Chapter fifteen: Unfathomable change

Chapter fifteen: Unfathomable change

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

IF you've read this through and through, you've been waiting for the end of this chapter in some small way. Hope I'm getting better somewhat.


Chapter 15: Unfathomable change


In the next three days I recovered steadily and watched my friends skills develop at a slow pace. Hiromasa has been nicer to me, but still has moments of chaotic disappointment he throws my way. Yesterday was the first day I had walked since my near death encounter. So today, I return to the freedom of the fuzen infested world. Having time to freely sleep and think, I feel restless and rampant. The fear is still there, but dissipating as I see my friends fail to meet Hiro’s insane standards. They are only so strong and it has taken them three days to earn any praise at all. Hina’s bet has dwindled down to a measly ten bucks. She has promised to return with more cash if the reward is ever claimed however.

Independently, each of my friends are shaping a variety of strengths, styles, and skills. Where before, awkward stances and random lunging was the most they achieved, now, they are each shaping a unique way of fighting. That first day was priceless though… It was child’s play compared to my first day! Delicate tapping of weapons, empty hearted attacks, and lots of “sorry’s” or “are you ok’s”.


Hiromasa broke them of that damn quick though! It was almost like little training regiments he individually tailored to them. Something most people would pay a lot of money for, they each got free of charge. All they had to do, was deal with light insults and minor injuries. On top of this, they each had been given a jar with negativity in it. Essentially, they were supposed to stare at it as much as possible, then they could see fuzen whenever a sin splitter is near!


Hiromasa made Lyra run laps, a lot… He said because she didn’t have a weapon to block with, she had to become faster. It was fun for me, as I enjoyed seeing her in workout attire, but also because she is incredibly lazy. Lyra likes to smoke and walk in the park, that’s exercise to her. Still, her dedication was impressive because she rarely even got to use her artifact, where the others were constantly practicing. Hina made up for this by offering snacks, beverages, and well… me! She has brought me out there every morning and I am incredibly thankful! Each time Lyra rounds the yard she gets a barrage of encouragement and uplifting words! I really can’t wait to fly with her… I promised her we would today!


Zenex has gotten his butt whooped so many times, he is dead serious around Hiromasa now. This is something completely new to me and I teased him about it constantly. It was sort of sad though, like he couldn't be himself here… On the brighter side, Zen had perfected the forming of his bow and rarely cuts his hands now. His accuracy can still do with improving, but Hina is not the easiest target! I am impressed with his arrow that seemingly never looses velocity. Why can’t I have something cool like that?


Maxwell’s training overall consisted of trying to fight Hiromasa. Now I know how that sounds, but it was Shio and Maxwell so that changed things a little. Also Hiromasa didn’t really try to attack them, he mostly blocked and judged their performance. Maxwell has been trying really, really hard to learn from Hiromasa, but he found Hina to be a more open source. I leant him Hiro’s swordsmanship book, so hopefully that helps. What Max seeks is knowledge. Things even I haven’t learned about the nature of reality… You can see it in his face, his world has been obliterated. All that he has strived to learn means practically nothing, when you are dealing with supernatural, spiritual, and other worldly affairs.


Ah Shio, it was so sad to watch at first. I assumed Hiro would comment on his weight, but didn’t. However, he makes Shio run laps with Lyra when he first gets here and do several extra sets of exercises. Hiromasa’s surely thought harsh words, came through in the form of forced cardio. One odd thing however, Hiro only actually attacked Shio, when he dueled the two of them, I’m not sure what to make of that. It was a awesome though, that moment where it finally happened… Shio lifted the hammer and with a roar rivaling a bears, swung it downward with all his might! Clouds trailed from the miniscule mountains and it even looked like some dirt was dislodged as well. With a thunderous crash it met Hiromasa’s lifted arm. I swear, the look on his face didn’t even change as the giant weapon collided like a freight train. Shio looked dumbfounded, switching his eyes from the hammerhead to Hiromasa. With a push, Hiromasa sent him flying backward and shook his head lightly. Though that was negative reinforcement, Shio didn’t stop trying. On a side note, he is the only one who hasn’t complained!


“Heya!” I waved to them all, as training paused a moment.


“Vyon! Oh it’s good to see you walking!” Lyra rushed to greet me, her tank top and booty shorts more appealing than her words.


“Vyon!” Shio’s excited voice made me feel taller than the trees, as I stepped out onto the patio.


“Yo, how ya feelin buddy?” Zenex called from the edge of the woods, his flailing arms and orange spikes all I could clearly see.

“Good to see you, especially eye to eye!” Max called with a grin on his face, a childish one you don’t see much.


“Dead, both of you.” Hiromasa lifted Maxwell by the neck and put his spear to Shio’s forehead.

“Very funny, now put me down!” Max kicked a little, which looked hilarious.


“S-sorry…” Shio whispered staring into the wide blade.


“It’s alright. Go.” He set Max down and let his spear slide into a rested position.

“I was starting to worry. You feelin good to go?” Hina spoke down from the roof of the house.


“Yeah no problems other than a few aches and pains.” I laughed off near death and bathed in sunlight as I spoke up at her.


“You broke SO many bones…” She said with a small snicker. “Awesome you’re up and at em so quick!” Hopping down she landed next to Zen, who had just made it up to the porch.

“My man, wassup! This, all this stuff…” Zen pointed at his bow, then swung his hand around the front yard. “F*****g lovin it!” He added and got popped by Hiro.

“I am delighted to see your standing and moving, but this is a trivial step to celebrate. You have five minutes, all of you.” Hiromasa stated, before returning to the yard.


“Damn dude this guy can be a total di-.” I cut him off with my eyes.

“He has really good hearing.” I put emphasis on “really”, but we both just laughed.


“Damn I missed you!” Zen exclaimed, tapping the bow on the floor as he laughed.


“Me too!” Lyra hugged me again, her body odor… not terrible… “Not having you around has been sort of scary!”


“I concur with Lyra. Your absence at school is also being questioned.” Maxwell informed me, his face beaded with sweat.


“Yeah, your folks called my mom and were looking for ya too…” Shio added with a small sigh, like he hated having to tell me. “It’s good to see ya bro…”


“Thanks guys, yeah I’ll have to go home tonight and to school tomorrow. No worries!” I rubbed the back of my head, laughing dismissively.


That is definitely a huge f*****g worry! How did that not cross my mind? “Breakfast is in the oven, should still be hot.” Hina mentioned, entering the house herself.

“Times up. Vyon, get out here as soon as you are finished.” Hiromasa shouted and a flurry of movement followed.


