Note: Huddle!

Note: Huddle!

A Chapter by The Joshua Letters

I write this as more of a note than a letter, so forgive me, but I must cover one more thing regarding truth. It is my response to a concept that I hear far too frequently, that “truth is relative, dependent upon the person interpreting and their perception of it”. This is a misunderstanding that in my opinion, stems out of the goodness of people’s hearts, wanting to avoid confrontation and maintain the peace. It is a misconception so common that it has acquired its own catch phrase - “Perception is Reality”. However, I would hope the reader would understand that such is not true. Perception of truth does not equal truth. If you recall, the dictionary definition of truth that we discussed in Letter 1 made that very point. Allow me to further make that point with an example.


For every given person, the question can be asked, “Are they dead or alive”. The truth to this question is generally easy to pin down. However, if the person is dead, the question, “How did they die?” is much more difficult, even impossible to accurately ascertain, but this does not mean that the truth on the matter somehow ceases to exist and becomes relative dependent upon the person interpreting the data regarding the cause of death. If such were the case, what point would a murder trial (or any other trial as far as that goes) have as everyone’s conclusion, no matter how different they may be, would hold equal weight.


It is not questions such as these that have led to this misconception of truth. As a rule of thumb, if we as humans feel that we have concrete, tangible means of gathering data on a question, we tend to believe that the truth on the matter is singular and we only need find it. However, when it comes to questions that hold their truths in places that our senses cannot detect and/or which lie hidden beneath layers of complexity that are deep enough to discourage the truth seeker from seeking… well, this is the poison soil where truth being relative finds its roots. The question of all questions, “Is there a God who created all things?” lies firmly in the realms of this territory and it therefore is deemed by many to have an answer that is relative. Answers to the other of life’s great questions that stem from this question, “What is God like?”- “Is there a purpose to life?” lie so far away from being tangibly ascertained that I find nearly everyone is wanton to concede relativity. However, doing so amounts to no more than a cop-out.


The truth does exist on all matters and whether it be a topic of Science, Religion or the controversial grounds where they cross, allowing the difficulty of the search to get you to settle for the best you can personally come up with at any given point in time does you no good service.


Never stop searching for the truth…



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I see a bit of a contradiction here. In another letter you were talking about how perception is real (like the Harry Potter example), so wouldn’t that mean the truth I perceive about reality is real to me? Also, there’s a difference between a perceived truth and fact. This is due to a lack of fact in perceived truth. For instance grass is green, you and I both know this because, well, we can both look down and see it’s green. Further, research will say grass has chlorophyll in the blades which reflects the color green in the light spectrum. I’m sure there’s a million more factual things to prove it and we can agree. However, while you and I hold many of the same understandings of science the universe and what not you uphold god and I personally uphold a ‘truth’ that the universe in full of sentient beings who control us like avatars yadda yadda (crazy I now). So, I’m effectively polytheistic but we could spend all day debating ‘facts’ when really you can’t call down your god to speak to me and vice versa so who’s ‘right’ and what ‘truth’ is would never be determined.

I also believe that my ‘god’ or ‘player’ gives me hints and drives me toward what he wants me to do because he literally cannot appear to me or speak to me. I have my own free will so half the challenge is making me do what he wants me to do. Can I prove this? I wouldn’t even try because a personal sign is a personal sign. To me it’s a truth and to you it’s just a coincidence that I happened to be where the ‘sign’ was at the right time to see it that way.


“acquired it’s own catch” its

“that have lead to this” led

Posted 9 Years Ago

Samuel Clemens is dead, true or false? I think most would agree he’s dead. Yet notice that Mark Twain is not subject to life or death. At what point has one really died? –after 50% of the body’s cells have ceased to function? Or is it simply that we attended Uncle Joe’s funeral –therefore he must be dead. A patient during open heart surgery is technically dead until they restart the heart. Hmmm. The second we define something, we find ourselves scraping for a new definition. I personally think death is an illusion –but that’s just my take. Life vs Death is a tough sell in this write – maybe revert to something more fundamental: The sky is blue, true or false? However, your presentation is fantastic! Keep going.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Philosophize bro! The truth is out there!

This is different and i'm looking forward to reading more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Amazing . I love your persepective on this subject which has been contemplated by some of the greatest minds in history. Really Good ....

Posted 12 Years Ago

The thing is, that everyone perceves things in a different way. It is true that the turth does not change depending on the perception of the person who hears it. But then, if one wanted to truly find the truth, they would have to let go of how they percive it, since this could modify said truth in our minds. Something I'm not sure anyone has managed.
This leads me to keep believing that the truth lies just beyond our reach.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I have had this conversation be for with a friend and I must say I wish I would have read this sooner... We often come to an impasse on this subject.

Posted 12 Years Ago

What else can I say besides, interesting (again) ? This is interesting, the way you put it all together, and have the readers mind thinking more and more about things. I like this part here:
"Since the time I started actively seeking truth, I have frequently heard, “Truth is relative dependent upon the person who is interpreting and their perception of it”. This is I believe, a misunderstanding that stems out of the goodness of people’s hearts, wanting to avoid confrontation and maintain the peace"
People do say what they want to hear or what they think the other person wants to hear or perhaps know what that person wants to hear, to avoid a argument, and confrontation, etc. The things you talk about in your letters, people can go on and on talking about, debating about, and etc.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I travel the world. I saw most of the religion in the works. I met people from every continent. I believe we all want the same. A place to live, food and education for our children. Religion should be a personal matter. Wars are started for land and oil. Religion is tossed in to create fear and hate. I never met a man I wanted to kill. No-one in my journey tried to kill me. I offered a friendly face and handshake. Held respect for all people. Simple rules for a peaceful world. Just must shake off the big business and greedy countries. Thank you for create thoughts with your powerful story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Good reasoning here Joshua.

In order to find truth one must be open to accepting truth. What is behind the door is a mystery until we open the door. Once opened the truth seeker must make a fair honest appraisal of what he sees. If in the dazzling light he vaguely makes out something with four legs and two eyes and if all he has ever experienced are cats and dogs, he may want to call it a cat or a dog. As a genuine seeker of truth he must be humble and modest enough to change his opinion as his eyes adjust to the light. "It is something I have heard described, but never yet seen" might be a good position to take as his eyes adjust and his inner powers come to bear on the new thing.

When I was a little boy, my mother’s side of the family was moderately racist. They would describe native Americans, Hispanics and African Americans in certain ways. These were not usually extremely negative but always one dimensional or misinformed. On my father’s side I was told that people of other backgrounds were "just like us". I leaned toward the "just like us" theory. It felt right. And sure enough it became truth to me.

I believe finding truth requires humility, modesty, and (get ready for it) faith. I also believe this fact ennobles mankind. A monkey can learn hot and cold, up and down and the results of certain behaviors. Only a human can come to believe without doubt in the existence of a Creator. A monkey might fight over a banana but a human is willing to die for the unshakable knowledge held to by faith.

This is an important topic. I appreciate the chance to express a viewpoint here.

Posted 12 Years Ago

this is a very interesting piece. especially the way and tone you conveyed your idea. good job

Posted 12 Years Ago

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