Chapter three: First school day

Chapter three: First school day

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Chapter three of my book. This series was planned to have seven books but I have only written three of them thus far. Thank you for reading this so much!


Chapter 3: First school day



Aching with pain, I rose to my feet and began dreading the day ahead of me. If it weren’t for the wounds on my leg I would have thought last night was a nightmare. The holes punched in my leg were bad, but not as consistent as the pain that pulsed through my upper body. Checking the clock I saw I had to leave soon or deal with my adoptive family. After redressing my wounds, I began looking for a clean outfit to wear today. My clothes were scattered around the room and I crept to collect them. Once dressed, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. My hair was a mess and there were a ridiculous amount of tangles when I forced the brush through it. The fear of waking up my fake parents kept me from eating breakfast, so I left hungry.Grabbing my things and silently opening the door, I slammed it behind me as hard as I could. Running down the path to the street, I couldn’t help but smirking at my mischief. At the end of the road I saw Max awaiting my arrival so we could walk together. Lyra used to wait with him, but her dad didn’t want her walking to school everyday. I shot a quick glance at the house where that thing attacked me last night but walked on without missing a step.


“Good morning Vyon.” He said in a low voice as I approached, slipping his phone into his pocket.


“Good isn’t the word I would use.” I replied sighing but chuckling at my own joke softly.


“Well it will only get better.” His rare joking tone shined through as we began walking.


“Yeah once the bell rings at the end of the day.” I grumbled knowing today was going to be painfully slow.


“Top of the morning my colleagues!” Zenex shouted to us from atop his back fence a small distance up the road.


“Shut up Zen.” Maxwell muttered as Zenex hopped down and began walking with us.


“So everyone all set for another year of suffering?” Zen announced his question happily laughing at his sarcasm.


“Thrilled.” I said dryly as he laughed again at my lack of enthusiasm.


We have used taken this route since we were children waking to elementary school. Sighing happily I reminisced about the past and how different things used to be. I remember getting to walk to school with Lyra. I remember how broken I felt when she said she couldn’t walk with us anymore. I remember helping Zen with his first bully and his first fight. My head was in the clouds when I remembered where I was and what I had to do today. Groaning to myself, I felt the internal pain spike again only to subside a few moments later. I think I may need to see a doctor. Damn this hurts...


We were quickly approaching the school, which means we should see Shio soon. It was hard to miss him walking up to us as he waved slightly with a tiny frown. For such a big guy he had absolutely no ego. Shio was quiet and standoffish but a very nice person. He wasn’t really fat, but he wasn’t truthfully skinny either. His hair is buzzed very short and his ears are pierced with two rings in each lobe. He had custard yellow skin and almond shaped eyes that were an earth brown color. Shio usually was dressed in a pair of baggy gray sweatpants and a blue t-shirt. Over that he wore a large black hooded sweatshirt with white sleeves and trim, which kind of made him look like a panda. He walked with his hands in his pockets and his shoulders sullenly sloped. He was quiet given his size and gentle regardless of his bulky frame. Shio is the kindest person I have ever met and I am grateful to know him. He used to share his lunch with me when my other adoptive families didn't have the money to feed me... I will never be able to repay him for that...


“Hey everyone.” Shio said softly in his deep whispering voice.


“What’s up? Ready for today?” I asked after greeting him and continuing to walk.


“Yeah I guess so. Just really tired… didn’t get much sleep last night.” He said running his hand over his head.


I could relate to that. Every few moments last night I was lost in contemplation about what had happened. The lifeless white eyes and the bloody maw still vividly haunt my memory. I shuddered just then and felt the pain in my chest strengthen for a few moments. I managed to fight it off without giving away I was in pain, but god damn I was.


“Well wake up man! We got a lot to do today!” Zen exclaimed loudly in his high pitched voice.


The last few streets passed by quickly as we walked and talked about the day to come. Although I desperately wanted to tell them, I didn’t mention what happened last night. The more I think about it the more I need to tell someone or at least show them, so maybe they’d at least listen. I saw Lyra standing across the street at the edge of the school parking lot. She waved and rushed across the street to give us each a hug. I could see today she was wearing a vibrant blonde color in her hair and mostly black wardrobe.


