Chapter 10- The Call

Chapter 10- The Call

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

My cell phone rang. I dug the phone out of my pocket and looked at the caller id. The number had only three digits. They were six-six-six.

It was getting dark in the park. I took one last gaze of the park and I left. As I walk I could not stop being amazed at how seamless perfect this night was coming to be. The moon shone bright. I could clearly see the deep cavernous craters the moon accumulated over time. Its imperfections on the surface made it a sight to see. As I continued to walk the stars came out. They peppered the dark void of the sky with their reflective illumination.

The night must of been a gift from God. I figured he was trying to sway my favor into helping him kill Lucifer. This idea made me laugh out loud.  I still did not know who I was going to help out. The fair way to decided was choosing the one that would be less likely to harm the universe with their influence. Also it depends who is less likely to get on my bad side.

My cell phone rang.  I dug the phone out of my pocket and looked at the caller id. The number had only three digits. They were 666. I picked up the phone and without me saying hello Lucifer started to talk. He informed me that he had kidnapped Jules.

The Prince Of Darkness threaten to kill her if I did not help him win his war. I ask where he was. He told me he was in the coliseum in Rome. It was decided that was where the battle will take place. I told him that I will answered him but only face to face. He agreed to transport me to the location. Before I could hang up the phone I was instantly transported with the sight of my dear Jules bound from head to toe.

I ran towards Jules, but before I could reach her a fairly faint transparent barrier stood in my way. Behind the barrier was Lucifer laughing manically. I gained my composure and asked him as to why he was doing this. Aggressively he told me that he did not want to take any chances on what I was going to decide alone.

Lucifer rambled about how he wanted to do away with the being that cast him aside like he was trash. Lucifer wanted to be a control for once. He looked at me coldly in my eye and asked me what I decided. Before I could answered he told me that if I choose wrong that not only will he kill her, but he will erase her from all existence. This will destroy all hopes of bringing her back.

With this new information I was lost at words. I realized at that moment that I knew what I had to do. I breathed and exhaled slowly. I looked at Lucifer and just as I was about to make my choice, God appeared.  God quickly offered to bring Jules back if I was to side with him. Lucifer laughed and said that God is lying to you to gain my favor. God answered back by saying that Lucifer trying to trick me also by telling me there is no hope for Jules.

They went back and forth till Lucifer dropped a bombshell. He told me that it was God that killed me. I was stunned at hearing this. Lucifer continued on to say that he ordered the van to plow into me. It was God's plan all along to train me to be his champion against Lucifer. Anger raised into me beyond description. I turned to God and asked him if it were true.

God strangely smiled and admitted to it. God admitted that he destroyed my life and the lives of the people that cared for me. He then pointed out that if I were to side with him that he would grant me the power to restore everything back to how it was before. Now I am confused on what to do now. I internally debated on who deserves to die. I looked at everyone, but I especially looked at Jules. Her eyes were filled with love and sadness. It only fueled me decision that may change the moral landscape forever.

I announced that both committed crimes against me that I will never forgive. I looked at both of them and told that those crimes need to be punished. Both of them stood deathly quiet. I told them I was going to battle the both of them with this condition in mind. Jules is not allowed to be harmed at all. If anyone messes with her then I will kill them with no prejudice. Also when I win I want their powers so I can delegate the fate of the world. They agreed and without saying a word they advance toward me. The battle of the world had begun.

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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