Chapter Seven: Going On Patrol and Fighting

Chapter Seven: Going On Patrol and Fighting

A Chapter by Abbie

Severus's P.O.V.

As Minerva finished the meeting, I got up and walked to the train-car door. Being the first on there, I held it open as Sophora walked by, into the next car. The engine room, the car where Sophora had gone earlier was the only one that was troublesome, and you had to jump across to get to. With the other seven you could walk across the platform to the other door. Filius and Dagobert were still talking, so I walked out the door and left with Sophora.

She was waiting at the next car for me, door open, welcoming me into the train car. I nodded as I walked in and she closed the door. We walk in step from one car to the next, until we get to car number five. There were no prefects still on duty, most were just going to their cubicles, so we were punctual as usual.

As usual, car five was mainly the Ravenclaws who sat with a few random students from other houses. I have nothing wrong with the other houses(despite everyone’s beliefs),especially Ravenclaw. They are alike us Slytherins, but a little more wise and a little less ambitious. Gryffendors are a bit too proud and let their bravery cloud their judgment. They also aren't as smart as the Ravenclaws or cunning as we Slytherins are but they are still not that bad I suppose.

Hufflepuffs......Hufflepuffs are difficult to describe to be honest. They are usually the kindest, most honest, and most well rounded. They are great at finding ways to help friends. Most, but not all, Slytherins put themselves first. Though care about family and close friends so much that we would kill anyone if they threatened our loved ones. Hufflepuffs aren't always very smart on some of the things that they do and get annoying after a while, because their happiness level is a bit TOO high. Other than those few things, I completely respect the other houses of Hogwarts.

So far, Everyone was engrossed in conversation, and were pretty quiet. Seeing as this car was quiet, we went on to the next. Number six is mainly where the lower class or younger Slytherins sit, along with some of the other houses once again. Everything was just as quiet, and I don't even think that anyone had seen us. I looked over at Sophora who nodded at me, signaling to go to the next car, the last one.

Now, this car, was going to be very noisy, and people would definitely be paying attention and see us. They also didn't have cubicles, just pairs of benches with tables in between them. They were also all the older, higher class, richer Slytherins. As an added bonus, all of Sophora's friends were here. This should be interesting. I saw her bite her lip (I wonder if that was a habit...), just as I was about to open the door. As I did, she went back to having no expression on her face.

Opening that door was a very bad move. The second it opened, it squeaked, and all commotion stopped as all eyes turned to face the noise. I kept my face expressionless, as always. Sophora tensed next to me. I could tell she was extremely nervous. She probably hadn't told her little friends about becoming head girl...yes...that would explain a lot.

It was dead silent for a while until Miss Syrina Voxua, a seventh year slytherin that was in the same dormitory as Sophora (I have got to stop calling her that, even in my head. It will become a habit if I don't stop!) ran up to her and gave her a hug. It lessened the tension a lot. Most of them started clapping and a few more of her little friends came up to give her a hug or give her personal congratulations on becoming head girl. The reason that the applause broke out was most likely because she was the first slytherin head girl in over a century. After a few seconds, they realized that I too was here, and quieted down. Her friends tried to drag her off to talk to her, but she shook them off.

“I have to do my duties as head girl. I can talk to you during the feast, but not before. I have to help out, which means patrolling for now. So go back to your seats and talk among yourselves. Now.” she said, obviously pretending to be ticked off, which everyone sees, but really happy on the inside, and only I see this. It was really easy to read her for some reason... They started to back off, but they needed a little more of a push.

“Yes. Now go back to your chatter, she will talk later.” I growled, my eyebrows furrowing. They backed away after that. Good to know I still scare my own house, because if I scare them, I could make the other houses cry.

After they all went back to talking, I looked over at Sop-Miss Scarr and nodded. We went through out designated train cars a few more times. Then, when we had about fifteen minutes until we arrived at Hogwarts, we let the prefects take over the patrolling.