“Good morning!” She said looking from face to face eagerly. “Another year!” She announced happily raising her arms above her head revealing more of her slender stomach.


“Good morning!” I shouted with Zen.


“Why must you two yell?” Maxwell asked rubbing his temple. “Hello Lyra.” He said casually accepting his hug from her.


“You guys are so funny.” She said with a childish smile. “It’s like the three stooges and Shio!” Nudging him got him to smile briefly.


“Comedic stylings of Zen and V, glad you enjoy it.” Zen said hanging his arm over my shoulder.


“The only thing I enjoy is when you two act like idiots. Although isn’t that a full time job for you Zen?” Max said with a laughing sigh, Lyra joined in too.


“Ouch hitting below the belt!” Zen replied and we all laughed a little.


“Lets go, we gotta get our schedules.” Shio said and we began following him toward the cafeteria.


After receiving my schedule and a map, which I didn’t need, it was off to my first class. This school has a very loose uniform policy and yet they constantly warn Lyra and I about certain wardrobe choices. Whether its her short skirt or my spiked collar they just want us to fit in with the other kids. Honestly, we could care less if we were outcasts in the eyes of everyone else, at least we have accepting friends. What's worse? To be a group of freaks who love each other, or to be so vein you need to assimilate someone else to fit your standards?

I arrived at my first class and took a seat in the back until addressed and moved to my actual seat near the door. The first class passed by quickly and before I knew it, my second was about to begin. As I entered the next classroom I heard snickering from the uniformed students who thought I was a freak or something. I sighed once I was in a seat and I grabbed a hold of the collar tag gently. They laugh at me for this and yet they know so little. None of them have had to deal with a single hardship and yet they are judging someone who has been to hell and back. 


Allow me to explain the collar and the reason I wear it. When I was younger my parents abandoned me. I was only five years old when they threw me out for the world to deal with. One day they told me I had a doctors appointment and when we arrive they told to wait while they parked the car. I got out and watched as they sped off down the road and out of my life forever. I waited for a few hours but they never came back for me. When I eventually made it home, I was mortified to find they had moved away and left me behind like a discarded appliance. Every door was locked and every window boarded shut preventing any chance of getting inside my childhood home. For the next five months I lived in the doghouse behind the abandoned house surviving off the scraps and kindness of others. Eventually the police found me and I surfed families until I fell in with these monsters I’m supposed to call parents. I wear this everyday so I never forget what my parents did to me. So the memory of my pain will temper me for the future. The tag simply reads, “never forget”, in crudely scratched letters.


My second class was so slow. This teacher would not such his freaking trap about some piece of pottery he made for a local museum. It wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have such an arrogant attitude, like we are better for having known this pointless information. I put my head down and softly sighed knowing this would be life for the next year, listening to someone else talk. The only good thing is first day means I don't have to actually do anything. Also since this is second period that means lunch is next! Only good thing about school in my opinion, free food. Given how little I try to be at the house this place is essentially what keeps me alive.


Later, the bell rang and I darted from my seat rushing for the door. The warm sunlight hit me and I felt a wave of new energy. Moving toward the growing lunch line a blur by the office caught my eye. Turning to look at it I saw something swiftly move around the corner. The pain in my chest amplified and I coughed a little bit as my feet continued toward the cafeteria. It gave me a really creepy feeling and I hurried to find my friends. Here at school too? Did it follow me? What the hell is it? Am I going insane? This has to have a rational explanation, right?


"Hey Vyon!" Max shouted in a loud serious voice to get my attention.

"Oh there he is!" Zen stated loudly, as I approached.


"Hey guys what's up?" I asked trying to shake the bad feelings.


"Nothing really. How are your classes so far?" Lyra asked me after her ceremonial greeting hug.


"Boring and annoying." I replied rubbing the back of my head lightly.

"You guys want lunch? I'm pretty hungry." Shio asked as he got up from the bench he and Lyra were on.