Never seen Zen or Lyra run that fast for anything! The attitude they took when he shouted was bordering fear, but they needed the discipline. Drill instructor Hiro wont let them slack one second! If he can break Zenex into place, wow… He must have the patience of Gandhi and the willpower to rival Buddha. Hell I want to kill Zen sometimes… Regardless of Hiro’s harsh mannerisms they are doing well in my eyes, just not his. I’m not sure how to feel about that honestly… I am happy they have to stay and train, while we hunt fuzen, but I am anticipating a fight alongside them.


In the oven I found a glorious bounty of all manner of food. Two ham steaks, three pancakes, scrambled eggs, a stack of toast, lots of hash browns, a cinnamon roll, and a pile of bacon! I thanked her, walking to the door of her room to do so. We met in the hall and she scoffed, hugging me. It was unexpected, but I am used to Hina’s outward affection.


“You need to get your strength back, so eat all of it!” Her mothering tone and wagging finger made me smirk.


“Thank you…” I spoke sincerely, trying to pierce her playful veil.


“Don’t mention it!” Her quirkiness was infallible, as she strode back outside just as happy.


Enjoying my immense breakfast felt good. I had eaten little in the past few days and when I did, it was fed to me. Solid, wholesome, hearty food though… Wow… It was like I would never feel full again, as I stuffed myself silly. Emptying the carton of orange juice, I threw it away and started finishing the pot of coffee. Layering eggs, bacon, and sausage on toast, I made a little sandwich and began finishing my breakfast that way. Hina has to be some kind of culinary wizard, nothing she has made was ever less than superb! Well, she is a real sorceress when you think about it…


“Vyon, glad you could join us.” Hiro waved me over as I stepped out into the yard once more.

Various greetings accompanied my return, each more potent then the sunlight above. Stretching and taking a deep breath, I took a few steps forward, then teleported to them all. The others reacted with a small cluster of cheers, but I bet they had seen that a lot by now! It was like they hadn’t seen me in years! Hugs, handshakes, pats, and all manner of friendly greetings piled atop me until Hiromasa broke them up.

“Quiet, all of you.” Hiro lifted one hand to silence them. “Vyon, I want you to become reacquainted with your abilities. The rest of you practice with Hina.” Hiromasa’s instructed us all, glancing around the circle of faces. “You all are going to avoid Hina this time, not be chasing her.” Each face dropped or gnarled with fear and confusion. “Kid gloves, alright hun?” Hiromasa added when he saw the growing terror.


“Wait, really? Oh my gosh… yay!” Hina’s eyes sparkled like a Christmas tree, her voice like an eager child.

“C’mon, be gentle alright? Don’t hurt em Hina.” I was trying to be serious with her, but she is very unreceptive to that, at least from me.


“Alright, nothing lethal…” She absently waved a hand at me walking toward them. “Now run little rabbits…” Hina ignited and rose into the air. “RUN!” With a swipe of her arm she formed a tidal wave, which barreled toward them.

“We’re all gonna die!” Zenex wailed, sprinting madly through the woods.

“It is only water you idiot!” Max out ran him, keeping a steady pace.

“It’ll still freaking hurt!” Shio called ahead, as the three of them moved beyond my sight.


“This’ll be fun!” Lyra waved to Hina, already evading the wave, but still running after the boys.


“Game over man!” Zenex echoed from somewhere in the distance.


Watching Hina scour from above, happily hunting human beings sort of sickened me, but I suppose this is good for them, somehow… Looking to Hiromasa, I scowled upon seeing his smug, satisfied smirk. As if that wasn’t enough payback, he tried to hit me! Damn it, I thought we were passed this crap! I hate this surprise attack, Pink panther bullshit! Still, he was only going lightly and I was grateful for that, I couldn’t take his normal strength right now…


“Come on bud, fight back. What’s wrong, thinking about your girlfriend?” Hiromasa swung his leg outward, a flawless roundhouse kick. “Worried about going back out there?” A straight kick stopped inches from my face, as I ducked backward.

“Oh, shut it old man!” Successfully blocking a jab, I tried to punch him back.

An elbow hit my side and as I turned away, he popped me with the back of his fist, not hard, just to insult me… Retaliating from that, I kicked outward, only to have my leg grabbed. Instincts snapped my other leg straight out and the impact loosened his grip. Sliding backward, I blocked two kicks, as Hiro appeared above me, then a fell with a chopping motion. He was moving much slower than normal, but using decent strength now. It was like a mock match, less than sparring even…


Launching forward I felt my foot contact, his elbow and knee, diverting the strike. His hand snatched my shirt collar, but his punch missed its mark. Grabbing and pinning his arm, I drove a knee upward, which got him good. With little effort he shoved me away from him, but I easily used this momentum to remain aloft.


“Not bad doggish mantis…” Hiromasa used a kung-fu voice. “But now, you face my wrath!” A ridiculous, impractical, and delicate looking stance was taken.

“Oh now your just messing with me…” I shook my head, but he just waved his fingers provokingly.

As I darted forward, fist back ready to hit his perfectly exposed face, I realized this was not going to happen. From this ridiculous, near full crouched stance Hiro shot upward. My hook punch whipped beneath him, as he front flipped over me. The left side of my vision went blank a half second later, but I caught flashes of what happened. Sailing upward, he flipped like a coin in flight, with no obvious goal to be seen. Unwinding from his spiral, he arched into a long, trapeze style front flip. From this he tucked and cartwheeled through the air toward me, just enough distance covered to reach me. As his body came around, his leg was perfectly aligned with my head! Again, I damn near instantly hit the ground, specks of light dancing in my vision. We weren’t that high in the air so it didn’t hurt as much… or it hurt more… I don’t know, my head is like a damn church bell right now…

“Alright, time out… My skull isn’t one piece anymore…” I moved my hand overhead in a circular motion, hoping he understood.

“Sorry, that was a bit much.” Hiromasa lowered a little, then fell to standing. “Just, pent up a little. Haven’t been able to go full strength the last few days.” Hiromasa explained, but didn’t look at me as he did, hints of shame lining his voice.

“Thank you for that… For being gentle with them.” I smiled uneasily, but so did he.

“Well it isn’t everyday someone brings me four supernaturally attuned human beings!” He exclaimed, his violet eyes softening a moment when he laughed. “I didn’t want to scare em off… well, maybe just him.” Hiromasa pointed through the woods, as Zen ran by evading a tiny tornado.


“If you feel that way, then I bet you already sorta like him!” Nudging Hiro a few times, I got him to smile.


