Tue, Oct 25 Later

Tue, Oct 25 Later

A Chapter by Green Regol

Adventure with Candi.

I did see Anthony today. We happened to be getting dinner at the same time. I was with Candi, he was with his friends. I approached him while he was getting food. Because my hands were full (one plate in each, no place to put them), I gave him a few friendly kicks to the shin until he noticed me. I'm not being at all sarcastic. I was all smiles. I said hi, he said hi and asked where I got my pulled chicken sandwich, I answered and told him I was on his and Eric's website and noticed some errors. 
He told me to email them to him - it was, after all, my job. I didn't realize it was my job, but hey, that's pretty sweet. After that we went to our separate tables. When I sat with Candi I realized I was shaking. I didn't consciously feel terrible, but my body did.
I forgot to wish Steven happy birthday.
Time for more bullet-pointing.
Wednesday - Grand opening of SCAD Museum. Was only there for 20 minutes because of 5:00 pm design class.
  - Met Maya's friend Josie. They're either dating or just messing around. Candi didn't tell me outright, but from her I figured they totally had sex. Good for Maya!
Thursday - Immediately after I returned from my drawing class, Candi and I went to meet Joey at the bus station at Broughten. We were going to the mall.
Last friday, the reason I was alone all night was because Candi was on a date with him. Crazy, right? Who'd've thought.
They met on another of Candi's adventures. This time Candi was at the mall all by herself, waiting for a bus to pick her up. None came. She called SCAD security to get her. She was too far away for them and, no matter how much she cried, all they could tell her was "Walk 5 blocks this way and we can." The blocks aren't huge, so I didn't think it was so much to ask for, but again, Candi likes to make things difficult for herself.
So while she was crying, Joey approached and helped her out. "The bus you're waiting for stops on the other side of the mall."
When Candi first told me about him, I was a little nervous for her. He's 22 years old. And a guy. And Savannah people keep telling us horror stories of little girls getting raped and killed.
So they went for pizza at Vango-go's last friday, took a walk, sat at the steps of the SCAD Museum until 2 in the morning.
She showed me pictures of him, which eased my mind. He doesn't look that much older than us. Come to think of it, he isn't much older than us. For some reason, 22 seems like such a big number to me.
When I met him in person I was even more at ease. He's a fun guy. Nice, funny, easy-going. Pretty good looking, too. I realized right away, though, that he and Candi's ex look similar. Is that a little weird? Coincidence?
So we went to the Savannah mall. Got food. Joey kept asking if/what Candi's told me about him, loud enough for her to hear. I wasn't going to say anything serious, so I was like, "She told me... that... your eyes are really brown."
He wasn't satisfied. "Okay, what else?"
"She also said...that...you're about a foot taller than us." Candi and I are about the same height. She's five foot, I'm four-eleven. She slouches, though, so I look taller.
He still wasn't satisfied, so he lowered his voice and asked, "Okay, seriously, what did she say about me?" I proceeded to tell him more things he already knew, and then outright told him I wasn't going to tell him anything he didn't already know. It was a fun and giggly conversation.
Then he asked what I thought about him. I told him he was a fun and funny dude.
We stopped at Rue 21 because Candi wanted to get a shirt for her sister. She got a shirt for herself, and a peacoat. As happy as she was to have them, though, she began complaining about how little money she has. She always complains with a smile, but it's complaining nontheless, and it annoys me. As of late, to keep my sanity, I've been zoning off whenever she starts ranting, nodding and grunting when appropriate.

© 2012 Green Regol

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Green Regol
Green Regol


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