A Good Artist

A Good Artist

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Tony could be a famous artist when he grows up..


 Out from the house came a little boy with spiky blonde hair, shortly after my Aunt Dottie came out, she didn't change much either. Strange, I didn't remember Tony being so...short before.

 Tony ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, his arms pumping by his sides, "Did you bring me a present!?"

 Oh, how adorable.

 Aunt Dottie caught up with him, "Now Tony, you have to realize that just because a relative visits, it doesn't mean you'll get a present out of it."

 Tony shrugged helplessly, and went in the back to help Uncle Bob with our stuff. Well hello to you too kid. I smiled painfully as Aunt Dottie pulled me into a embrace, however, it wasn't as tight as Uncle Bob's.

 "You changed so much!"

 Well, she's right about that one. Last time we seen each other I didn't have my red highlights and my clothes were picked out by my mom.

 Aunt Dottie asked, "Whose this?"

 James actually spoke this time, "I'm James, Jennifer's best friend, I was invited to stay here with her."

 Uncle Bob peered from the car and looked at Aunt Dottie, as if giving her a message saying, 'it's okay.'

 "Oh well, welcome to our home!" She exclaimed.

 With that said, James and I were being dragged into the house by her, Tony and Uncle Bob lagging behind with our bags.


 Aunt Dottie proceeded to give us a grand tour of the house. It actually wasn't as big as it seemed. Although, it was nice overall.

 I grabbed my suitcase that was leaning against the stairs, "Can we see our rooms?"

 Uncle Bob appeared beside me, "Of course, though since we didn't know your friend was coming, we don't have an extra bedroom ready."

 "That's okay, I'll just share the room with Jennifer." James smiled.

 Uncle Bob shrugged and lead us up the staircase and then made a left in the hallway. Opening the door, he revealed what our new living space would be for the whole month. Walking inside, I examined each inch of the room, not bad...however no room can beat MY room. James already made himself at home, by plopping onto the made bed.

 Uncle Bob was at the door holding onto the handle, "I'll just let you two unpack." With that he was gone.

 James stated, "I like this place. Your relatives are nice."

 As I was opening up my suitcase, I replied, "Yeah, I guess..."

 Suddenly, James hopped down and scooped up one of my books from the opened suitcase.

 "Twilight eh..? Full of sparkly vampires?"

 I scowled at him, "Yes, Twilight, and real vampires don't sparkle."

 James started to flip through the pages, he stopped at one, grinning from ear to ear, "Hey look! I'm in this book! I'm the evil vampire! But ewwwww! I have an evil vampire girlfriend."

 Grabbing the book from him, I threw it back into my suitcase, I had a feeling I shouldn't have brought that book.

 James said from the bed, "I know you like vampires, however I never knew you'd fall for THAT crap."

 I spun around, "I mainly like the plot of the book. I agree that the characters are a little bit...unrealistic, however it's still one of the most popular series of the year!"

 He lowered himself to get his bags, "So I heard."

 Suddenly, Tony came bursting in.

 "Jennifer! Jennifer!"

 I rolled my eyes, "No I do not have a present for you."

 Tony piped, "No! Not that. I was just wondering if you wanted to see the pictures I drawn of vampires. You know..this YOU look like one."

 He started to gesture to my hair and pale skin. Oh how stereotypical.

 Glancing back at my stuff which is still in my suitcase, I shrugged.

 "Sure, I guess."

 James called out to us as we left the room, "Don't be late now!"


 Tony gripped my hand tightly as he lead me to his room. Once the door was opened, I was revealed to a room full of sports posters and little objects hanging from the ceiling. Across from his bed was a dirty black fireplace. Man, I wish I had one of those.

 Tony pushed me forward to his desk, "Here's my drawings."

 I looked down and picked one of them up, it was some sort of an amulet, the jewel was bright red. Wow, I'm impressed. They're pretty good.

 "Did you think of these yourself?"

 Tony shook his head, admiring his own artwork, "No. I have dreams where I see them. So then I draw them."


 Putting down the amulet drawing, my attention was caught to another drawing. Picking it up carefully, I observed it.

 The scene was up in the sky, the dark clouds and night surrounded a grey oval. Little yellow dashes were supposed to be the blinking stars. That grey oval...reminds me...of..HOLY BUTTERSTICKS!

 Tony sensed my alarm after seeing me drop the picture abruptly.

 "You okay?"

 I stuttered a bit, "Ye-yeah. You had a dream about this?"

 Tony smiled, "Yup! I dreamt that I was bouncing on the blimp."

 That's very....must I say strange? I had a dream where I was on a blimp...however I wasn't having much fun on it.

 After a moment of silence, Tony spoke skeptically, "You don't like it?"

 Quickly recovering from the shock, I reassured, "Oh course I like it. You could be a great artist when you grow up."

 A brilliant smile appeared on his face as I ruffled his hair.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

more chapters soon!

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Added on August 20, 2009
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