Chapter one: Last day of freedom

Chapter one: Last day of freedom

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

What follows is a tale of good vs evil. A story of how emotions effect us all. It follows the story of a young man who is thrown into an entire new world when he discovers he is not human....



Chapter 1: Last day of freedom



            With a frightened gasp I awoke to furious shouting all around me. The muffled sounds of two people screaming at one another filled the house and pierced into my drowsy mind. As I sat up, I could hear they were arguing about car keys or something related. I sighed deeply, then covered my ears and collapsed in bed groaning. This is what I have woken up to, almost everyday, for eleven years. Not always the same thing of course… Most times they’re yelling at me about how I cause them problems. My phone chimed and I rolled over to get it, but decided to smoke a cigarette instead. Opening the window, I heard the sounds of the distant city and I let it take me away for a little while. The slightly clouded sky allowed a good amount of light to blanket my room and the sounds of life already going on reminds me there’s a world outside of this place. Taking deep breaths of smoke, I watched as it slowly drifted from my mouth and was recaptured by my nostrils. The phone chimed again a few minutes later and I smiled, grabbing it from the nightstand. I put out the smoke on the windowsill and then flicked the partially burning remains outside. I flipped open my phone and leaned back against the wall before beginning to read. “You up yet sleepyhead? Meet us downtown when you are. Can’t wait to see you!” I smirked at the message then tossed my phone onto the bed.


I softly walked to the bathroom still listening to the aftermath of the argument in the rest of the house. I didn’t feel the need to shower so I just put on deodorant and soaked my hair in the sink. Flipping my head back I rung out the water and stared at myself in the mirror. With a small sigh, I went back into my room and began getting dressed. I searched around for my cleanest pair of jeans, which were black and had a hole in the right knee. I grabbed a matching shirt that was only slightly dirty, but I decided it was good enough. The t-shirt was also black and had a solid red stripe across the breast. Over that I put on my jacket with the short sleeves that was a fading black to gray color.


As I looked for my shoes, I could hear the argument subsiding. I groaned softly wondering how long it would take for them to start up again. My shoes did not match because I had lost one of a pair and can’t afford new ones. The left shoe was a checkered black and red slip on with black trim and my right shoe was an old white sneaker that had faded to gray over the years. As I prepared to leave I gathered up my other belongings such as my wallet, phone, and collar. A part of me wanted to leave the collar but I knew it was appropriate.  Slowly I opened my door and peered down the hall. I could see the front door from my room but getting there without being seen is always a challenge. I crept out of my room and silently shut the door behind me. Quickly but quietly I rushed for the front door but didn’t even make it past the kitchen.


“Where the hell you think you're going?” My fake father shouted after me as I went to reach for the doorknob.


“Anywhere but here.” I muttered, not turning to look at him.


“Think again, you have to get ready for school tomorrow!” He shouted back, now angered.


“Yeah, you aren’t going anywhere.” My fake mother added with a sneer, leaning from around the corner.


I scoffed and opened the door, hearing the clatter of movement as they rushed to try and stop me. I jogged down the small path to the wood gate, which led to the street. I was headed downtown, so I took a right; crossing a bridge over the levee. Only a few people are walking the streets today, but s**t loads of cars are on the road as usual. Once I was out of the residential area, I walked briskly toward the inner city. I live in the outskirts of the city in the White willow apartment complex. This high end housing area had become incredibly ghetto overtime and the more I thought about it, the more I hated my situation in life. The people I live with treat me like trash and that’s how I think of myself. I don’t feel like part of the family, I never have… I’m more of a burden than a person. I sighed trying not to think about that sorta s**t and kept my focus on the tall buildings ahead of me. A car passed rapidly with horn blaring and I cringed slightly at the shock of its sudden noise.