“Suppose you’re right…” Hiro smirked, as Zen was thrown into the air a little. “Let’s keep going.” He called his spear to his grasp upon saying this, an eruption of purple fire.


Alright, let’s see if I remember how to do this… From the start it didn’t react like I expected, but with sharpened focus, I drew the sword from its ethereal sheath. A split second of pride flashed across his face, but it faded into a typical frown. Thrusting the spear forward, he snapped it upward to keep me from charging. With the spear folded under one arm, he awaited my approach, though I circled and hoped he would act first. I prefer to counter attack and avoid striking first…


Kicking off the air, I sailed forward, the blade slicing in front of me. Hiromasa just swung the spear horizontally, using his body weight. The deflecting force was so great, I was thrown aside and lost a bit of altitude. Jerking the sword upward, I just barely caught the incoming hammer, which he lazily swung. His toying mannerism’s made me feel a little better about being off my game. Swinging the weapon back and forth, my unwinding strike met his raised spear handle. Regardless of how half-hearted his effort appeared, I think Hiro was having fun.


With a long build up, he swung the hammer downward with all his might, but I avoided it easily. What I didn’t anticipate, was he simply flipped himself up and over, allowing the hammers weight to fall atop me again. Lifting the sword, I managed to catch it, but the impact threw me downward a good distance. Hiromasa launched a curtain of flames, which quickly gained speed and force. This severance strike was underpowered, but it still took all I had to avoid it.


Teleporting closer, I didn't achieve enough distance, but released several strikes anyway. A few came within range, but it was practically no use. He was never where I thought he was, his vanishing is unreal, practically unnoticeable. Buffeting the air as it passed, the hammer hurtled by my face. Leaning backward with desperation, I slipped away, then dashed at him meeting his arm, instead of his weapon.


“You still got it!” Hiro’s effortless blocking of my strikes made his comments void. “Still a barbarian though, you need to hone your strength!”


Blocking my third attack in a row, Hiro kicked the sword away swiftly, then balanced on the handle to turn and kick with his other leg. I was unprepared for this and it landed heavily against my sternum. Sliding back, I immediately began falling. Warping back up to his level, I fell with gravity and my blade met his, but I flashed to his side and tried to stab his flank. It almost worked, barely clipping cloth, yet he simply turned passed my attack and smacked me with the hammer as he came around. Though it winded me, it only hurt a little. His weapon was already poised at my face, so I decided I was defeated.


“Alright, alright, you win…” I muttered, pushing his spear aside with the back of my hand.


“Would a fuzen let you off that easily?” He allowed the spear to move away, but repositioned it instantly.

“Fine!” I teleported out from beneath him.


Hiro must’ve been unprepared because what happened next sort of astounded me. Appearing above him, I felt my foot collided with the top of his head and I kicked off! Flying upward and away, I teleported again, feeling the wind of his hammers swing at my back. Turning over in the air, I saw Hiromasa’s shock, while I retreated a good distance away and readied myself. A wicked grin grew up his wrinkled face and a spark entered his eyes.


From then on, it was like before. He did not hesitate to swing this weapon ful force. The blade of the spear screamed through the air, flashing as light passed over the metallic silver surface. The hammer head below the spear, was an added danger. No dodge was ever far enough in my head, no block would be strong enough… After about forty more minutes of combat, loose and unheated, his watch beeped.


“Alright, that’s lunch.” Hiromasa chuckled, our weapons lock on one another breaking.

“Whew, forgot how tiring this can be…” I wiped my forehead, floating downward against my will.


“It’ll come back. Don’t push yourself too hard.” Hiro pat my shoulder as he passed by. “Hina, bring em in!” He called to her, a confirming nod all she returned.


Watching Hina sink below the tree line, her ghostly emerald aura clashing with the modest green of nature, I could only imagine my friends relief. These past few days have been an insane challenge, both mentally and physically. Whether it was Shio losing weight, Zen maturing, or Maxwell accepting the supernatural, they have all grown. Lowering to the ground with Hiromasa, I caught glimpses of them through the trees.

“Hey Vyon, look, I’m not dead!” Zenex declared brightly, popping out a bush.

“Too tired to be snide…” Maxwell trudged out behind him, wiping his face with a sweat soaked arm.

“So… much… running…” Shio breathily whispered, falling to a seated position once clear of the trees.

“Hey Shio! Thought we lost you when she made it rain fire?” Zen asked, still apparently energized.

“You ditched us you d****e!” Lyra shoved past him to sit with Shio. “Things get a little heated and you bail, typical!” Adding this, she got a laugh from Hina and I.


“That was tactical fleeing, I’ll have you know.” Zen held a snobbish attitude, but chuckled after a second.


“From where I was, it looked an awful lot like bitching out.” Hina chuckled getting a high-five prompt from Lyra.


“What the hell happened to “nothing lethal” huh?” I asked blatantly once I could speak with Hina.

“You didn’t burn anything down right? How bad does the forest look?” Hiromasa also showed concern, but not for my friends.


“Oh calm down you two!” Hina cried back, fetching a bottle of water from the cooler. “Jeez, it’s like working with two old biddies…”

We both were silent a moment, then just shrugged. “You all have thirty minutes to eat, then you-.” Hiro was cut off by complaints.


“We get an hour at school!” Zen whined in return.

“Stop complaining. Thirty minutes, then you fight Vyon.” Hiro’s words made my heart stop a second.


“W-wh-WHAT?” I practically screamed back at him. “You don’t… I can’t… they aren’t…” My words didn’t form sentences and so I just sighed.

“Ooh, been waiting for this!” Zen spoke in a growing voice, until he cheered maniacally.

“A’ww but he just got better!” Lyra protested.


“We will go easy on him and he on us.” Maxwell reassured her before Hiro could speak.


“I wont hit Hina out of principal, but Vyon’s a boy so…” Shio had a moment of thought with himself, but ended up shrugging.


“Not to worry guys. We’ll just gang up on Hiromasa!” I laughed with them all, but Hiro sighed softly.


Suddenly Lyra was in my face. Her huge sparkly eyes beat into me, as she took up a coy grin and grabbed my shoulders. Kicking her foot around, as she leaned on me, Lyra’s face became a begging portal of restrained love. Unable to avoid her stare, I was momentarily hypnotized and leaned forward, trying to kiss her.

“Can you fly me to Burger queen?” My lovey eyes cracked apart and a wave of shame rushed up me.


“Totally, we can get everyone something!” I replied, the heat of my blush cooling under my ruse.


