Morning Mishaps

Morning Mishaps

A Chapter by MuSiCFreak8899

Tony also blew the cover, Jennifer used all the shampoo to spite James and apparently Rudolph and Tony are communicating through walkie talkies.


 James yawned, "Man. I'm tired."

 He then proceeded to lay on the recliner, closing his eyes.

 "Alright, I'll be bac-."

 However, the sound of his light snores interrupted me. What I was GOING to say was I'm going to check on Tony. Throwing off the bed covers, I opened the door quietly, peeking out. Maybe Aunt Dottie and Uncle went to bed already. After a few moments of listening and watching, I stepped out and tip toed out of the hallway.

 Reaching to Tony's room, I cracked the door open, whispering,

 "You awake?"

 Tony's hushed reply floated out of the crack and into the hallway, "Yes."

 I took that as permission to enter. I was revealed to Tony laying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling which was decorated with those lit up stars that generated from his lamp.

 "Why are you on the other side of the bed?"

 Tony looked up slightly, "So Rudolph can hear me."

 Shooting him a confused look, I plopped down on the bed, "Where is he?'

 The chilly familiar voice came from Tony's toy box, "I'm in here."

 He's spending the night..? Doesn't he have a family to go to?

 Before I could ask, Tony answered, "Rookery is out and we don't want to take any chances for Rudolph getting caught."

 "Oh. Well then."

 Rudolph commented, "It's quite comfy in here.."

 I replied sarcastically, "We're all glad."

 Tony sat up annoyed, "Why did you even come in here anyways?"

 Glaring down at him slightly, I recoiled, "I just wanted to check up on you. Looks like grumpy Tony won't have it."

 Getting up, I yawned slightly. Sleep is calling me. As I walked out, I called out to Tony and Rudolph, "Goodnight losers."

 Down the hall, I could heard Rudolph ask,

 "What's a loser?"

 Tony sighed, "Goodnight Rudolph."


 Aunt Dottie's voice awoke me from my sweet dreams, "Rise and shine!"

 James groaned and covered his eyes with a blanket as Aunt Dottie flung open the curtains, letting the sunlight in.

 I whined, "We don't have to go to school. Let us sleep."

 Aunt Dottie walked over to the door, "No can do sleeping beauties, we're dropping Tony off at school."

 Once she was gone, James complained, "I'm not a sleeping beauty! I'm the breathtaking prince."

 "That's a lie."

 James frowned, "The only lie that is floating about is how you're a sleeping beauty."

 I would kill him. However, it's too early.

 Slipping out of bed, I grabbed some clothes and left the room, ignoring the fact that James sneakily gets a few more minutes of sleep as I shower.

 Passing Tony's room, I saw him kneeling over his toy box, debating if he should open it or not.

 Vampires and light? Not a good combination. However, that didn't stop Tony. Before I shut the bathroom door, I heard Rudolph hiss and Tony apologizing,

 "Sorry dude."


 The hot shower refreshed me greatly. I winced as I brushed through some knots in my hair. That conditioner is a fake.

 A knock came at the door, "Come out!!!!!"

 Loser. No, its not Tony. James.

 Throwing open the door, I pushed past him,

 "Good luck on using the shampoo!"

 He didn't realize what I meant until after he shut the door and started the shower.

 James opened the door and peeked out, "Thanks for using all the shampoo!"

 Tony shot out of his room, "Hey keep it down! Rudolph is sleeping."

 Aunt Dottie walked up the stairs, "Rudolph is here?"

 Tony tensed and turned around, trying to say something.

 I stated, "Well no. Tony and Rudolph have walkie talkies, Tony's is Rudolph can hear everything."

 Aunt Dottie raised her eyebrow, "Oh? Where did you get these walkie talkies young man?"

 Tony piped up, "James gave them to me!"

 Everyone looked at James for an explanation, who was still peeking out from the bathroom.

 "Uh-yeah. Thought Tony would use it to play spy games.."

 Uncle Bob came out of the laundry room, "He's not really into spies. Tony LOVES vampires."

 Tony face flushed red, aware that Rudolph is eavesdropping at the moment, "Dad!"

 I defended playfully, "Hey! I like vampires too."

 James rolled his eyes, "Come on. Bring me the werewolves!"

 Aunt Dottie cut in, "I would like to talk about mystical creatures all day, however Tony NEEDS to go to school."

 Tony huffed and trudged down the stairs, his backpack hanging off his right shoulder.

 James slammed the door to resume his shower, Uncle Bob went downstairs as well to head off to work.

 Aunt Dottie advised, "If I were you, I'd put some pants on."

 Quickly my eyes snapped to my lower half. Only to reveal that I was wearing my boxers. Yes, I have boxers. They are rather comfy.

 I flew into the guest room and searched for a pair of pants.


 Zipping my pants, I climbed down the stairs to see Tony already waiting in the truck.

 Aunt Dottie picked up her purse, "What's taking James so long?"

 Smirking, I replied, "No idea."

 Yes I do. He's probably trying to squeeze some shampoo out of the empty bottle.

 Suddenly, James came downstairs, his hair dripping well.

 "I'm here."

 Aunt Dottie smiled and walked out, James and I followed.

 As we seated ourselves in the back of the car, James told Aunt Dottie,

 "Mrs. Thompson, we ran out of shampoo."

 Aunt Dottie replied, "Oh! We have another bottle under the sink."

 I snickered as James secretly glared at me.

 Returning my gaze up front, I noticed Tony looking at the window sadly. Aw...does he miss Rudolph? That's so cute. Okay, that was sarcastic. And highly rude of me. However, when do I ever care? He'll be reunited with his new buddy tonight.

 Reunited and it feels so good...

 Alright, I'm done.


© 2009 MuSiCFreak8899

Author's Note

more chapters up soon!

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Added on August 20, 2009
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