Stuck In A Crappy Vampire Movie?

Stuck In A Crappy Vampire Movie?

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

After settling in, Jennifer and James watch some vampire movies. However, they were rudely interrupted from a disturbance in Tony's room..


 he sun fully disappeared and was replaced with a full moon. Did you know that the full moon makes people go crazy?

 I yawned as I finished looking through Tony's drawings. He has millions of them stacked on his desk. Some shown vampires, others displayed huge cliff. This boy has an interesting imagination. I remember when I was his age, thinking that vampires and werewolves were real.

 Getting up out of the chair, I glanced over at the bed, to see Tony passed out on his pillow. Rolling my eyes playfully, I grabbed his covers and threw them over him. It really must be hard for the kid here. I heard mom talking to Aunt Dottie over the phone on how he doesn't have any friends.

 James appeared at the door frame, "Do you guys play house?"

 "Oh if only." I laughed.

 James switched off the light after seeing Tony asleep and whispered, "Let's let the little vampire sleep before he wakes up and bites us."

 I tiptoed out and shut the door behind me. Okay, now back to my challenge. The suitcase.


 James threw himself on the large recliner chair, "Hey, do you know when we go to school?"

 I was too busy sorting my clothes to even answer his question.

 "Hey Jennifer! HEY!"

 I jumped up and spun around, "WHAT?!"

 He winced slightly at the tone of my voice, "Hey there testy. I asked if you know when we are going to go to school."

 "We're not."

 James whole face lit up, "What really? No school for a whole month? That sounds too good to be true."

 I sat on the bed nearest to the recliner, "Well. Our teachers are going to be emailing us our homework."


 Grabbing a book that was on the bed, I threw it at James head. He let out a surprised yelp and glared at me. Put him in his place.

 James suddenly jumped up and tackled me off the bed. I cringed after my back met the floor. If that's how he wants to play it, then so be it! I slipped out from under his grip and pushed his head into a pillow. I then proceed to sit on his back. Revenge is sweet!

 James gasped out, "Can't--breath!"


 Quickly, I threw the pillow back on the bed and James let out a sigh of relief. It's not like I'm going to murder my best friend! Oh!!! Harry Potter reference!

 The door opened suddenly to reveal Aunt Dottie. She saw on us the floor.

 Giving us a questioning look she asked, "Do I want to know?"

 James huffed out, "Not reallyyy."

 Aunt Dottie still looked worried, however shrugged it off moments later and advised, "You might want to go to bed soon. Don't want to wake up in the afternoon!"

 Of course. Nobody would want that.


 I reassured Aunt Dottie for the one hundredth time that we were about to go to bed any moment. That's a lie. We are actually going to pig out on popcorn and watch crappy vampire movies on the tv set.

 James sneaked back up the stairs with freshly popped corn, "Got it!"

 I smirked and asked, "Extra butter?"




James almost choked on his share of popcorn as Count Dracula bit into his next victim.

 "Oh come on! That blood oozing from her neck is sooooooo fake!"

 Throwing pieces of pop corn at him, I replied, "No duh. That's why we watch them. To have a laugh."

 He reached for the dvd case and searched for the movie date.

 "1985?! That's why it is so crappy."

 I glared as if he crossed a unforgivable line, "Hey! Don't diss the classics."

 Before James could utter his defense we heard a scream come from down the hall. I jumped startled by it, making my popcorn fly out of my bowl and onto the floor.

 James quickly paused the dvd, "What was that?"

 I shrugged cluelessly, "No idea."

 Opening the door, we quietly walked down the hallway to Tony's bedroom. James looked at me hesitantly before turning the knob and pushing the door forward. It met the wall with a thud, and there was Tony cowering in fear while standing before him was a boy wearing William Shakespeare clothing, baring his fangs.

 Wait?! Fangs!

 James commented at the scene before him, "It seems like we're in some crappy vampire movie now."

 It's the full moon I tell you.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

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Added on August 20, 2009
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