"Sure Shio I'll wait in line with you!" Lyra responded sweetly hopping up and adjusting her necklace.


"Well my classes are superb so I can't possibly relate. I have almost all electives." Maxwell's late reply came as we headed into the cafeteria.


"My classes suck! All the teachers know me so they wont let me get away with anything!" Zenex complained with a funny grin.


As Zenex said this I saw a shadowy blur move through the crowded lunch room in a flash. Training my eyes I managed to get a glimpse of some kind of figure, but there was no time to take in detail. It slinked through the room, ducking under tables and around people, but no one even flinched. Did they even see that thing? I felt a hand on my shoulder and I jumped turning to lock eyes with my friends. Maxwell and Shio seemed alarmed and concerned, but Lyra and Zenex had a short, mocking laugh.

"You look funny when you're thinking." Lyra said her softs scratchy voice reminding me where I was.


"Kinda got lost there." I responded with a dismissing laugh as I scanned the room again for whatever I had just seen.


What the hell is going on with me? Am I crazy or was that thing there, lurking and trying to avoid my sight? Shaking my head, I listened to my friends words and followed them in line toward the warming lamps. After a pretty bland meal of mashed potatoes and something that could be called meatloaf, I followed the others who went back outside and to a large tree. Sitting beneath it we spent the rest of our lunch hour chit-chatting and listening to music on Shio's phone since it had the best speakers. Even though I was still in a fair amount of pain it was easy to ignore with a friendly atmosphere. As the bell rang people broke apart moving in droves toward various parts of the campus. With a pained grunt, I hauled myself to my feet checking my schedule for my next destination.


"Bye guys!" Shio mumbled walking away but Lyra caught him in a hug before he could go.

"See ya! Music class, woohoo!" Zen shouted back to me as he ran toward the far end of the school.


Maxwell just waved as he walked away conversing with Lyra a bit before she gave him a quick half hug and then jogged back to me. Hugging me she grabbed my hand and smiled brightly leaning her head onto my shoulder. My cheeks felt hot as I stared at her unable to really understand what she was doing or see her face clearly. After a small giggle she said goodbye and turned walking away. Even though her petite hand only touched mine for a few seconds, I felt warm all over and an overwhelming wave of happiness hit me. What the hell was that though? Not complaining at all, just confused!


Heading toward my next class, which was P.E., I had to stop and change in the locker room. I hated doing this since day one of high school. No shame stems from my body, I hate the way I look and all, but it just bothers me having other people watch me strip. Walking through the corridor and into the locker room I was hit with the pungent smell of musk and body spray. Few people were strung out around this room talking loudly and overall being jackasses from what I could hear. Moving to the nearest corner I put my hair into a pony tail, which poofed out dramatically testing the limits of the hair tie. After changing into the simple gray shirt and black sweatpants I headed out to the gym floor. Few people took notice of my wounds, but those who did whispered the observation to friends, so they could have a look. This wouldn't have bothered me, had they not started the rumor I cut myself... Fuckers...


"No way! Vyon! Hey Vyon!" A piercing voice cut through the normal roar of mass conversation.


"Zen? What happened to music?" I asked confused but happy to see him again.

"Read it wrong. Music is last." He seemed disappointed with this situation, but he smiled on as he always does.

"Young man I don't believe you are in my class." A tall woman said appearing behind Zen causing him to perk up and spin around.

"Right you are madame! I am interloper from ze other class!" Zenex hammed a great performance of a Russian spy, complete with gruff accent.

"Go to your spot." She said smiling, but still somewhat annoyed, the natural reaction to Zenex.


"Hey glad to see you buddy now this class won't suck as much!" I called to him as the teacher walked passed me.


Hearing the teacher grunt at my disrespect, I snickered back at her softly before going to my designated spot. Moments like this make me realize how important it is to have close friends... family. The way I feel when I am at home or forced to be out with the fake "family" is so dreadful, but in a few seconds my friends can make me happy to be alive. Honestly now that I am thinking about it they are the only thing that makes me happy. I have nothing at home to look forward too, so they are my only source of comfort and entertainment.