Each set of eyes examined me closely, as I laughed off my certainly bright blushing. After a moment to take orders, the time was at hand. Finally, I got to fly with Lyra! A cheering cry rose as we did, peaking just as we began rocketing forward. Nobody was able to see us that high in the sky, so I hugged her tightly and gave her several kisses. My restrained affection came spilling forth and I was unable to keep myself in check. I am not proud, but I purposely flew at speeds and angles, that caused our bodies to grind together. Again, not entirely proud, but very pleased…


Lyra seemed equally enthralled by this, though I doubt it was because she was pressing against me. To her, this must’ve been the best roller coaster combined with sky diving and hang gliding! To everyone of my friends, I will offer a free flying taxi service, but I want this to be special for Lyra. Even with our limited time, we still took a moment to simply be with one another. Or at least I did, I have a feeling Lyra was having too much fun to be emotional.


“DUDE THAT WAS EPIC!” She shouted once we touched down, behind Burger queen. “At that one point, when we went all, like, whoosh!” She flailed her arms around while freaking out with joy.


“It was a lot better with you to be honest…” Lowering my eyes and voice, I tried to be sweet.

She hugged me, her face pressed against my chest. This sort of shocked me and I couldn’t prevent my hands from wandering. As soon as I reached her lower back and upper behind, she pushed me away. A dumbstruck face flushed into existence, as I stared innocently. Lyra stuck her tongue out and winked at me, smiling coyly.

“Such a charmer…” She sarcastically added, wiggling her rear at me.


Unsure of what to say, I simply followed her and enjoyed the view. Like I said before, I am not a pervert, but damn dude… Deprived is more like it… She’s simply impossible to ignore when she is around and Lyra knows it… Hell, she can use that against me as much as she wants!

“Alright so I got a complicated order…” Lyra began ordering as we approached the cashier.


Watching her half dance to the music in the restaurant made me grin brightly. I cannot specifically tell you what about her is so special, but to me… she’s solid gold. Wait, Lyra prefers silver! Whatever, I do not feel this way about anyone else… No human being has ever made me feel like life was worth living! She made it worth while to carry on, before I knew my true purpose… That is fuel for the fire, no pun intended.


“Arm all thrusters! Prepare deflector shields! Load photon generators! Ready, steady, blast off!” Lyra was preparing the food bags for flight, pretending they were delicate instruments.


Her squeals were like a child getting candy! Every little noise she made, caused my face to light up with joy. Though it wasn't a very far flight, driving would’ve been a pain in the a*s! No roads go to Hiro’s house, so you would have to park at the school, walk, and then find his place amongst the vastness of nature. From above, it was painfully easily to find! It was literally the only man made structure in the immediate surrounding woods. If you travel a good eight miles to the south, I think there’s a ranger station or something like that…


“Alright, you have ALL gotta try that!” Lyra spun around a few times, once we had landed.

“Would’ve loved to! Not all of us have a magic flying boyfriend!” Zenex declared as he snatched his chicken sandwiches.


“Vyon is NOT my boyfriend!” Lyra shouted, her appalled face quickly shifting to rage.

I understand she was covering, but… ouch… “Here, everyone take what’s yours.” Was all I said.


Surprisingly, Zenex didn’t tease her any further. Perhaps he is maturing a little, nah, I doubt it… I kept flashing Lyra glances, but she didn’t look at me much, only when necessary. Hina had apparently not eaten much fast food, but she seemed to enjoy her chili cheese burger. I hated how quickly they were finishing there food… I had decided a while ago that I was not going to fight back, but my nerves were jittery none the less. There was an unmentioned tension in the air, something we all could feel, but didn’t want to talk about. I doubt any of them were particularly eager to fight me, but something told me they were excited none the less. It was a matter of minutes now. Lyra and Shio are finishing…


“Alright, let me at em! Let me at em!” Zen gave a good cowardly lion impression, as he took a boxers pose.


“If anything, you would be the scarecrow. Brainless.” Maxwell jabbed at him. “Everyone ready?” He added, a hint of nervous in his voice.

“Yeah…” Shio replied shakily.


“Not really…” Lyra added after him.

“Nothing to worry about guys! It’s just practice! I bet you can’t even hurt me!” This taunt caused varying reactions I didn’t expect.


Zenex’s face curled into a devilish smile and his eyes screamed obscenities at me. Maxwell held a comedic insulted face, then gave a toothy smirk. Shio and Lyra both seemed worried, but Shio quickly centered himself. Lyra flashed me a concerned face, then sparked a spectral bullet into existence. Darting straight up, I watched an arrow shoot below me. A scattered array of screaming spheres cut all around me, as I swung my shoulders and juked my head away. Max and Shio watched from the center of the yard, then began following me through the woods, as I avoided Zen and Lyra’s barrage.


Saddly, I was to focused on them and flew through a tree… Scrambling, clawing, and ricocheting down the rough wooden monster, I hit the ground still fully cloaked in fire. Rising to flight, the ground released a deafening boom as the mallet landed where my legs were. Internal screams spit from my brain and I tensed for a moment. Maxwell used the fallen hammer as a leaping point and sailed forward, blade drawn back. Alright, I’m fighting back! Dropping my torso at an odd angle, I evaded the incoming steel and kicked him in the chest with my free leg. Next thing I knew, I was back in the air, trees whipping by on either side. Maybe I should follow the path… An arrow punctured the tree to my right and the one on my left was splintered by an explosion of light. Oh screw this…


Darting through the trees, I dodged around branches and trunks constantly. Zenex must’ve scrambled up a tree faster than a f*****g squirrel, for he was already aiming, as I banked over a clearing. He and Lyra were intent on forcing me to land. I understood this strategy and actively avoided lowering at all. Grabbing a stray tree branch, I used momentum to whip myself around and into cover. Leaning back against the trunk, an arrow punched through on my left, then the whole tree shook as Lyra blasted me back into the chase. How do I hide? I’m on fire for gods sake…


They were doing great though! Max leapt as high as he could quickly muster, then swiped at me. Still wasn’t quite enough and I watched him fall back to the ground, grunting with frustration. Even Shio gave it a whack, literally! He hit a tree I was hiding in forcing me to fall from it. Arching back around, I led them toward Hiro’s house with ease. This isn’t so bad though, they haven’t even come close to hitting me! All I gotta do is keep circling around and avoid-.


Something struck the back of my calf and the force threw me into a spiral. It was like my leg was used to catch a cannonball! Clutching my pained limb, I fell several feet before recovering and flashing away from the continued onslaught. Appearing on a new patch of empty air, I watched the blaze scatter, revealing they were closer, but beneath some thick trees. Zen was laughing and Max praised Lyra’s aim, but when I caught a glimpse of her, she looked mortified.

