Part Seven

Part Seven

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

Part Seven

"Dr. Daniel, we all agreed from the very beginning, in fact, we signed a contract stating, under no circumstances, were the details of this experiment to be revealed. Not to anyone or thing. Obviously, at this point, talking to the girl would be out of the question."

Dr. Shoemake stood and looked at Dr. Daniel, eye to eye.

"Interfering in the girl's life would be against what we have started. Her life must run its course without interruption. Am I clear on that?"

Dr. Daniel stood looking at Dr. Shoemake. Her emotions and thoughts were conflicted.

On the one hand she knew he was right, but on the other she wasn't sure. She hadn't taken in the possibility the girl might fall in love and marry some day. She hadn't thought of the consequences to any possible offspring that might come from this union.

And what about Fay? How would she react if she discovered she was not fully human.

What about Fay's soul? Had it gone on to the after life leaving our current Fay without a soul? How do you explain that to a person?

And the children born to Fay, were they born soulless too, like their mother?

There seemed to be no answers. Dr. Daniel was is a dilemma she couldn't get herself out of.

"My God," she thought to herself, "what have I done?"

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

There is a lot of detail missing. I did this on purpose. I will try to fill in the blanks in the next few chapters.

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Added on May 18, 2021
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