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Mon, Jan 16, 11:00 pm

A Chapter by Green Regol

Huge turn of events. Can't write full sentences, for the most part.


Echoed Eulogies all day. Martin Luther King day, Monday, so class was cancelled. Parade started at ten. Patrick intended to get me at ten. I ended up having to walk to O-house, because MLK was closed and that was the only place he could get me. 

From there we went to the Bethesda Chapel, or whatever it’s called. It’s pretty. Small. Echoey. It was me, him, and Josh. I’m the only cast Patrick has, so I got to rehearse my lines over and over again, I got myself to cry a few times, and once I actually started sobbing. It was cool. I felt proud of myself. Patrick filled in for the main character, Matt, who in this scene had to touch my face. At first he didn’t actually touch my face, but as we rehearsed it more, he started to get more comfortable with it.

After that we went to KFC, ate, and worked on making some changes to the script. There were parts where I couldn’t stop laughing - we would go off on little tangents and sometimes toss around ridiculous ideas that would never work for the story. My stomach hurt from laughing so much.

Then came the beach scene. We drove to Tybee beach, got out a blanket, and set it down on the sand. It was cute. The scene started off with Matt asking Caitlin (me) to go swimming. It’s February and the water’s freezing, so she’s like, “Hell no!” and he picks her up and starts running for the water. She’s fighting him the entire way, and before they make it, they fall over. 

I got to fall on Patrick more times than I can count.

The shot ended every time after we fell, and the next shot started with us in our “I’ve fallen on you” position. He would say a line, and then we would both get up. We did that shot a few times as well. It was snuggly. 

Then came the proposal scene. It was cute. The first time we did the shot, Patrick started laughing. After that, things went smooth and it was very adorable. I would get choked up, say yes, and then he would pick me up and spin me around in a hug. When the sun started to set, we did the entire scene in one shot and it looked amazing. It was just so romantic and pretty!

In between scenes, when Josh was figuring out stuff with the camera, we would all talk. They kept saying this scene reminded them of Eternal Sunshine, a movie I hadn’t seen. I was curious about it, though, and when they said I looked like the actress I was even more curious.

At one point Patrick went back to his car to get something. Josh and I decided the blanket was too far away from where we were shooting, so we brought it closer to the water. When Patrick came back, he thought the tide came up. I just agreed with him, and Josh went along with it. We had him going for a good portion of the day before we started packing up and Josh finally admitted, “We actually did move the blanket.”

From there we went to Josh’s house to continue rewriting the script. There I met Josh’s girlfriend, who’s name I forget, but she’s going to be head of costumes and make-up. I also found Nick there - the guy who stood in for Matt during the bar scene. 

We laughed with the script even more. I got to the point where I seriously couldn’t stop. But then I did, and all was good. When we were finished, we watched the beach footage for the fun of it and then called it a night. Patrick drove me back to my dorm.

Something funny happened.

I was about to let myself out of the car when he was like, “hugs?” To be honest I considered hugging him originally, but I wasn’t sure if I should. In the end I did. That reminded me of another scene from his movie - the car scene where Matt gets crushed in an accident. It started off with Caitlin leaning on his shoulder, sleeping. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to lean so far across with the big divider-thingy between the two front seats, so I told him, “Oh! We still need to see if I can reach you from here.” So we tested it. It worked.

He lifted my chin and we started making out.

Funny, right? I had this gut feeling, all along, that something like this would happen. When we finished I even told him, “I totally saw this coming.” I was laughing again. It was weird, though. Really fast.

  • Princess Bride
  • Candi confused. I explain self after Patrick leaves. “Yeah. We made-out.”

© 2012 Green Regol

Author's Note

Green Regol
Yeah. Don't judge my terrible writing/grammar - I had to spit out a full day's worth of events before I fell asleep.

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