As I stepped off the gently sloping levee bridge I began walking the flat sidewalk that led toward the sun eclipsing skyscrapers. The thought of seeing the guys made my heart soar. My friend’s, damn I love them. They make me feel like I have a place in this world. If it weren’t for them I don’t know where I would be right now. Probably face up in a coffin or strung out in an alley somewhere. God why am I so depressed today? With a sigh I began walking faster eager to feel happy and see my friends. The corner came quickly and I prepared to cross the street. The sounds of the city were exhilarating to me. It created a strange mix of fear and excitement. Like the feeling you get when you know your trespassing. The next street was shorter so I found myself crossing the street again this time knowing my goal was very close now. After I crossed the second road I immediately turned left and was amongst the tall buildings and dense crowds.


From the corner of my eye I saw a silhouette moving on the roof of an auto garage. I watched as the slinking figure ran across the roof and moved out of view. For a moment I was tempted to follow the shape but I figured it was just some trash in the wind or something. As I turned back my body collided with something and I looked up to see an older man staring at me with a startled look on his face.


“I’m sorry sir.” I said causing him to smile and continue walking.


Continuing on my way I soon found myself surrounded by massive buildings and the people who worked or lived in them. I could see our usual café slash coffee shop from where I was walking on the sidewalk across the street. Car horns blared at me, as I cut across the street and slowed my pace to look for familiar faces. Traffic slowed to a stop and people began screaming or honking at me depending on how close they were. I flipped off the driver of the nearest and nicest car secretly jealous of his probably awesome life. I like to think those people are miserable but inside I knew they weren’t. Without even a glance I strolled past his car ignoring the venomous comments he spit my way. As my foot hit the sidewalk on the other side of the street I heard a voice call my name.


“Eh! Vyon!” The nasally male voice shouted and I looked up to see Zenex standing at a crowded table.


Everyone waved once they knew I saw them and began to head toward me. Seeing the smiling faces approach made me happy and I felt the gloom that gripped me tightly begin to fade. Just being around people that care about me and want me to be happy changes my entire outlook on life. The feeling I get when I am with my friends is what I imagine being with ones family is like. I don’t know what that feels like… Perhaps now isn’t the best time to get into it but I don’t have parents. I do, but they abandoned me when I was five. Still to this day I lie awake at night wondering what about me was so broken that they considered me a lost cause? What problem I had that made it impossible to love me? I want to know what birth error caused me to be so easily discarded and forgotten forever? What little happiness I had was gone now and I found it hard to keep smiling as my friends drew closer. A soft almost silent sigh escaped my lips as my friends came into speaking range and I greeted them with as bright of a smile as I could muster. 


“Heya Vyon!” Lyra said rushing up to hug me.


I felt a little joy flutter back into my day when she grabbed me tightly. The warmth of her body was so inviting that I closed my eyes for a few seconds and just enjoyed her affection. Lyra is a really pretty girl who I have known and had a crush on for many years now. She has a strange air of freedom about her that is contagious and invigorating. Being around her made me feel more alive and excited to do pretty much anything. Her hair was long and reached to her mid back. She had black hair but constantly dyed it with streaks of bright colors. Today she had chose an electric blue. Lyra wore these knee high boots that laced up the front and a really short skirt. Her clothes all matched a pink and black scheme today. She had on a pink tank top with black sleeves that pulled on like gloves and reached to her elbow. The sleeves had little ties on the end that were in the shape of cartoon skulls. Adorning her neck was a long chain with a large glass heart on the end. Lyra wore a belt with hearts all over it and a belt buckle that was designed to look like a cupcake. Lyra had sun kissed tan skin and eyes that looked like waves on the ocean. Making sure to not let the others see my bliss I quickly ended my hug with Lyra and addressed them. The other three guys surely saw my moment of weakness but chose not to say anything.


“Wassup.” Shio greeted me lifting his head quickly in a sort of reverse nod.


“Yo!” Zenex said raising his hand in a short sharp motion.


“Hello Vyon.” Maxwell said in his monotone voice.


“Hi guys.” I replied with a small smile.


“So now that we’re all here why don’t we head over to the warehouse?” Zenex asked stepping away from the group slightly.


“That’s all we ever do.” Max said in a very disappointed tone.