When I was little, I used to pretend they were still there even when I was alone or had to move away, the two times that nightmare occurred. They helped me live through times of insanity and hardship. I just wish my love for them was this strong when I was very young. Many people have survived on the streets for much longer than I did but I was... just a kid... It was so hard for me to figure it out and comprehend what I was going to have to do. I felt terribly cold thinking about all of this and the pain in my torso seemed to surge causing me to hack out air and clutch my stomach. F**k this hurts! Wish I had some aspirin or a blunt. Class let out and I walked with Zen to the locker room before going to my locker and changing again. Gathering my clothes from the locker I tried to change a quickly as possible so no one else saw that I was wounded.


"Hey Vyon we should start a meth lab in your locker!" Zenex called through the loud, heavily echoing room. "It will be, like, total opposite of that show!" He finished with a laugh that got him mocked by people in my end of the room.


"Where’s my cash b***h!" I called back pulling my shirt over my head and listening for his laughter, which came quickly.


Though I upset several people around me and I could only imagine Zen did as well, it was good to laugh. Many people take laughter and being happy for granted, which is a tragedy to me. It isn't just something that happens for us all, some people have to fight really hard to feel good. Another scoff caught my attention as a well dressed prep shot a mocking glance my way before laughing with his friends. I pretended it didn't bother me but a part of me was bothered. Normal was never a word I would use to describe myself, but if anyone ever gave me a chance they would find I am a very nice person.


"See ya after school man!" Zen called to me as he ran by slowing for a few seconds.


Heading out I slung my backpack over one shoulder and flipped open the now worn piece of paper that listed my classes. My next class was algebra and I groaned heading across the empty field toward it. The classroom was near the southern entrance to the school where all the teachers parked, so it was a longer walk. As I stepped off of the grass and onto the pavement, I was overwhelmed by a wave of paranoia. Quickly jerking my head around to examine my surroundings, I found myself to be alone, no students were even remotely near. Continuing to walk, the pain in my chest flared again and I could not manage to shake this heavy anxiety. My spine straightened with fear as a strange sound gurgled to life behind me.


Turning in place, I watched as part of the concrete melted and sunk into a thick black pool, darker than any normal asphalt. My eyes widened and I stepped backward, as the bubbling pool sprang to life, launching forward with a sloshing noise. As I stumbled away, the edge of the black sludge began forming into tiny hands, which slung toward me like lifeless snakes. Crying out in shocked terror, I swatted the one that came near my face, but fell backward allowing the other few to grab hold of my leg. As I pulled for freedom, waves of pain tore up my leg, through my body, and into my brain. The pit of tar like evil seemed to open slightly and I felt myself being dragged toward it. Several more tiny hands shot out and snared my leg in a swift wrapping motion, which caused me to yelp, then scream out for help! Clawing at the ground, I kicked off with my free leg and broke free from a small cluster of arms, but they were quickly replaced! Looking back I was paralyzed with fear, as a huge lump rose to the surface slowly! Sludgy goop sloppily fell free, leaving a gaping set of jaws protruding from the ground! Each stringy arm originating from the throat, which began to take on a whirpool motion, burbling into a rapid spiral. The wicked arched teeth formed an oval around the cluster of arms, each one roughly three feet long!


Feeling my foot become submerged in liquid I let out a shrill cry that no man should make. Kicking off the ground again, I felt my foot break free and I fell flat on the pavement. Scrambling forward I flailed a short distance before falling again and rolling onto my back. As I continued to kick backward, my frantic breathing growing louder, all the tiny arms and droplets of sludge seemed to seep back into the pool. Retreating with uncertainty, I saw the floppy arms colliding with one another, growing larger and larger, until no features remained, only a large column of pure darkness.


