Of Course, Vampires Fly

Of Course, Vampires Fly

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Jen and James follow Tony and Rudolph to the barn. What happens next, they all didn't expect.


 Tony squirmed in disgust as Rudolph bit into the cow's neck, who gave out a snort of distress. As he feasted, Tony wandered out of the barn.

 James sat on a pile of hay, "I don't believe I have any words for this."

 "When DO you have words?"

 His brow wrinkled slightly, "Shut it."

 I rolled my eyes as I followed the sound of Rudolph sucking the poor cow's blood. The sight was truly..different from the hollywood movie version.

 Rudolph finally pulled away, wiping his mouth to clean off the blood from his dead lips. The bite on the cow's neck started to close, soon it was only two tiny bruises.

 I asked, "Is the cow going to die?"

 "No...the cow is simply a vampire now."

 Hm.... vampire cow.... that's new.

 Suddenly, we heard a scream erupt from outside the barn. Rudolph dashed towards the barn's exit, slightly peeping out.

 He gasped quietly, "The hunter!"

 James's head shot up from the comfy hay pile spot, "What hunter..?"

 "Rookery! Quickly take my hand!"

 After careful consideration, I slid my hand into his cold grasp and looked over at James who was still sitting down, "Come on why don't you?"

 James folded his arms, "Sorry, I'm a bit too old to hold hands."

 Glaring, I reached over and grabbed the collar of his shirt. James gasped in annoyance, however was silenced after what had happened next. Rudolph quickly ran out of the barn dragging us along.

 Ahead, I saw Tony about to be ran over by a huge rusty old truck with millions of headlights.

 Rudolph started to pick up speed. We were going so fast, that my vision started to blur. I heard Tony yell, then suddenly, I felt myself lift off the ground.

 Blinking continuously, I looked down, only to almost have a hear attack. We were flying! Below, I heard shouts and curses of the man driving the truck, his bright lights aiming clumsily around the night sky.

 I was holding on James by the collar still, he was swinging his arms rapidly, a look of panic plastered all over his face. Maybe grabbing the collar wasn't the best idea.

 Tony was on the other side of Rudolph, his eyes calmed shut.

 Rudolph was staring straight ahead, probably looking for a safe target to land on. He smiled slightly after spotting a grey blimp in the distance.

 Wait... grey blimp!


 Rudolph landed on the grey surface with such grace. He gently let go of our hands, Tony collapsed onto the blimp, breathing heavily.

 James unruffled his stretched out collar and glared at me.

 "Next time, warn me first."

 I argued, "How was I supposed to know we were going to fly!"

 Rolling his eyes, James replied, "We're dealing with a vampire here. Don't vampires usually fly?"

 I turned my back to him defeated. I still couldn't have known.

 Rudolph sat next to Tony who was staring over the blimp.

 He whispered, "You flew!"

 Rudolph chuckled, "We all flew."

 I said darkly, "Yeah, thanks for that."

 "I'm apologize, it was the only way to save Tony from Rookery."

 James kneeled down, still regaining his composure, "Who is this Rookery anyway?"

 "A vampire hunter. He has been chasing my family for years. His lights weakened me, so that's why I needed blood."

 Tony panicked, "He thinks I'm a vampire too!"

 He started to twirl his red and black cape, jumping up and down on the blimp. He got over the flying stuff fast.

 "Come on! Let's play!"

 Rudolph had a curious expression on his face, before smiling widely, showing off his fangs, "Yes! Play!"

 With that, He joined the jumping Tony, both of them not having a care in the world.


 Tony suddenly stopped jumping, realization displayed on his face.

 Rudolph asked worried, "What's wrong?"

 Tony panicked, "My parents are coming home from a party at eleven! I got to get home before they do!"

 James huffed out, "Well that's a problem, since its ten fifty six now."

 Tony heaved in a shaky breath, "Oh great...."

 Rudolph stated calmly, "I can beat them there." He held out his hand to Tony.


 "As long as you hold onto my hand, you'll be safe. Trust me?"

 Tony nodded carefully and grasped Rudolph's hand. I did the same, James dug in nails into mine. Ouch.

 Yet again, we were in the sky. James was looking as if he was trying his hardest not to throw up. Tony was worryingly glancing down at the road.

 He pointed to a black truck, "Whose in there?"

 Rudolph paused a moment, concentrating, "Two mortals. The man is flailing his arms talking about something while the woman is holding her head in her hands sighing."

 Sounds like Aunt Dottie And Uncle Bob.

 Tony exclaimed, "That's them!"

 With that said, Rudolph picked up his speed, James groaned slightly.

 I spotted Tony's house, "We're here!"

 Rudolph flew us to Tony's bedroom window, James and I landed on the hard wooden floor and stumbled out of the room. As we raced to the guest bedroom, I heard the babysitter trying her best to explain the situation to Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob who were rushing up the stairs.

 "As if magic, they disappeared!"

 Cursing under my breath, I flung door open, quickly closing it and threw myself on the bed. I curled up in a ball, and grabbed onto a pillow. Before closing my eyes, I spotted James burying himself into recliner. I tensed when I heard footsteps nearing the bedroom door.

 The door swung open moments afterward. Aunt Dottie's voice filled the room. 

 "What's going on-."

 She was silenced after seeing James and I 'sleeping'.

 The baby sitter gasped, her voice apologetic, "They weren't there...a second ago."

 Uncle Bob reassured, "It's alright... Let's just go check up on Tony."

 When bedroom door closed, I jumped to life.  "That was freaking close!"

 James slowly got up, "Yeah.."

 Let's just hope that Tony and his little vampire friend doesn't blow the cover.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

chapter eight will be up soon!

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