“Its not like we have a lot of options. There’s never anything to do but just… hangout.” Lyra said as we began walking toward the warehouse.


“Well… hangout and…” Shio said softly, as he rifled through his pocket. “Smoke.” He said showing us he had a pack of cigarettes.


“You got the good stuff in there right?” Zenex asked and Shio nodded. “Oh sweet! Today is gonna be a good day!” He shouted raising both arms with his fists balled.


Our conversation ranged from having school tomorrow to what we actually did over summer. Thinking about that saddened me. I hated school and now that the summer had passed we would have to return. No one ever took the time to help me understand and if you don't understand, not only are you left behind, but you’ll be judged by your peers. Lyra nudged me and when I saw her smiling my way I couldn’t help but smile as well. She smiled even wider, as if trying to coax the same out of me. The five of us headed down the alley that led toward our warehouse. Shio held open a broken corner of the fence and we each crawled under. Once we were all on the other side we held the fence for Shio and he squeezed under. At the end of this alley it split and one way was walled off. The other way led straight to a closed off portion of the city. I don’t remember when but a fire burned down three or four buildings and instead of rebuilding the city just walled it off and built around the wreckage. Kind of moronic when you think about it.


“Thar she blows!” Zenex shouted in a pirate voice as he pointed ahead.


 Ahead was the decaying warehouse that we used as a sort of hideout. Two much larger buildings dwarfed this miniscule structure, so hardly anyone knows it is back here. This warehouse consists of one large square room, that had many floors of walkway above it. But now the stairs and bridges that once lined the walls are scattered across the floor in rusting heaps. As we approached I kicked the metal doors open and was immediately hit with the smell of rusting decay. There are a large amount of holes in the roof and the entire upper walkway had collapsed, but this place is more a home than my actual residence. Apart from this main room there was also a tiny office and a bathroom that was no longer useable. We had brought an old couch from Zen’s house and built a table out of sheet wood and milk crates. The walls were littered with posters and pictures we have all collected over the years. In the corner we had a filling cabinet that we forced open with a crowbar and used as storage for anything we couldn't keep at home, but didn't want to part with. The floor has markings of where large machines once sat but as the years went by they faded into the same stained blankness.


The day dragged on with nothing really eventful happening other than smoking a few joints. Still just being with my friends made me much happier than I could have ever hoped to be at home. I can’t stand that f*****g place and those vile people. The people I live with don’t seem to see any good in me and they wait eagerly for me to make a mistake. My fake father was always angry and he enjoyed taking that rage out on me whenever I stepped out of line. My fake mother was no better. She was constantly passing judgment about everything from the way I looked, to my lacking intelligence. Thinking about having to go back there made my heart sink and I quickly focused on the conversation to clear those thoughts from my swimmy head.


“Hey do you guys think anything will change when school starts?” Lyra asked suddenly breaking up the topic of video games.


“What do you mean?” Shio asked softly putting out the roach on the corner of the table.


“Like… we are still gonna be friends right?” She replied seeming to be worried about this.


“Of course we will always be friends!” I replied in a rallying tone. “You guys are the best friend anyone could hope for, I’m lucky.” I said scanning everyone’s face.


“Oh your so sweet Vyon!” Zenex said in a funny girly voice.


“Way to kill the moment their Zen.” Lyra said turning to her left to look at him. “Really though, y’all might get girlfriends and all the chicks at our school are b*****s!”


“Lyra, you and I have been friends since we were kids. You know we’re pretty much inseparable.” Maxwell said in his deep, sophisticated voice.


“Don’t worry we’ll keep together.” Shio said shifting his hands behind his head and closing his eyes in comfort.


“Guess I just spooked myself.” Lyra said smiling as she looked at the floor uneasily.

“Anxiety about returning to school is typical. Esepcially for people our age.” Maxwell fixed his glasses, the words he spoke added to Lyra’s ease.