Stepping on my backpack I looked down for literally half a second, but didn't linger. When I looked back up the shifting pillar burst open into the shape of an unnaturally wide hand with long thin fingers, which reminded me of spider legs. At this point I sprinted away as fast as I could. Unfortunately I tripped over my backpack and hit the ground hard landing on my shoulder and sliding a bit. A frenzy of motion overtook my body, as I thrashed to get up watching the arm slowly loom toward me dripping festering black goo as it moved from its point of origin. Grabbing my backpack I pulled my feet free and kicked off from the ground using the momentum to begin running instantly. I could feel tears forming behind my eyes as I ran blindly down the paved path dividing the field and the classroom buildings. What the f**k is going on? What’s wrong with me, why am I seeing these things? Was it something I smoked or am I just losing my s**t? I practically fell around the corner as I tried to make the turn too quickly. My leg hurt so badly as I half crawled, looking back several times but only seeing students walking in the distance.


Hauling myself back up I fell against the door of the classroom and then went inside. Falling against the nearest desk, I stared outside panting with eyes as wide as the walls. A hand touched my shoulder and I cried out, striking it away and spinning in place to face the teacher. A few students, who were already in class, began laughing at me and making jokes amongst themselves, but the teacher just stared at me. His concern was paramount, yet nothing about being in here made me feel safer.


"Are you alright?" He asked fixing his glasses as he eyed me closer.


Wiping the sweat from my face I nodded. "Yeah... I'm fine." My response was shaky and only got me taunted more.


"Freak." Someone whispered as I began to calm down.


"Great, got a tweaker in this class." Someone else muttered causing a wave of muffled laughter.


"What happened?" The teacher asked reaching toward my shoulder but stopping prematurely as I reacted to his hand.

"I think I had a panic attack or something... I'm fine though." I whispered back, my face burning with humiliation.


“This is why we don't do crack kids.” Someone kept the mocking going with another cruel comment.


"Do you need to go to the nurse? I could write you a note." His offer was very sincere and I considered it but decided against it.


"No, thank you. I'm fine really." I pretended there was not an audience of other people watching this conversation.


"You sure? You scared me kid." The question was followed by a short laugh.


"Sorry. I didn't mean to." My answer was still a bit shaky, but I was recovering my conviction.


"It's alright! Made my first day exciting." His jovial response made me smile, which made it easier to calm down. "What's your name?" He asked reaching behind him to grab a clipboard.


"Vyon Hollander." The fake names piled up over the years, I don't remember my actual last name and have never cared about it.


"Alright... You sit there in the middle." He pointed looking over the rows of chairs at my empty seat.


Once I sat down every pain in my body became aware. I could feel each individual hole in my leg throbbing horribly. My chest felt like something was trying to tear it's way out of me. I could do nothing but clutch it and take deep breaths to soothe the pain. As the class began, a frightening thought entered my head. I would have to go back out there! There is no way what I just witnessed... what I felt, was real. I had to be hallucinating, that is the only reasonable explanation. But even if that is the case I don't know why or how I got wounded? The bell rang before I knew it and the corpse like bodies suddenly sprang to life. Packing my stuff quickly I ran out the door and tried to get amongst a larger crowd of people. I figured following a crowd would keep me grounded in reality or prevent anymore "attacks". I still haven't decided if I was insane or just having a bad reaction to something I smoked, ate, or did... Regardless I was really freaked out and in a great amount of pain.


"Vyon!" Lyra squealed with joy as she tackled me from behind in a hugging fashion.


"Dog pile!" Zen shouted as he jumped on Lyra, nearly bringing me to the ground.


"Well hello to you both!" I muttered somewhat aggravated as Zen quickly hopped off laughing.


"Hi!" Lyra whispered coyly in my ear as she remained on me in a forced piggy back ride.


"Hello Vyon." Max greeted smiling slightly as I spun around to greet him and Shio, much to Lyra's amusement.


"Can we get out of here?" Zen complained smacking us both in the chest lightly as he walked by.


"Onward!" Lyra called in an explorer esque voice pointing straight ahead.


