Chapter 7-Lucifer

Chapter 7-Lucifer

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

The aura that I felt from this particular being was dark and sinister.

 The aura that I felt from this particular being was dark and sinister. My soul became cold  and I shivered nonstop. I was about to inquire who this being was. Without missing a beat the being refereed to himself as the Dark One. He is better known Lucifer.

 Lucifer wore a maroon suit that had the stench of death and blood to it. Lucifer appeared young and vibrant, yet as I looked in his cold dark eyes I can see that he saw a lot through his lifetime. Lucifer had strong arms that could crush a man's skull, He had long sharp claps that he retracted back forth for his own amusement. 

 The Dark Prince turn to me said with a booming voice "I see you are well. I was expecting you to be in Hell". He sighed and continued on. " I am under the impression that you understand as to why I am here".  I nodded and I told him that I know all the war you and the Creator will be waging and that I am the difference maker.

He laughed and confirmed what Abyss told me. Lucifer sat back and told me how much hatred he had for the Creator. In his version he was in the right to rebel against God and he gave humans the right of free will. Yet it infuriated him that God had his followers paint him as the bad guy. After he finished he asked me about my thoughts of Lucifer.

After I gave much thought I told him that you were treated unfairly and you should  not be sent to suffer in a fiery domain. Furthermore I thanked him for giving us humans the will to be our own person and choose how we can live life. I paused and looked at the Dark One in his soulless eyes.

I told him that it does not excuse the evil deeds  that he did  towards the human race. Lucifer slammed his fist  against the train wall. He told me that humans need to suffer for taking the Creator's side. I could see his anger rising with each word he spoke. The power of his anger was so great that if he wanted to, he could of blown up the train with everyone in it.

The Prince of Lies got up and adjusted his suit with his back to me. He asked me if I decided who side I will be on. It was my turn to lay back into my train chair. I closed my eyes and I was thought to myself that this unreal. I opened my eyes and I told him that at this point I will not choose a side. I told him I find this War pathetic and meaningless.

Lucifer laughed louder this time. He raised his left hand and as he was about to snap his fingers and leave he told me this. He told me that soon I will have to choose or else I will be participating in this War against him. With that said he snapped his fingers and left the train. For the rest of the train ride I thought about what Lucifer said. I realize that soon the world as I know it will change forever and I will be the one steering its future.

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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Added on February 14, 2010
Last Updated on February 14, 2010
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