Maxwell was by far the smartest person I had ever met. Maxwell, or just Max, was the only one of us who got good grades and had a bright future. He can be a bit cold at times but he is very friendly once you crack open his thick shell. He had a deepish voice and a cold calculating stare that showed you his mind was working meticulously. Max usually wore dress pants and button up shirts, with the sleeves rolled to his elbows. Though I never knew him to be extremely wealthy, he takes pride in how he dressed, wearing wingtip shoes and brand name clothes. Never much cared about that stuff myself... Maxwell’s left wrist is adorned with a copper colored bracelet that has his last name imprinted on it. It’s a sentimental piece he rarely talks about, but I’ve never seen him without it. He has short spiky black hair that shot straight backward except for the few stray strands that hung over his forehead. His pale skin and mean expressions make him seem unapproachable, but in reality he is very open to helping anyone.     


We sat around the table talking and enjoying the last day we had to ourselves. Lounging around we chatted and laughed about the now passing summer days. I was hit on the shoulder by Zen when he told the punch line of his story and I laughed, not really knowing what he was talking about. My mind was wandering to the good memories my friends have helped me create. The only valuable things to me are the people who helped make my life worth living. My happy thoughts were suddenly shattered when something by the door caught my attention. I stared at the slightly opened door hoping to somehow see through the growing shadows, but I couldn’t make out anything. Man I need to quit smoking so much. Probably just a cat...


“Did you guys see that?” I asked and but they all just stared at me strangely.


“See what V?” Zenex asked looking past me and then at me.


“Nothing. Just seeing things I guess.” I said smiling and the others laughed slightly.


“Oh s**t! Hey I gotta go you guys. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Lyra said standing up after checking her phone.


“I had better go too. I’ll get locked out if I’m not home on time.” I stood up with her and Lyra smiled.


“Have a good night.” Max said waving to both of us.


“Be safe you two. Oh, and be a good boy Vyon.” Zenex said with a snarky smile, darting his eyes to reference Lyra.

Ah Zenex, our resident smartass. He was without a doubt the most excited person you could ever encounter. Everything was a potential joke and no subject was taboo to him. Zen was cheery and bright even when he was in a bad mood, which is very rare. He had long hair that was the brightest orange you could imagine and pinkish white skin. His hair was kept in a small ponytail with a few stylized spikes that made a crown around the top of his skull. These spikes stood up straight and were parted evenly so three were on each side of his head. He had a conniving smile and bright teal eyes that shone with an endless amount of enthusiasm. He had a bizzare sense of style, though I’m not one to judge. Zenex was wearing a white t-shirt under a black tank top, that hung off of him like a cloak. He wore a pair of baggy faded blue jeans that were frayed along the bottom. Zen’s right wrist was garnished with several colorful bracelets that seemed carelessly thrown on. A long red bandana was tied around his neck and it bunched up on the front of his shirt. His simple black tennis shoes were almost as bad as mine, but at least his matched. Zenex is one of my oldest friends and still I have no idea why his parents named this human fireball something as calm as, Zen.


As Lyra and I stepped out into the setting sunlight, I stretched and turned back to wave to everyone. We began to walk up the alley, her steps still a bit uneasy from the pot we smoked. Lyra stumbled a bit and I chuckled as she looked back with half opened eyes. She was a lightweight and before she met us I’m sure she hadn’t ever smoked. Lyra spun in place as we turned the corner and emerged onto the now dark streets.


“So Vyon. Excited for school tomorrow? “ Lyra asked and I sighed looking down.


“Not really. I hate it there.” I said ashamed, rubbing the back of my neck.


“Oh come on! It can’t be that bad. We’ll be with you all the way.” She said with a tilt of her head and an amped up smile.


“Yeah you’re right. Thanks.” I said smiling and looking away to hide my loving gaze.


“Besides it isn’t like we go to school to learn or anything.” She said laughing and I joined her quickly.


Glancing up I saw my street and I sighed knowing what awaited me there. I looked over at Lyra who seemed to have come down during the walk and smiled knowing I wont get to again after we part. She hugged me and I felt my heart catch fire. She let go after a few seconds of hanging from my neck and smiled brightly.