“Are you alright? I’m so sorry!” She screeched, a true worry lining her voice.


“He’s fine, you should’a seen when he fought Satan!” Zen slapped her shoulder and she shoved him.


God that freaking hurt… I didn’t show a hint of this, but my leg has a fat bruise and aches like s**t! Taking a more serious tone, I decided to trick them. Flying slower than normal, I prompted them to attack me, only to vanish in a random direction. This worked for a time, but they started devising some devious strategies to catch me. Zen would shoot low, while Lyra filled the air space above me with danger. At one point Shio hit a tree into my way and Max leapt from another, only to miss. I know I am apprehensive, but tenacity alone should keep them alive! I will… I’ll keep them alive…


“That’s enough!” I spun around and teleported closer. “Take this!” I swiped my arm and unleashed a destructive wall of severance.


Unlike with my sword, it was not concentrated and thin. It mimics the object used to unleash it! My swatting arm created a buffeting stripe of spectral fire. Everyone panicked as the trees above them shook, bent, and wavered. Laughing triumphantly, I turned and shot away with a weaker sonic boom then Hiro produces. Surprisingly, this didn't slow them down at all! Hina’s storm of spells must’ve taught them to recover quickly. Not to mention they have a small group, support and what not…


“There he is! Come on boys!” I heard Lyra call from behind, but I just went lower to hide in the trees.


For Christ’s sake I feel like I’m being hunted! Not that they can catch me, but that light bullet f*****g hurt! I do not want to be hit with an arrow… How are they this freaking accurate? It’s hasn’t even been a whole week! Spiraling to my left, I scattered through some branches, not bothering to move them or go around. Darting downward and banishing my aura, I formulated quick plans upon landing on a sturdy branch. Hiding for as long as I could, they drew closer and closer. Once I saw a prime opportunity, I took it! Dropping from the tree, I fell near silently, then teleported toward them.


Grabbing a hold of Lyra, I heard her squeal with fear, but I whisked her away, evading hammers, swords, and arrows alike! She screamed in fear the whole way up, but couldn’t avoid giggling once we were flying freely. I had pinned her arms, so she couldn't shoot me, then eagerly rocketed back toward Hiromasa’s house. Preparing to land, she squirmed a bit, so I swung her legs up into my arms. Upon touchdown, she kissed me softly and smirked at my panting. I was exhausted… I had teleported, like, four times after I grabbed Lyra.


“I think this means I won!” Lifting Lyra to reference her, Hiro and Hina just chuckled.


“By capture the flag standards I suppose…” Hina shrugged and Lyra scoffed.


“Wait, I got you though! Gimme that ten bucks!” Lyra put her nose to mine, then pointed her finger into my shoulder.

“Really? Wow Vyon…” Hina took on a taunting tone.

“Oh shut it! I’m like, two feet taller!” I declared as my defense.




“I’m… literally bigger… Easier to hit…” I replied meekly, feeling Lyra tense in my arms at Hina’s outburst.

“Oh, yeah! Right!” She swiped her hair into perfection, then laughed off her reaction.


“R-right, Vyon, put me down please.” Lyra requested, before scurrying away.


“Damn it, he made it here…” Zen took a moment to catch his breath. “Oh well, whatever…” He drew and aimed an arrow, the sound of the metallic sliding catching my attention.


“Whoa, you psychopath!” I flashed to his side, grabbing the chain myself.

“Dude that was awesome! Did you just think of that?” Zenex was so excited, but I popped him upside the head.


“Jackass…” I muttered as he tried to swat me back.


“Damn it, thought we had a chance…” Maxwell rushed from the woods, but doubled over instantly gasping for breath.

“Told ya, should… of… just walked…” Shio added trudging out to lean on Hiro’s fence.


“Dude, Vyon’s freaking hella fast!” Lyra declared, leaping from the patio and pretending to fly.


“Nah, I’m average! They’re both way faster!” I pointed thumbs at Hiro and Hina.

“Because we’ve learned how…” He said blatantly. “If you could focus enough you’re probably faster than I am.” Hiromasa shook his head and my eyes burst with shameful curiosity.


“Alright! Yeah, I’m the fastest!” I cheered turning back to my friends who joined in, but I heard Hiro sigh.


For the rest of the day we repeated this. Hourly training, real combat situations, then a small break. With each passing hour my worry was fading and I felt responsibility falling heavier than ever before. Every time I see them grow, learn, or excel, I am forced to evaluate how well I am doing. I need to be ten, no, a hundred times stronger than them combined, or I may fail… So long as they are safe, I am willing to suffer endlessly.


Toward the end of the day Hiromasa made me fight each of my friends one on one, only rule, no flying away. It was difficult at first, as Zenex leapt at the opportunity to be my opponent. He is just human after all! Though he is a lot better at quick aiming, I was just to fast for him overall! A few points I tried to deflect an incoming arrow, but ended up teleporting away from fear. It’s much larger than your typical arrow mind you… Eventually, I saw an opening and shot in, kicking the bow with both feet, to dislodge it from his hands. He laughed and put up his fists, bouncing like a boxer, but I had won.


 After Zen, was Shio and I had a lot of fun with him! It was like fighting a brutish fuzen, but with none of the concern! His strikes were frightening at first, watching the ground pit, crack, and bruise instead of my body. He telegraphed his attacks way to much, but the impact was imposing. Eventually we just stopped, to let others have a go.


 Lyra and I hardly fought, it was more like baseball practice. She pitched screaming spheres my way and I would bat them away as best I could. Rarely did she achieve a solid hit and when she did, Lyra was more than apologetic. At one point Hiromasa got onto her though and she started slinging lights like a firework. She was going for speed, not accuracy, which I was thankful for.


Max was honestly the most difficult out of them all. Having a sword, like myself, made it a fair fight. He also has a much lighter weapon than me and his technique shows it. Swinging my sword was always to meet his, not to actually attack. I’m unsure where he learned it, but the way he fought was unlike anything I saw in the old book…

“Damn it’s late already!” Zen exclaimed checking his phone offhand.


“Yeah, I’d better get going. Thank you again for the hospitality.” Max replied, his sarcastic appreciation good enough for Hiro.


“Vyon, fly me home?” Zen asked romantically, but Lyra shoved him into walking with us.

“Return here tomorrow, as soon as you can.” Was all Hiromasa said to them, as they began to leave.

“You’re doing great guys!” Hina added with a thumbs up.


“Goodnight Hina! G’night mister Hiromasa!” Lyra waved to them both, starting a chain reaction of goodbyes.