Heading out of the school Lyra seemed to enjoy being carried and she didn't really weigh that much so I obliged. Honestly it really hurt, but I f*****g adore her, so it is something I am willing to deal with. My leg hurt so freaking badly but my chest seemed fine so I was happy for that. We followed Zen up the street from the school and over the bridge toward downtown. We stopped at a convenience store near the freeway exit and got some snacks. As we entered a newspaper article caught my eye. It said that disappearances have been increasing lately at an alarming rate. For some reason I could not get the images out of my head after that. That pit of despair could swallow anyone up and nobody would even be able to search for them. That horrid little fiend could probably devour an entire body and still consume more flesh. My heart was pounding now as I walked by the drink coolers with Lyra right behind me. As I opened the cooler the chill was soothing and it helped me center my mind.

"Vyon what the hell are you doing?" Lyra whispered firmly in an alerted tone.


I opened my eyes to see I was using the beer cooler to relax my nerves. Quickly shutting it I rushed over to her pretending to be joking, but she stared at me like I was crazy. We both laughed however as we walked to another cooler door and opened it instead. I told her I was just really hot and I think she bought it. Lyra grabbed a large can of Creature energy drink and brought it to the front counter as the others gathered with there assorted items. Being the poorest I would normally not get anything but I was really thirsty, so I grabbed a bottle of water knowing they wouldn't mind. Zenex got nachos, Shio and Maxwell each got slushies, but we paid together. Instead of heading all the way downtown to our hangout we decided to instead go to the park down the street from my apartment complex. This left us with a shorter walk to all our homes, myself especially.


Once there, we sat under a tree near the back fence and smoked. A few of us had to share cigarettes but I didn't care since it was free. Being here with the only people I could say I trusted, made my fears dissolve. The pain in my leg even felt better since I could just sit here! Everyone told stories about there days and classes... but secretly I had the best stories of all! Though I could still be insane, I am not sure that this is as simple as that... The monstrosities I have been seeing seared my brain with an intense brand of worry. The possibility of seeing something else grew more and more prevalent in my mind, as the sun began to set. It was going to be dark soon and I didn't want to walk home alone but I knew I would have to.


"I had better get home." I announced standing up. "Don't want to get locked out again." I muttered that part covering it up with a soft laugh.


"Bye Vyon!" Lyra opened her arms and I leaned down to hug her.

"See ya bro!" Zen called lifting one hand in a quick wave.


Shio nodded to me and I smiled back nodding as well. "Max you heading home?" I asked him as he read through his phone’s news app.

"Not yet. Have a good night Vyon." He replied looking up at me for a second until I responded with a small wave.


F**k! As I walked alone across the field I knew this was a bad idea. I could go home with them, but then I would probably be locked out and I do not want to sleep on the patio again. I am just going to pretend they are with me. Nothing bad is going to happen... I am just going to walk home. Once I knew I was out of my friends view, I began running. My bag hit me with each stride I took, but the discomfort was nothing compared to the remnants of fear. Reaching the gate of the apartments I punched in the code, then sharply scanned each patch of darkness and each stretch of road. Once inside the complex I felt a bit safer but a part of me was still cautious and terrified. Knocking softly, my fake mother let me in and I was bombarded with questions about my day. Everything from what classes do I have, all the way up to how much effort did I give. Only good thing about her getting home before me is that she makes dinner. Not that I want to eat it around them and be judged on my manners or habits... After eating, showering, dressing my wounds, and watching some TV, I was tired enough to go to sleep. My room felt safe-ish, but the shadow soaked floor reminded me to much of todays grim ordeal, so I faced the window and stared out at the moonlight. As I lay there, my mind raced over the horrible things that have happened in the last day or so. Am I really going crazy?

© 2017 Thatonedawg

Author's Note

I will never stop saying this at the end... I am a dumb ass and I barely managed to write this. Please don't judge it that harshly. Hope someone enjoys it.

Edited to the best of my abilities, still take above comment to heart when reading. Thank you!

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A few story readjustments need to be made. Like, since his leg is bandaged, shouldn't that be seen in P.E. since he's in shorts and shouldn't Zen had seen it in the changing room? Although, I am really loving the characters and each of their own personalities as well as Vyon. I enjoy the way he naturally reacts to the situation, and I want to read more.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

You are so right! Gotta change that to sweatpants or something... But wow how did that sail over my .. read more

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