Fri Nov 18, 7:05 am

Fri Nov 18, 7:05 am

A Chapter by Green Regol

More train, and a crowded costume party.


Still in North Carolina. I think we’ve been stuck in the same spot since 4:30. They just now released the breaks. Still not moving, though. What happened was a piece of the engine broke off. The train can run without it, but it effects something else that’s important. I should’ve been home in three hours. That’s not happening.

So now to take my mind off this,


I forget if it was Saturday or Sunday, but on one of those days Maya took me to a costume party. It was interesting. My first crazy party. Kinda like what you see in movies, but more crowded. People were drunk, high, or both. Girls were making out with girls. And dancing. At first the room was empty and it was just me. Maya, and a guy dressed as a native from Avatar. When the DJ arrived, the people came pouring in. And they never stopped. Maya and I got separated. I was practically pressed against a wall. It was just me and the avatar, and everyone else. Funny how I danced with a green dude and a blue dude all in one weekend, right?

I wasn’t having fun. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t my thing. I was surprised by how many people I recognized, though. So many freshmen. For some reason I wasn’t expecting to see them there.

Anyway, when I decided it was time to go, I set out to find Maya. It was so crowded. It felt like I was being absorbed by some kind of amoeba. Bodies everywhere, pressing against me. My hair was pulled a lot, just because it would get caught between bodies. When I found Maya , I ended up dancing dirtiest with her. Because of the crowd, we were squashed together. I told her I wanted to leave. She said, “Alright!” took my hand, and lead me out.

We ended up walking back to the dorms. It was fun, we talked the whole way. She had a wrench on a string for a weapon, just in case.

Somehow we started talking about Candi. It felt sooo good to finally talk to someone who knew what I was talking about. With the both of us venting about the same thing, it was awesome. We both know Candi exaggerates her stories, she acts like she’s always right when she isn’t, she has this delusion that her ex will wake up one day and realize he’s stupid and is still in love with her, and everything for her is something to complain about. Maya told me how she wanted to tell Candi about her adventure with Josie. Candi was too busy being miserable to listen. So I listened instead.

Towards the end of this walk, I asked if she wanted to be my roommate next year. She said yes.


© 2012 Green Regol

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Added on April 17, 2012
Last Updated on April 17, 2012
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