“Take care Vyon.” Hiromasa’s tone was odd, I think he knew I was worried.


“I will, thanks again!” I turned a waved, so he could see my sincerity.

“Good night Hiromasa. Be safe Hina.” Max and Shio said in close tandem.


“So I hate to be this guy, but I obviously have the coolest weapon!” Zenex said once we were down the road a ways.


“You really are narrow sighted about this… Zenex, everything is different now!” Maxwell seemed at a loss for words. “We need to learn as much about this new reality as we can!” Was all he added, desperate to get through to him.

“Yeah, ok, whatever… I just wanna kill monsters and stuff!” Zen seemed to legitimately agree, but only cared for a moment.


Max fixed his glasses and shook his head a moment. “Don’t any of you agree?” He asked us, mainly awaiting Shio’s response.


“Yeah!” I declared as happily as my apprehensive mindset would let me.


“You have no idea man, I have been so deep in thought lately…” Shio also seemed unable to properly convey how he was feeling. “Like, half the s**t we learned or knew is total BS now…” He added shaking his head a bit.

“It’s been harder dealing with red air… That stuff scares me man…” Lyra chimed in, looking up from her text to speak.

“Yeah, but you guys are safe-ish! You’re doing so good!” Stopping to show how serious I was, the others simply smiled.


These last few days, without me, must’ve been so disturbing for them. Seeing sin smoke all over, literally everywhere, must be unnerving. Having learned what this virulent substance does to them… I can almost smell the fear. It isn’t right, they shouldn’t have ever had to deal with this. Why couldn’t I have been stronger…


They’re probably going to die of fear when they see a fuzen, in the flesh. Seemingly alive smoke is one thing, but an actual human being, transforming into death incarnate… That’s something you cannot remove from your memory, ever. They will each have to deal with that visceral, hellish display when it occurs…

“See ya guys! Stay sharp!” Zen snapped his fingers into pistols, turning to head up the street.


“Wait up! Be safe guys, sleep tight.” Shio added swiftly, hurrying to follow him.


“I’ll see ya guys at school tomorrow. Text me when you get home, so I know you’re safe!” Lyra’s concern was touching, but not necessary for me.

“Yeah alright, ma.” Zenex taunted back, slowing for Shio to catch up.

“Seriously Zen, she worries man…” Max added, but he just nodded to him.


“G’night guys! See ya tomorrow!” I waved two times, calling my goodbyes toward both groups.


Watching the paired silhouettes fade into darkness, I sighed heavily. I haven’t been home in four or five days now, so this will be a nightmare… The fly to the apartment was short, since we had walked a fair distance. Ugh, walking… My gut told me not to get caught asleep, so I wont risk teleporting in and going to bed. Instead, I mustered my bravery and knocked. Motion inside the apartment made my neck hairs stand and my whole body tensed. The lock shifted, muffled voices bickered, then the door opened.

“Get the f**k in here.” My fake father said through clenched teeth with a caustic voice.

As I passed he swatted me in the back of the head. It wasn’t hard so I didn’t really react, but I couldn’t avoid flinching. He shoved me around, each shove getting more violent, but never enough to spill his drink. Both sets of eyes punched holes into me, boring out what little truth I had hidden away. I dare not look for very long, as the mere sight of my face enraged these two. So much red mist poured from their personal space, it looked like fake suns setting behind each head. Like a hellish halo of pure disdain and scrutiny.


“Where the f**k have you been? Answer me now!” My fake father shouted, grabbing me by the shirt.


“We called the cops! They opened a missing persons report! Do you know what people will think?” My fake mother added, pushing herself into my vision.


“Look at me, look f*****g at me!” My fake father jerked my head forward. “WHERE? Where were you?” His voice split the air, rattling the cheap stucco ceiling.

“I… I was… I…” The three lies in mind were bad, all of them. “I camped out to buy concert tickets.” The other lies were, camping trip or friends relative died.


Without falter or mercy, I was punched directly in the cheek. Blood spewed from my swelling lips and I felt a tooth shoot free. Before I could recover, he swatted his arm the other way and backhanded me to the couch. A barrage of insults flooded my way, driving daggers into every facet of my delicate psyche. This was paired with constant swats, punches, and occasionally kicks, but my mother held him back from this. All I could do was cover myself and plead him to stop.

“You f*****g worthless ingrate! How are you going to do that to us?” He shouted slamming his fist down on my barely covered body.

“We should’ve never got him! Jesus Christ… never!” She ranted at him while he pummeled me.

“What the f**k is wrong with you? Where you dropped by the doctor or were you born this fucked up?” Fake dad shoved my face into the couch and held my neck.


“No wonder they got rid of him, she probably smoked and drank the whole pregnancy…” Fake moms biting comment cut deep into my already crumbled soul.


“You lack all the conviction and dedication required to be my son. If I could sell you, I would!” His comments were paired with another strike to my covered face, this time over my eyes.

“Don’t bleed on the furniture! It’s worth so much more than you’ll ever be!” She yanked me from the seat and he threw me to the floor.

Hopeless now, I just whimpered and allowed this torment to take its course. My voice became like an animals. I couldn’t use words to beg for mercy, so I produced sad, wounded, and weak noises. It hurt inside, like I was giving up on myself… The whimpering my hoarse throat produced mimicked the clinking of his scotch’s ice, just softer, weaker, and less appreciated. My wounds reopened and my bruised swelled again, as I was battered by uncoordinated fists.


“You’re a f*****g worthless waste of space, time, and effort!” Kicking me with each word of his sentence, his strength increased until I cried out on his final stomp.

“Don't b***h, you brought this on yourself!” Her sneering voice poisoned the wounds, setting my emotions ablaze to match my physical pain.

“I swear, the second you are old enough, you’re joining the army! Just so I can be rid of you!” My fake fathers thundering voice disturbed my mother, but I could see the pleasure my suffering brought outweighed this.

“They probably wont even take him. He’ll probably die anyway!” This was a joke to her, she… smiled and nudged him like it was funny…

“F*****g piece of s**t! I hope you die, life insurance has it’s purposes after all!” One final kick to the lowly thing that I am and he was apparently done.


“Waste of money if you ask me. We should of ditched him like his real parents.” My heart stopped at this, allowing me to momentarily die and fully experience this pain’s gravity.

The harsh words went on, but it quickly became a list of punishments. I tried to stand, but I was kicked back to the floor as my fake father passed by. Blood poured from my face and every wound I sustained in the last few days was thrashed again. They chatted loudly about the things I would have to do and deal with… After a physical beating and a mental skewering, what makes them think chores will hurt me? This isn’t parenting… this borders on slavery… Coughing up a gob of spit and blood, I rolled to all fours, then stood up.

