And When I Die (Thirteen)

And When I Die (Thirteen)

A Chapter by Amanda

Carlee and Emma spend some time together.

I’m not scared of dying, and I don’t really care
If it’s peace you find in dying, well, then let the time be near
If it’s peace you find in dying, when dying time is here,
Just bundle up my coffin cause it’s cold way down there,
-And When I Die, the version sung by The Heavy

I was only in bed for a few more hours until I got up to help everyone. Everyone except Devon protested, who was holding Scruff. Apparently, he hid him in his backpack to get him over here.

Eventually, we split up into teams. Carlee and I, Adam and Austin, and Devon and Scruff. Devon was staying at the nurse’s office and watching Bella. At first, Adam wanted to be the one to go with me. Then I realized that would be kind of like a couples thing, which they weren’t ready for yet. I still hadn’t talked to Carlee.

After convincing Adam that I needed some girl time, we set off. We all had weapons. Devon had given me Uncle Eric’s machete. I remember one time my dad was shooting his movie and they used this as a prop. I blinked the memories away.

“Carlee?” I asked quietly, as we checked the first room.

“Yeah?” she answered, holding her cane at the ready.

“You remember how you said you always wanted a boyfriend?” I asked, as I looked around the room. This had been my history teacher’s class in sophomore year. I shivered as a million memories swirled around the room.

She blushed, “Yeah, I remember. Your point?”

“Well…I know someone who likes you,” I said as nonchalantly as possible.  We had moved on to another teacher’s room.

“I know someone who likes you too,” She giggled, and wasted no time launching in to a talk she’d probably been holding in for  days.

“He’s so into you! You should’ve seen the way he was when you collapsed. He practically sprinted to the school. Kind of clingy,” she grinned. I laughed.

“Don’t change the subject, b***h. I already know how awesome my boyfriend is, we need to talk about yours.”

“Emma, I seriously don’t need a boyfriend right now. It’s the freakin’ zombie apocalypse!” She exclaimed as we came to the first set of stairs. The stairs shared a wall with Mr. Raymond’s room.

I nudged Carlee and whispered, “I wonder if he has any candy left.”

Mr. Raymond was a favorite among his students. He often gave Carlee and I candy when we came in to visit him. She smiled a little as we opened the door. Before we reached his desk, I noticed something red peeking out from the corner of the bottom of his desk. I halted.

Carlee looked at me curiously and I pointed. She gasped. Slowly inching forward with my machete raised in my shaking hand, I peered around the corner.

Those horrible eyes greeted me.

I screamed and it screamed and somehow I ended up skittering a few feet away. The thing slowly raised itself, one hand grasping the edge of the desk.

It bared its teeth in what looked like a horrid smile that would certainly give me nightmares. I heard Carlee gasp as she recognized it. “Tyler, stop!”


Suddenly I could see it, the resemblance to the curly haired friend I’d once known. Memory upon memory came surging upon me as I stared into the ghoulish face of Tyler Lexington. Carlee had a crush on him during freshman year. We hung out a few times in middle school.

He advanced towards me and I gripped my machete tighter. I didn’t know if I could off him.

But then I saw something taped to his bloody purple shirt. A sign.

If you can read this, I’m sorry. If I’m walking, kill me. If I’m crawling, still kill me.

Classic Tyler, I thought. But his message gave me courage.

I drove the machete through his skull with a sick sloshing sound, splattering blood behind him. I gently let his body down. I whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Carlee stared at him with wide eyes, and I didn’t realize I’d been crying until I sniffled involuntarily. I turned away from the dead body, guilt pounding around chest. I’d just killed someone, a friend even. It had been different with my grandfather. He’d been a bad person…

I did not stop crying as we cleared out the first wing of the second floor.

When we reached the locker room, I hesitated. Carlee stopped, furrowing her eyebrows. “Did you hear that, too?”

“Yeah,” I answered quietly, after a moment we nudged the door open.

“I think we‘re good…” I murmured, afraid to turn the corner.

“HANDS UP WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!” Someone  yelled, and I jumped, panic and surprise freezing my limbs. “ARE YOU BIT?” Another voice called.

“Who’s there?” Carlee called.


We’re not bit!” I yelled, panic washing over me. Couldn’t we ever catch a f*****g break?

“ARE YOU ALONE?” The first voice growled again.

I grabbed the walkie, and pressed the button quickly. “Guys, we need help up here.”

“What’s wrong?” Adam asked, and I could picture how tense he was.

“I- SHUT THE F**K UP OR I’LL SHOOT!” I stopped.  A random thought crossed my mind.

If dying means this s**t is over, then take me now.

© 2012 Amanda

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Author's Note

This song is from True Blood, one of my favorite shows. Happy Friday the 13th (Did you know my birthday was on Friday the 13th?) This chapter would've been up sooner if my space bar wasn't broken. Reviews please?

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If you can read this, I’m sorry. If I’m walking, kill me. If I’m crawling, still kill me.

love the note. it was grim and slightly amusing at the same time great job :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I nudged Sophie and whispered, “I wonder if he has any candy left.”
erm... :P
great chapter MOAR!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Wrong story, sue me :P

7 Years Ago

no probs :P
Awesome. I cant wait for the next chapter! This should be like amovie, or show, or a book! Or even all! XD

Posted 7 Years Ago

Oooooh. This is getting intense. I can't wait for more!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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i haven't been on this website in like three years??? oh my god everything is so s****y??? body, a:hover {cursor: url(, progress !important;} more..

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