“I gotta go Vyon. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said and I frowned nodding. “Sorry.” She said softly as she turned to continue up the street.


“Don't be, see ya!” I shouted in the cheeriest voice I could create.


A heavy sigh escaped my lips when she was out of view. I walked up the dark sullen street like a convict approaching the chair. As I drew closer to the apartments main gate, I wondered what awaited me inside. More than likely it would be vicious words, chosen specifically to make me hate myself and regret my actions. A loud bang echoed from across the street and my eyes shot to the trashcan that was knocked over. In a flash, a small figure darted from behind the toppled metal can, then leapt onto the fence behind it. The strange shape rose on two legs and seemed to look around before leaping into the alley that separated this street from the next one. An overwhelming curiosity quickly formed in my brain and drove me to follow the figure.


I slowly crossed the street, curiousity rising and my heart pounding immensely. Peeking over the fence I saw nothing in the darkness and decided to check it out. My feet hit the ground and slipped on something, causing me to fall on my a*s. Cursing softly, some nearby rustling caught my attention and I froze, staring into the darkness around me. As I stared into the shadows a figure emerged slowly and sluggishly. It shuffled out of the dark and began scanning the area, locking onto me with it’s lifeless eyes. It was about the size of a child, with slick blood red skin and lifeless white eyes, that looked like puss filled wounds. It had a slouched posture and three horns jutting from the back of its skull that twisted upward randomly. I could just barely make out three clawed fingers on each thin arm and two tiny flat feet below stubby legs. The creature took a wobbling step toward me, twitching its head about as it examined me like a curious bird. It took one more step before it stopped and the two milky, bulging eyes shrunk with focus, targeting my face.


“What the hell... are you?” I called softly pressing back against the fence.


This little creature lifted its head and narrowed its eyes at the sound of my voice. I gasped with fright as the creature began to shake violently. Its head lowered and in one grotesque snap it ripped its face open, forming a mouth down the center of its head. I screamed as the cretin further opened its bleeding maw revealing hundreds of needle like teeth. It rose from its slouched posture screeching and spraying me with bloody bits of skin. Screaming in terror, I scrambled to my feet and tried to run but the creature hacked the back of my leg and I fell hard. The pain bolted up my leg until my whole body ached with the focus I put on my wound. I desperately crawled away from the approaching monster crying out for anyone to help me. My leg felt heavy, like I was dragging a stone behind me. Turning over the creature sunk its claws into me, just below the knee and began pulling savagely. Shouting in pain I blindly kicked forward with my free leg and struck the creature in its already bleeding mouth. It tumbled backward and slid to a stop hissing at me and lifting its claws in a threatening manner. The added agony of having it’s claws tear free with such force had me wailing and rolling around.


“Get the f**k away from me!” I shouted in a desperately threatening voice.


I was in so much pain. Even though only my left leg was wounded my entire body was aching terribly. I grit my teeth as the pain flooded every inch of my body and mind. This sharp aching seems to come from within my chest, but I attested that to my rampant heartbeat. Immense pressure was fluxuating in my chest with each breath I forced myself to take. The little monster screamed again and ran at me. I grabbed the closest thing I saw, a broom, and swung it with all my might. The head of the broom snapped clean off as the little monster was slammed flat against the pavement. Instinct stood for me, but I was unwilling to look away from the freakish little thing. With the pole of wood poised to strike, I slowly approached the downed demon. It sat up and held its head then began whimpering like a child. Literally… it sounded like a young girl... sobbing into an echoed microphone. As I got closer the creature shot up to its feet and hissed at me before scurrying up the alley toward the fields in the distance.


I collapsed against the fence to tired, scared, and injured to chase after it. Not that I would’ve had I been able! My body ached terribly but my leg felt the worst. I rolled up my pant leg to reveal several puncture wounds and a two long cuts spanning the entirety of my limb. Slowly I managed to get to my feet and calm myself down. I dropped the bloody broom pole and took a few deep breaths trying to work through what had just happened. What the hell was that thing? What would it have done to me? Will anyone ever believe me? Realizing where I was, I jumped the fence and ran home as fast as my wounded leg would allow me. Though I was still very shaken, I was proud that I managed to defend myself. Upon reaching home I prayed the door would still be unlocked and that something to eat may have been left for me.