“Sit your a*s down.” My fake father commanded, lighting a cigarette.

“No…” I said softly, my head still bowed to let the blood drip freely.


“SIT THE F**K DOWN!” He stood up and screamed, his glass slamming the table.


“Never…” My fist tightened and I felt my aura peak, but I fought to restrain it.

“YOU LITTLE S**T, YOU F*****G UNGREATFUL PRUGH-!” He was preparing to put the cigarette out on me, when I snapped.


My fist flew forward, brief moments of fire trailing it, until I made contact. It felt like I hit the negativity he produced first, but I definitely hit him. My fist collided with his gut, sunk in a moment, then flung him back against the couch like a ragdoll. With my fist still lowering, I looked down and felt tears streaming steadily, loosening the sheets of blood on my face. You may imagine this as being empowering or feeling good, but sadly no… This all felt pointless and I was no better off for having hit him.


“Oh my god!” My fake mother screamed. “What did you… How could you…” She was dumbstruck as my fake father gasped for air.

“You people are vile…” Was all I said at first, silence following my voice. “You take me in and treat me like s**t, then condemn me for not being the perfect son you wanted? F**k you…” My voice was strong until the end, I whispered the powerful curse word.


“How… dare… you…” Fake dad coughed up spit, as he sputtered through his sentence.

“You want me gone, fine. Goodbye, you will never be burdened by me again! This was never a family to begin with!” I walked to the door and threw it open, not bothering if it closed.

“Get back here! Don’t you walk out of here!” My fake mother was less concerned with chasing me and more with her wounded breadwinner.

This felt good, getting to speak my mind. I felt a huge weight off my chest, but the emotion toll and physical damage would make flying hard. I just wanted to get away from here… I made it about four blocks before I started to cry. No boundaries or poise, I wept and fell onto a bus stop bench. No, I wasn't weeping for my lost home or possessions… Nothing there matters anyway. These tears were for one reason only… Yet again, I wasn't good enough. That is a fucked up way of looking at it, but that is the reality of the situation. To these disgusting, evil people, I still wasn't worth loving…


Why does anyone treat me kindly? Do my friends just feel bad for me? Like a friendly homeless person they don’t want to find dead one day? God, my f*****g stomach hurts and my face… The air was damp and a bitter cold fog blanketed the streets. It soon became apparent I had to go, I don't want them catching up to me… How will I do this? What if I see them again somehow?

“Tough week kid?” A voice asked, just as I was thinking about taking flight.

Turning to my right, I found myself outside an old two story, about three streets over. My math teacher stood on the porch, a big mug in his hands. If I hadn’t looked actively, I never would have seen him. A thick black screen enclosed his porch, but a small windowed portion allowed him to lean out. He would’ve seen me disappear… Wow, I wonder how much that’s happened already? How often do people see me do supernatural stuff?

“Y-yeah… you can say that.” I replied, wiping the dried blood from my face and onto my pants.

“Wanna come in and talk about it? My wife always overcooks, if you want to stay for dinner…” His offer shocked me and my bloodied lip trembled.

“Thanks, but I don’t like being a burden.” I replied simply, smiling back through the pain.

“Please, it would be my pleasure. Come in and get warm!” Waving me over, he opened the screen door and did the same to the front.

The warmth of the house swathed my body into momentary peace and I sighed pleasantly. No longer seeing my own breath, I examined the entry way to this modest home. Before I took in more than a grandfather clock and some decorative vases, a woman stepped into the archway. Her brown hair was in a bun, but loose and stringy all over. She wore an oversized pink shirt, with a cartoon cat on it and a pair of sweats. Her stare was startled enough to make my feel unwelcomed, but her overall charm was enough to say “stay”.

“Oh my, sweetheart are you alright!” She said drawn to my wounds.

“Hi, yeah I’m fine…” I replied unsure of what to say or do.

“Honey, this is one of my students, Vyon Hollander.” Being introduced this way felt strange, I need to go…


“Oh, what happened bud? Why are you out so late?” She asked both alerted and disturbed with me.


“I’d rather not talk about it…” Wavering greatly, I stared at the floral rug for comfort.


“Th-that’s ok sweetie. Just, try to relax…” Her words were dissuaded, yet concerned for me.


 “There’s a bathroom right there, you can clean yourself up.” He stated, as I thanked them both, then slunk away.


Instantly his wife unleashed a torrent of whispered questions, which he answered at a normal speaking voice. At times he would lower his voice and I assuredly thought he spoke of my abuse, absence, or assumed delinquency. Cleaning blood from my face, I was relieved to find only minor wounds, which just produced a lot of blood.


 It felt odd conjuring my aura in a common household. The feeling was immaculate, like a hug for my soul, just what I needed to act normal. After a few seconds I took a deep breath and it vanished. Originally, I was going to teleport away and go to Hiro’s, but they deserve a proper goodbye, this was incredibly kind of them. Tossing the bloody cotton and bandage wrappers, I went to face them.

“Why hello, it’s good to meet you Vyon.” She said my name oddly, which it deserves.

“Pleasures all mine.” I replied meekly under her examining eyes.

“Sorry I must look a mess! Make yourself at home alright?” She checked her appearance in a hall mirror, then waved me in.

“No, no you look perfectly fine. This was very nice of you, but I should go. You guys don’t-.” She cut me off with her eyes before he spoke.

“Nonsense! It’s raining pretty hard, see?” My teacher drew the curtain, showing mild rain.


“Stay for dinner, I don’t get to meet Reggie’s students often!” She added stepping backward toward the kitchen. “It’ll be ready in a few!”


“Want something to drink?” My teacher, Reggie, asked me. What an odd name for a teacher…


“Water please. Thank you.” He smirked at me a moment, like my manners were unexpected.


This was so foreign to me… Not that my entire life was a montage of abuse, but this isn’t day to day for me. Even Hiromasa’s place isn’t a normal home, regardless of how friendly they are. My fore families were something like this, but sadly it never lasted, as I am cursed or broken. What I wouldn’t give to come home to a warm, inviting, and friendly household everyday… Hiromasa doesn't even have a heater, it’s never warm there. Nothing there is normal, always fighting and danger. Nothing is normal anymore, not even my friends…


Dishes clanking snapped me back into reality and I took in my surroundings. The place was rather modest, but a large flat screen and expensive sofa showed some amount of wealth. Overhead lights had been dimmed to allow the fireplace its deserved ambiance. My clothes were dirty so I sat on the step, leading down into the living room. Before long, a bottle of water was swung passed my vision and toward my hand.

