?” I asked Coup

“Well it’s not like we can carry them out ourselves.” said Coup while placing his hands on his head

“Well first things first let’s tie them up for now while we wait for our orders.” I said while walking towards them

As I approached the three unconscious enemies it hit me, they wouldn’t have gone down this fast. If he can shoot a .500 S&W with one hand there is no way he’d go down with one shock. I quickly turned to tell everyone to get the hell out of the house, but it was too late. The three unconscious bodies were standing up and they were not happy. As I turned around to run back to the group a flash of grey streaked by me and headed straight for Strider. I could see everything and wasn’t able to do anything to help. He punched Strider in the gut with full force, grabbed him, and turned to me with the most evil smile I have ever seen in my life.

“Pride, Vice it’s about time we left this little party of Heroes.” Daemon shouted still smiling.

“Very well” shouted Pride and Vice in unison. In that instant they were gone, like a cloud of smoke.

I stood there dumbfounded at the idea of losing Strider at the last possible second. It made my body feel numb, my mind scream, and made my blood boil. I wanted to yell my frustration at the top of my lungs but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even move, until someone touched my shoulder.

“Aegis I’m so sorry. But it’s time for us to go.” Said Helleige so kindly but it didn’t translate well in my mind

“Go? Go where? Are you insane we’re missing a member of our family and you want to go? How can you even….” As I was letting my frustration get the better of me Helleige slapped me back into sense. I looked her dead in the eyes and I could see her tears. Not tears of losing a family member but the tears of losing someone very important to her. I was her rock, I was her guiding light. How can I the leader ever look at her again and not feel shame? The way I acted letting my frustration get the better of me. It made me want to cry. It made me want to leave so that she didn’t have to look at this sorrowful excuse of a leader.

“Helleige I’m so sorry, I….” as I was about to tell her I was out of line she hugged me. The hug I was so jealous of, the hug that I didn’t deserve, but I was happy, so happy that she finally acknowledged me as not just a mercenary but as a human. Someone who experiences fear, hate, sorrow, even love.

“Sorry to break this really heart pulling moment but we got new orders. Aegis you’re under arrest for disobeying Fathers orders and engaging the unknown enemy.” said Coup as sternly as he could.

I stood there in disbelief as Helleige grabbed my hand.

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Tim Youn
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