Chapter 8- God

Chapter 8- God

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

The Creator is a massive mountain of a man. Blindly light veins surged and overlapped on arms. .

As I walked out of the Ditmars Blvd train station, My mind, body and soul was drained completely. The only thing in  I wanted was to find a place to rest and decompress. The one place that stood out of my mind was Astoria Park. I dig into my pocket and I found my cellphone. I looked at the time at it was seven in the evening. I figured the park would have an amazing view and a view would be something I need at this time. After I decided what I wanted to do, I gathered up strength and walked to the park.

After five minutes of walking I arrived at the park. The view was breath taking. The sun turned bright orange. The sky started to turn light pink and there was no clouds out. It felt like the evening view was created just for me. I smiled and stretched my body out. I never  realized how aching a body can get from training, reuniting with a best friend and talking with the incarnation of evil itself.

I walked over to a bench near the river and I let out a huge sigh. I closed my eyes and try to mediate just for a few minutes. My mind still  could not believed everything that happen. I felt the blood rushing within my body. I was attuned to my body and I could feel that my body wanted to sleep for as long as it could.  I felt at peace with myself as the wind lightly hit my face, The smell of dew and grass was intoxicating. I felt at carefree at that time.

My carefree mood was short lived. I heard the air crack tediously. I felt a bright light surrounding me and enveloping me with such a warmth. A deep and powerful voice boomed called out to me and asked me about the view. I smiled and I knew who it was without opening my eyes. I stretched my neck out good. It felt so good to do. It seemed the stress went away. I opened my eyes and in front of me was obviously the Creator.

The Creator is a massive mountain of a man. Blindly light veins surged and overlapped on arms. He had a flowing white bread with white hair to match. The Creator wore white cashmere pants that seem that it can never can get dirty. The first thought that came to my mind was wow God must love to work.

 As Lucifer did in the train station, the Creator sat beside me and smiled with obvious intent. Before he could speak I told him that I know why he is here and that Lucifer came to me and asked me to joined him so Lucifer can conquer the universe. The Creator being amazed took a minute to collect his thoughts. He then asked me If I agreed to his offer. I told him No I had no desire in helping him win. I explained to God that I can understand why Lucifer hated him.  I could see that God was puzzled.

I stood up and explained to him that I knew that God hated that anyone can stand up to him in power. I expressed that I found it unfair that you cast Lucifer aside for something petty. God got in face and told me I had no idea what I was saying. I told him that I do understand. My eyes were open for the first time in a long time.

I pointed at him and told God that he is the true reason for evil. You hated that Lucifer is equal in power, and when he cast Lucifer aside he was frustrated. I paced back and forth. With each step my anger was seething. I continued on and told him with an extreme form of angry logic, that God came created sins that restrict human beings of the free will that Lucifer bestowed on us.

I came towards God's ear and whispered  that with all the power he proclaimed to have, He is afraid of the Devil. I told him to not lie and if it was not the case, God would not come to a mere mortal like me. God grabbed me by my shirt and was ready to punch me in the face. I caught his fist and I held it. I placed my feet on God's chest and pushed off.

I was free from his grasp. God came at me and told me he was going to kill me and it was going to be his pleasure to torture me. I smiled and when he was within a foot from me I punched God in the abdomen.

He came to a sudden stop. I dig my fist into his abdomen a bit more. I let go. and God was writhing in pain. I told him that I will not join him and the only side that I am will be on is my side. The Creator came to his feet and told me that I am making a big mistake and the world will pay for it. 

I walked away and as I walked I told him I looked forward to see him and Lucifer when the EndWar begins. I stopped and turned to him. I finished this encounter with this. I told him that  I am sick of this war of two moralities and if the war begins and it is decided to go through with it, I will step in and make those regret their decision.

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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