Unusual Dream

Unusual Dream

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Jennifer experiences a life like dream...


 Thousands of clouds surrounded me, the stars in the night sky twinkled repetitively. I shivered slightly when the cold wind directed itself towards my floating body. Wait---floating?! I quickly looked down in the moment of panic, to find myself up millions of feet in the air. Everything was unfamiliar. My head started to spin, and before I knew it, I was free falling towards the grassy green plains below.

 Closing my eyes, I braised myself for the painful impact. However, it never came. My body landed onto a bouncy and smooth surface. Am I dead? Cringing, my eyes opened expecting to see my mangled bloody body down below. However, a grey surface stared back at me. Shooting up, I realized I wasn't dead. I was on a....blimp? A sudden noise broke my confused chain of thoughts, it sounded like a jet flew past me. What was that...?

 The noise came again, only louder and...closer. Suddenly, I was knocked off my feet, wincing slightly as I bounced up and down on the blimp. I heard a mocking laughter. Once I was about to get and up shout at the person who scared the crap out of me when, another LOUD noise filled the night's air. BEEEEEEEEEEPPP BEEEEEEEEEP! My surroundings started to blur, the laughter now was only an echo. Then everything went black.


 BEEEEEEEEEPPP BEEEEEEEEEEEP! I sprung up from my bed as the beeping continued. It was only my alarm clock...which means that near death experience was only a dream. Smacking down the off button, I jumped out of bed and stood in front of my mirror. My black hair that was highlighted with red was sticking up in every direction. I chuckled silently on how ridiculous it looked. The familiar rich purple eyes stared back at me, to my dismay there were a few bags under them.

 I smiled after replaying what just happened a few minutes ago in my head, "That was some WICKED dream."

 My door creaked open, James's voice filled the air, "Jenny? Are you awake yet...?"

 Rushing over to the door, I flung it open completely to reveal my best friend for many years standing there with a huge smile on his face.

 "What are you doing here?!"

 James brushed past me and hopped on my unmade bed, "I got bored! So I decided to visit my dear friend Jennifer. Plus, you're mom let me in."

 Plopping down next to him, I ruffled his short bleach white hair. He HATES it when I do that. James let out a frustrated yell, then proceeded to bury himself under my covers for safety. As were were wrestling, my mother came in.

 Her amused voice broke us apart, "Having fun?"

 I smirked in response, "Oh yeah. I was this CLOSE to breaking his fingers."

 James huffed, "Pshhhhh YEAH right."

 Mom was used to James and I fighting. Basically every time she walked into a room we were in, she would see me kicking James's a*s.....in a playful manner of course. Funny story, the first time my mom caught us doing that, she thought we were making out. I remember James choking on his own spit and me laughing. There's no way that can happen because James goes for his own team. Yes......he is gay. Whenever people find out about it, I ask if they have a problem with it. No one is making fun of my best friend because of his sexuality!

 As James untangled himself from my covers, Mom asked me directly, "How would you feel about going on a trip?"

 I raised my eyebrows, "Depends what kind of trip it is."

 There was hesitation before, "A trip to Scotland to visit your Aunt Dottie, Uncle Bob and little cousin Tony."

 I had a feeling that I don't have any other options, for my mom will send me anyway even if I refuse. Never liked visiting relatives.

 With that, I smiled slightly and flat out lied, "Sureee..."

 James snickered next to me, however it was silenced quickly after giving him a glare to 'shut up' I returned my attention to my mom. She crossed her arms in a manner as if she was going to scold me for something.

 "I know you don't want to go.... that's why I'm giving you TWO options--."

 Options!? Oh BOY!!! That's new.

 She continued, showing us two fingers [the index and middle], "One, go to Scotland alone."

 Mom put down her middle finger, doesn't want to flip us off now!

 She pointed her pale slender index finger at me, "OR, you can bring someone."

 My eyes lit up like a jackolantern. I can really bring someone? I stared at my mom for a moment longer making sure this wasn't a joke or trick. When she remained serious,

 I half shouted, "Number two of course! And I don't mean bathroom wise!"

 Mother remarked, "Okay, now you just have to pick someone."

 We both knew who I was going to pick. Turning to James who was sitting there trying to pull a innocent puppy act, I flicked his forehead,

 "That would be you."

 James threw his fists up in victory, "YES! I love those scottish accents!"

 For the remainder of morning, I sat there listening to James trying to pull off a scottish accent of his own. Yeah....didn't work out too well.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

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Added on August 20, 2009
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