When we got back to Car 1, we went to our cubical. As always, I soundproofed it, even if we hadn't spoken much while patrolling, but that was mostly because we knew others could hear us. Sophora only spoke that one time we were in train car 7, other than that, I just growled at a few of the students to go back to their own business. So now that we were alone, she spoke up.

“Well, that wasn't so bad.” she said, obviously attempting to make small talk. I'd go along with it, just to make conversation.

“No, they weren't that bad. Cars 2, 3, and 4 are always the louder cars anyways. Except for car 7, that is the loudest car on the entire train. Particularly loud today though.” I said smirking. Her cheeks flamed, and she looked quite uncomfortable.

“I-I-I wasn't-I-it isn't-I-didn't” She stuttered, quite flustered. I chuckled a bit. Oh s**t, no way. I didn't just do what I think I did, did I?

“P-professor Snape? Did you just laugh?” She asked. Now it was my turn to feel uncomfortable.

I hadn't laughed since...since...Lily. Or even possibly since Acantha...

“M-me? N-no I didn't. What are you possibly talking about child?” I asked, face paling. My face never seems to get red, it just pales....

“Liar.” she said quickly.

“What did you call me?” I said gritting my teeth. She was getting on my nerves.

“Oh, you didn't heard me? I called you a liar professor. You're lying. As in not telling the truth.” she said smiling an obviously fake sweet smile. Ugh. Now she was acting like an insolent brat.

“At least I don't act like an insolent brat who runs around the school acting as if she is in charge of the place!” I said, temper rising.

“Well at least I know how to smile and be happy! You have less emotions than a toothpick!” She said, her temper flaring as well.

“At least I'm not some fake little girl who teases everyone, just so she can get a good laugh!” I practically shouted. My face was now probably turning a little bit red now, a sign of my anger.

“Well at least I'm not a emotionless git who yells at his students for trying to joke with him!”She screamed standing up, her hands balling up into fists.

“Well at least I'm not an insecure little girl who tries to be perfect, but is actually crushed inside!” I exclaimed, standing up too. My anger was getting the best of me, and I know it, but I didn't fell like letting her win.

“Well at least I don't take showers only one time a year!” She screeched. That one hurt a bit. I do shower, despite what everyone thinks. My hair is just naturally greasy!

“At least I don't suck up to my professors!”

“At least I have people who want to be around me!”

“At least the people who are around me don't stay with me because I'm popular, and would otherwise want nothing to do with me! You don't even have a single true friend!”

“Do to!”

“Do not!

“Yes I do!”

“No. You. Don't!”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“Why wouldn't you want me to know? Does it bother you knowing that someone finally realized that all your friends are fake?”

“I don't care if you know! I know it and that's all that really matters! And what's so sad is that you realize this more than any of the other people that I am with! You make a better friend than any of my supposed-to-be-friends!” She screamed.

Wait a sec- did she just say what I thought she said? Good Godric Gryffendor! Today must be an off day for her or something! This is more emotion out of her than I have seen her whole seven years here! Maybe it's a female thing...

“I-” I started, but was interrupted by the train jolting to a stop. I managed to keep my footing, while Sophora...did not. She fell. Into me.

© 2012 Abbie

Author's Note

does the ending suck? I don't know if I like it....
any way, please review! please?

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I think the periods are a little dramatic but the situation does call for it. I love the childish way they interact^_^ its funny! great work so far! keep it up!

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

yeah, I just figured that he would be all pissy and sarcastic, so he would say it one word at a time.. read more
The ending is beautiful. I would imagine snape saying this, good work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I think you got into snapes head perfectly. I enjoyed reading this please continue and I can promise you I will read this every time you post a new chapter.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

thanks hope! I try to make it so that he isn't so out of character, but sometimes I don't think that.. read more

11 Years Ago

Np. I adore all of your work.

11 Years Ago

Haha, thank you! :D
This made me laugh so hard at so many points. XD

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

why don't you seem terrified by my evilness? :(

11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

oh, so that's how it's gonna be huh? well then! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Lovely write and dialogue, think the ends ok

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

thank you for taking your time to review this moon! :D glad you liked it!

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