We Need A Cow!

We Need A Cow!

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

No....not for milk.


 The vampire hissed dangerously as he spotted us. Here's a joke; what happens when you put three humans in the same room with a vampire? The answer is simple. Bloodbath.

 Tony shouted in fear, "Help me!"

 James rolled his eyes and replied smartly, "There's no such thing as vampires. Besides, its october so this BOY probably dressed up early for HALLOWEEN."

 Tony didn't seem convinced. Neither am I.

 The vampire boy's eyes gleamed red, "You humans...are full of blood."

 Tony dashed towards us, trembling slightly, "We'd like to keep it that way dude!"

 What a funny little boy.

 I spoke casually while heading towards the door, "Yeah...I'm just go get Aunt Dottie and Uncle Bob."

 As fast as lightning, the vampire was standing in front of me, blocking my escape. Okay, hardly unfair. I don't have super human speed. I noticed James sitting on the bed looking rather bored.

 "I wonder how the boy got in...."

 I stepped backwards quickly before the little vampire boy could attack me. Yes, I said LITTLE. However, he has mighty pointy looking fangs that I would rather not see inserted into my skin.

 Tony who was gripping onto James arm tightly whispered matter of factly, "He flew through the window, DUH!"

 While they were having their own conversation, I observed the pale looking boy intensely. For a vampire boy, he looks awfully tired and pained. He was still clutching onto the door frame, probably wondering who he should bite into first.

 I really don't think ladies first works in this kind of situation.

 "What do you want?" I asked.

 Okay, SOMETIMES I panic under a lot of pressure. Therefore, stupid questions.

 The vampire boy stated in a raspy voice, "I....need....blood..."

 He then proceeded to reach for me, however I jumped back again. I watched him let out a tired sigh and collapse to the floor. Did I slay the vampire?

 Tony jumped off the bed suddenly, looking down at the vampire. He kneeled down and studied his face for a few moments,

 "Can you walk?"

 Okay. First the boy was terrified of the vampire, now he's trying to help him. However, the vampire doesn't seem much of a threat. He must have gone days without feeding.

 The little vampire struggled to get up, "Who needs to walk when I can fly?"

 He bounced up and ran towards the window, jumping over the ledge.

 James let out a surprised yelp as the boy started to float in mid air. However, as soon as he went up, he went down. Right onto the front lawn. How wonderful.

 Tony shouted, "We gotta help him!"

 With that, he flew out the bedroom door, the sound of his sneakers hitting the hard wooden floor echoed down the hall.

 I ran after him, "Hey, get back here!"


 I followed Tony down the stairs and out the front door. He dashed over to the vampire who was breathing heavily, staring up at the stars.

 Never thought vampires needed to breathe.

 Tony kneeled down beside him once again, "Are you okay?"

 "Do I look okay?" The vampire smartly replied back.

 I sat next to Tony, "He needs blood."

 The vampire recoiled, "I need a cow..."

 Tony being the oblivious little boy he is answered, "I have some milk in the fridge!"

 The vampire chuckled lightly before saying, "No....not milk."

 It took a few minutes before Tony realized what he meant.


 James appeared at the front door looking down on us, "Is everything okay?"

 "We need a cow!" Tony piped.

 James's face was full of amusement, "There's some in the fridge if you really need it."

 Ugh. Boys.


 Tony rushed inside, "I'll go get my wagon!"

 James walked forward, looking at the boy who was still laying carelessly on the grass, "Who are you?"

 I helped the vampire sit up as he stated, "I'm Rudolph..Sackville-Bagg."

 "Interesting name....."

 Smacking James over the head for his rudeness, I introduced myself, "I'm Jennifer."

 Rudolph nodded politely, "Hello..Jennifer."

 Aw. What a sweet little vampire. Yes, that was actually sincere.

 Shortly after James introduced himself, Tony burst outside once again, dragging a little red wagon behind him.

 "You can sit in here while we travel to the farm!"

 Rudolph agreed silently and climbed into the wagon. Tony looked over his shoulder at us,

 "Don't wait up!"

 Don't wait up..? Oh no.

 Rushing over, I grabbed onto his shoulder tightly, "You're not going alone."

 James agreed appearing at my side, lightly touching Tony's spiky blonde hair, "Yeah, don't want anything happening to you, now would we? Heard there's a lot of bears out there.."

 That probably an attempt to scare Tony, however I really don't think bears would scare him. I mean come on, he's dragging a vampire boy around in a little red wagon.

 Rudolph spoke, "Maybe they should go with us..."

 Thank you smart little vampire.

 Tony huffed childishly, probably thinking that he never gets to have fun.


 I smirked, "Now go inside and get a jacket. It's cold outside!"

 Tony glared up at me through his round glasses. Okay, seems like I've gone too far. Touchy.

 With that said, James and I followed Tony and the vampire away from his house and onto the dirt path road.

 James smiled widely, "I LOVE Scotland. What's next? Werewolves skipping around with straw hats on?"

 That would be a sight.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

Wouldn't you like to see werewolves skipping around with straw hats on. I would.

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Added on August 20, 2009
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