“You ever seen this movie?” My teacher waved me to the couch casually.


Sitting at the other end, I nodded and just said, “Yeah”.


“Well you’re too young!” He joked, as a guy on screen was shot several times.


His wife scurried out and took a seat next to him, candidly staring at me. “So… how’s life?” Her sarcasm got a laugh from both of us. “Sorry, but no, really… you ok?” Her concern was like an extra set of bandages.


I was unable to think of what to say, so I just nodded and smiled. “I feel better now, thank you…”


No, I will never be ok. I wasn’t born in a worthy condition, so I am never going to reach that point. Still, I did my best to show nothing but gratitude and sincerity when I smiled at her. She cautiously examined the near silent stranger in her home, but hints of sympathy now lined her mocha colored eyes. Her aversion to me was turning into an unpolished understanding between us. Though I could tell she had many questions, they would wait, as she returned to the kitchen after a short while.


Life is really weird… I know things aren’t supposed to be normal for me now, but sometimes it’s just too much. Hell, before all this supernatural s**t, things were “too much” for me all the time. Accusations of being less than nothing, will encumber a soul into a pit of hopelessness. These people are so kind, but I cannot genuinely feel gratitude right now and that hurts on top of this… Part of who I am is broken right now, under repair. Though I can fake it with expressions, no emotions besides despair flow through me. Making small talk and sharing opinions with this man, it was nice… normal... He seems not at all concerned with my absence or injuries and I think he knows what happened, even if I wont say it.

“Dinners done! Come get it fellahs.” My teachers wife called with mild enthusiasm.


He paused the movie with a tap of the remote, then nodded his head toward the kitchen. When we made eye contact, he looked uneasy, but inside… I saw he was concerned. After finding out about this whole other world and the powers I wield, I can read people better. It isn’t anything special, I just learn a lot about others being invisible all the time.


Having a place at a dinner table… Odd how big of a deal that is to me. She had prepared those tiny chickens, I don't know what they call them… Game hens? Whatever, string beans, mashed potatoes, and some salad. Reggie, who I soon learned was actual named Reginald, was a very light eater. He hardly stained his plate by the time he was finished. It was good food, a little bland, but I was more than satisfied. Inviting me in alone was a exceedingly gracious thing of them to do…


“This was very nice of you misses… I’m sorry, I don't think I ever learned your name…” Guilt layered atop my sorrow, leaving fleeting moments of shame.


“It’s fine sweetheart, I’m Rosalind, you can call me Rosie.” She pat my arm, seeing my self disappointment.

“You would probably know that if you attended my class…” Reginald snickered at me, but his wife quickly quieted him.

“Like I said, I love meeting Reggie’s students and you seem like a nice kid.” Her consolation would’ve worked, had I not given up on myself entirely. “Can I ask something? What’s this about? Fashion forward or…” She trailed off after referencing my collar, by rubbing her own neck.

“Oh… well, uhh… I’m in a band. So its just to look tough, I guess…” They both chuckled and I tried to as well.


“Now, dear, we dressed like that once. He has a better excuse than you did!” Rosie laughed at her husband, who I cant imagine dressing like myself…

“Hey it was in style back then!” Reggie effortlessly defended himself, shrugging off her taunts. “I will be finishing my movie, excuse me.” He stood and waved a hand into a dramatic bow.

Rosalind laughed at him, sort of embarrassed. “Would you like desert Vyon?” She asked, but I declined by simply shaking my head.

“Thank you though, it is very nice of you to ask.” My words were paired with my rising. “I’ll wash the dished ma’am, it is the least I can do.” Gathering the plates, in order of dirtiness, she stopped me. “No, no… Please let me do the dishes. It’s the least I can do to repay you ma’am.” Though mentally wounded, I showed the upmost courtesy to her.

“Oh listen to you! Please kid, I hate to think I’ve reached the “ma’am” age…” She shook her head with a faked dread. “Just go on and drop em in the sink, there’s pie if ya wanted some.”


Patting my shoulder as I passed, she laughed to herself as Reginald layered on the taunting. This has to be a dream, I passed out on that bench and am imagining this in my head… Why are they being so nice? What have I ever done for them? He is probably just worried, my absence at school and battered appearance has to give a bad impression.


Now that I think about it, I do a task for all mankind. I’ve been cut, bitten, bruised, bludgeoned, and broken, all in the name of humanity. I have put the safety and well being of total strangers, before myself for most of a year now. Never have I expected a reward, but given the way I am treated, I deserve something better… Regardless of my wanting, Rosie brought me a slice of pie and my heart warmed at the sight of it. This simple gesture topped off an already amazing act of human kindness.

“Thank you…” I said for the pie. “Thank you both so much.” I set it down and spoke seriously, but couldn’t look at them.

“You’re welcome.” Reggie spoke frankly, but wasn’t that harsh.

“Sorry we don't have a guest room Vyon. I hope the couch is ok.” Rosie sounded disappointed, but appreciated my gratitude.


“Of course, but, I have somewhere I can go. If y’all aren’t comfortable.” I was trying to be real with them.

“No, no, honey! I don't want to send you away, in the rain, hurt…” Rosalind leaned up, appalled by the idea.

“That’s how bad movies start kid!” Reginald laughed, I did as well.


Rosie flashed me a concerned and accepting glance, which bored into my already exposed heart. She is going to be an incredibly good mother, I can tell. The level of concern she shows me, a total strange with no relations of any kind, would be enough to annoy a small child, perhaps even embarrass him or her. Even when I did have loving parents in my youth, it was usually overshadowed by a birth given child, work related problems, or overall life…

“We’re gonna hit the hay kid. Feel free to get comfortable, there are some blankets in that closet and the couch has pillows.” Reginald laughed a little at this, so I smiled.

“Thank you so much, sleep well.” I waved to them awkwardly, but Rosie waved back.


This is… stupefying. Nothing I could have ever expected or hoped for matches the simple pleasures I have been given tonight. With the way life treats me, every a*s kicking is usually rewarded, I guess I’ll try to remember that in the future. It isn’t as strong as with my friends or even Hiro’s place, but I feel like I belong here. At the very least, I am welcome here... It’s unrealistic really, but something about him being a teacher makes me feel safe. They are probably more afraid of what I may do, break, or steal. I’m no thief and I see too much violence as it is… Rolling over, I switched off the TV, turned off the lights, then tried to sleep. I was exhausted from my eventful day, evening, and night.

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