Sage Digs as Summer and Winter have a Typical Day at the Office

Sage Digs as Summer and Winter have a Typical Day at the Office

A Chapter by Matty Bosox



Maura: (Rubbing Sage's back as he sits up in her bed searching his computer) Sage...This is getting very frustrating...Its three am and you've been on that thing since we got in here...Come to...(Sage puts his hand up for her to stop as she looks at him in frustration)....bed...

Sage: (His eyes widen as he falls upon something) Maura...(Clicking away as he looks over secret info) you have got to check this out....

Maura: (Slowly sitting up and hitting him with a pillow and looking at the screen) Ok...What am I even looking at???

Sage: Just look....

Maura: (Rubbing her eyes as she browses over the screen) Sage...Are you crazy?!?! Your reaching into FBI secured files?!?!

Sage: (Smiling) Yeah, took me awhile to get past that fifth firewall but I'm in...And look close..(Pointing at the screen of FBI funding files) What name seems to pop up where it shouldn't...

Maura: (Slowly looking over the files) I don't know babe....Funding for a motorcycle organization seems a bit awkward...Wow...These are some big weapon shipments...(Suddenly she has a look of shock) Nooo s**t....

Sage: Yep, all filtering to one host...A General David Roberts....But why is he gathering weapons for some biker gang???

Maura: (Putting her hands on her cheeks in shock) Oh my god...Sage...That just can't be...(Jumping out of the bed)

Sage: (Looking at her very confused) Maura?? What is it??

Maura: The other name...Billy Butch...

Sage: Alright hun, calm down, who the hell is Billy Butch???

Maura: (Shaking her head in amazement) Small f****n world...His real name is William McCaully....The president of the Dark Dead...

Sage: (Looking at Maura in shock) Your kidding me...Those a******s from the bar on our first date????

Maura: Thats them...

Sage: (Laughing as he quickly calls Mason on his cell phone) Oh, this is excellent...Mase has to hear this one...

Maura: I don't get whats so funny about it....

Mason: (Rolling off his bed after the ring of his cell wakes him and hitting his arm off an end table) Goddamnit!!! (Grabbing his arm as he answers his phone sitting on the ground) What!!!!

Sage: Good morning sunshine...Guess what I just dug up...I'm heading over your place now...

Mason: What?!?! Hello?!?! (Throwing his phone as he grabs his arm) This better be important...

(Meanwhile Winter and Summer head out on a mission towards a military base bordering Canada which has been taken control of by a group of terrorists believed to be linked with New Soviet...Passengers aboard the A-53 chopper...only four have been produced by the military and because of the success of the GAP, Secretary Daniels handed one over to Mansfield and her team for transport into long distance targets where the GAP teams can quickly drop in upon their victims from the air without a whisper.....As they head towards the target, Summer leans against the wall right next to the open jump arch, looking out over the scenery as Winter sits very stiff against the back of the chopper with her eyes closed as a cold sweat runs down her forehead..)

© 2012 Matty Bosox

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Matty Bosox
Rough Copy

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I'm loving this! :) I'm so glad that the story keeps going on and on. :) It's great!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Maura knows so much!!! It kills me…that makes her a liability…why aren’t the others bothered by this? RISKY business! I’m glad I will soon get to read of Summer in battle…she was starting to be too much of a softy for my liking. HAHAHAHA…is Winter afraid of heights? LOL! That’s too funny. It’s nice to see her flaws…if I can call it that. Okay so General Roberts and biker gangs…my mind’s got nothing…I can’t even speculate.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I applaud your consistency, every chapter is great! Sage really caught my eye in this one! Great once again! Keep it up!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Matty Bosox

7 Years Ago

What I love Hester is the fact that everybody who has read my whole set of GAP stories, they all sta.. read more

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Matty Bosox
Matty Bosox

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My name is Matt, I live in eastern Pennsylvania....I have been working on the same writing project for the past ten years....Everybody loves it...I have also been trying to get it out there to the pub.. more..