Chapter 4- Training

Chapter 4- Training

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

The training was gruesome. It took everything I had and then some to just prevent my mind body and soul to not break down.

The training was gruesome. It took everything I had and then some to just prevent my mind body and soul to not break down.We sparred contentiously with no end in sight. In the beginning I failed miserably at countering Abyss's punches, due to the fact his hand speed was inhuman. While we were fighting Abyss hinted at me that I should not think that I should do what I want to do.

I closed my eyes and something interesting happen. Time slowed down and without thinking I threw my left hand near my face. Five seconds after I did that Abyss's  attack was blocked.  I was amazed that I was able to do that. I did not have time to revel in my accomplishment. My instincts screamed to block low left, low right, middle and high. I followed Abyss's advice and just quickly did the actions. Again I was able to block his attacks. Abyss smiled with approval. I was proud of myself that I was able defend myself on a whole different level .

It was time for me to go on the offensive. We both took our positions and Abyss told me to come after him. This time without thinking I threw out a combination of a left hay-maker, right uppercut, left backhand and to top it off a left round house kick. All of my hits connected yet Abyss was not effected by it. I asked him the reason why my hits had no effect on him. He answered stating that there was no emotion behind my hits. He explain further that when a person defends he or she must react quickly to prevent themselves from being hurt so there is no time for them to think.

He continued on to say that when a person is on the offensive they must put emotion into their hits. When emotion is instill into hitting, the power is amplified and it could really devastated the opponent. This results in the opponent fearing their opposition.
After Abyss told me to retry my hits again. I felt no anger towards

Abyss whatsoever so I dig deep to find something I felt strong about. Suddenly I remembered about my death. I remembered how I saw my friend's face and how the last words I heard after I died was Thank you. As I ran these thoughts in my head I became angry and I wanted to lash out. I dash forward towards my new mentor and I threw out a flurry of  kicks and punches.

To my surprised Abyss had to go on the defensive and he had to block my attacks. Out of the corner of my eye he tried to punch me on the left side of my face. I quickly ducked underneath the punch and I strongly uppercut Abyss. My punch lifted him up and he flew 50 feet away. 

Abyss's momentum was stopped by an invisible barrier that either the room produced or he produced. After a few minutes he got up and yelled out of amazement. He asked me where that power came from. I explained to him about how I remembered me dying and the last words that were ever spoken to me. Abyss put his hands on my shoulders and told me that the  emotion I felt was so strong that it could destroy anyone I wanted. After learning this I realized that If I could control that emotion it will be a powerful weapon.

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on May 15, 2010
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