“Where the hell have you been?” My fake father shouted the question as I entered.


“Look I don’t want to deal with this. Just leave me alone please.” I said trying to walk past him.


“Don’t give me that s**t! You were out with those loser hoodlums!” He shouted and I nearly hit him with all the adrenaline still in me. “What the hell happened to your leg?” He asked as his face began to turn red with anger.


“They aren’t hoodlums and they aren’t losers! Those people are more family than you will ever be!” I replied angrily and he lifted his hand in a threatening way.


I saw my fake mother grab his hand and stop him from hitting me. “Forget it.” She sighed, obvious annoyed with the situation. “Vyon you know you have a curfew correct?” She asked in a judgmental tone and I nodded. “Then can you at least try to get home on time?” She asks with an air of unneeded confidence, as if she was better than me. “Make sure you throw those pants out as well.” She added as she handed me a bottle of rubbing alcohol.


“I’m going to bed.” I muttered back walking down the hall and throwing my door closed.


“Good.” My fake father shouted as I left the room.


I don’t hate my adoptive family I just don’t think they care about me. A really loving family would be more concerned about why their child is bleeding and not why they are late. They are always so angry and they take all that anger out on each other or myself. My fake mother tries so desperately to remind herself, she’s better than her adoptive son and is a greater person for dealing with this burden of a human being. My fake father was like a fountain of hatred spilling onto anyone close enough and weak enough to accept his rage. I never got to choose who adopted me, but yet I’m expected to be grateful of any home regardless of how threatening its inhabitants? I just pretend things will be better the longer I hold out. Age will allow me to escape and that’s just a matter of time.


With a sigh, I began rolling up my pant leg and treating my injuries. Each wound seemed to hurt more than the last, as I dabbed rubbing alcohol on them and wrapped them in gauze. Though my leg ached horribly, my chest and the rest of my body hadn’t stopped surging with pain. Must have been that fall… The stirring pain in my chest was constant and it seemed to only get worse when I focused on it. After wrapping my leg and taking some aspirin, I went to my bed and had a cigarette. Tomorrow is going to suck. I get attacked by god only knows what and I still have to go to school tomorrow? Well at least this will be a fun story to tell at school. On second thought… never mind, they wouldn’t believe me. Maybe Lyra would… she likes all that weird stuff.

© 2017 Thatonedawg

Author's Note

Please forgive me if this is just unreadable. I am not the smartest guy so I have never been good with grammar or spelling but I try. Just try to enjoy the story. I edited this chapter recently, hopefully it comes out better.

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Reading this was awesome. I was too involved with the story and feeling and relating to the characters to notice any spelling or grammar mistakes. Looking forward to reading the rest this is some damn good writing. Keep at it man.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you so very very much! I really hope that you enjoy it! I will continue to post more soon! Hop.. read more

8 Years Ago

no worries! you are a good author! :D

8 Years Ago

D'aaww! You are giving me way to much credit! Thank you very much! It means a lot to hear that. Than.. read more
I really enjoyed this chapter. I want to know more about Vyon and the creature. It's okay if you're not very good with grammar and such. I can't tell you how many times (close to twenty) I had to rewrite chapters before I had all the grammar issues fixed in my novels. This is why we have editors. I would rearrange some things since the story is in first person, and it's hard to separate thought verses story. Anyways, my last suggestion is to remove these from "story" and put them in "book" and "chapter" format so readers can read them better without having to hunt down chapter one. :) Also, this makes it easier to move to the next chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you so very much and I will take that to heart! When I have some free time I will try to chang.. read more

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I have been writing for a long time. My father was a writer and he always encouraged me to do so as well. Sadly he never read any of my work or even cared for that matter. I just need to know that som.. more..