Part Two

Part Two

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

Part Two

"Are you running the 5 or the 10," asked the boy.

"5," she answered. "Not ready for the 10 yet. Not ready for the 5 either, but I told my friends I'd do it if they did it too."

"Ah, peer pressure," he smiled. "It's the worst."

Her best friend looked over at him and smiled.

"Sometimes it's the only way to get a person to moving in the right direction."

"I suppose shoving her in front of some stranger was the right thing to do then." replied the boy.

Fay placed her hand over her mouth and laughed,

"He's got a point you know."

Fay's friend shrugged her shoulders and replied,

"Ah, maybe. Look, it got you two together."

"Shoot, she's got a point too," Fay said nervously.

The boy held out a hand and introduced himself,

"Art," he said, "it's my name."

Fay looked at him curiously and giggled,

"Art, what kind of mother names her child Art?"

"Mine," he replied.

"Fay," she giggled, "my mom named me Fay."

"Hmm, simple, old fashioned and tidy." he returned as he smiled.

"What kind of mom names their daughter Fay these days?"

"Mine," she said, reflecting upon the moment of the collision. "Died over a year ago. Car crash. Took my dad too. I survived though. They say I'm a walking miracle."

Looking at her he offered his condolences.

She nodded her head.

"It's fine."

They headed down the road jogging together.

Off in the distance came the call of the Race director, sending his message loudly over the speakers,

All runners were to meet at the starting line. Race started in 5 minutes.

Art turned and faced her,

" Good luck, and have fun," he said.

"Same to you," she replied, "See you at the finish line."

"Yep," he returned as he headed off.

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

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Added on May 17, 2021
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