Chapter eleven: Affectionate

Chapter eleven: Affectionate

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

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Chapter 11: Affectionate



Next morning my alarm woke me, bright and early. I was supposed to meet Hina and Hiro in a few minutes. Having school tomorrow put a damper on things, but I would get to see Lyra! Being hungry wasn't such a huge problem as Hiromasa makes an effort to give me money and Hina cooks for me all the time. It has been nice having a sort of extra home in the woods. Hiromasa hasn't ever said it directly, but I get the feeling I could stay there if I needed... Dressing myself, I pulled my hair back, then vanished to the street. Flying is now something, I don't even think about! Summoning the split soul also requires little effort, energy, and strain. Again it is still unnerving to see fuzen of all forms, but my confidence has grown leaps and bounds!


"Good morning you two!" I waved brightly, slowing to a stop.

"Hello Vyon." Hiromasa nodded to me. "You seem happy, something special happpen?" He inquired with a smirk.

"Yeah, Lyra and I kissed last night!" I exclaimed, my aura flaring outward in a frenzy. "She's my girlfriend now!"

"Gross!" Hina used a sickly sweet sarcastic voice.

"That is excellent Vyon. Good for you boy!" Hiromasa applauded lightly.


"Yeah, I have liked her since I was young, but now I know how she feels and all..." My smile spread and spread, until it hurt to keep trying.

"Oh Vyon, here!" Hina thrust a large package into my hands. "Sorry it took me so long..." She added as I began to unwrap it.


Within this brown paper sack, which had been tied closed, was a lump of cloth. Unfolding it, I found it to be a coat, styled similar to the one I usually wear! It had yellow flames on the sleeves, neck hole, and tails... She made me a team jacket! I stared slack jawed at her, my heart beaming, as she chuckled in reaction. Nothing had provoked this and I had never asked her for one. It was distinctly different from each of theirs. The style, stitch pattern, and fire shapes were unique to my coat!


"Thank you..." I began softly, as I opened the jacket and saw how well it was made.

"Try it on! I bet you'll look awesome!" Hina shook with excitement.

"She was working day in and day out to make that." Hiromasa stated, pride beaming through his voice.


It was incredible to even think this was hand made! Sliding my arm into place, I laughed happily seeing the yellow decals on my upper arm. The tail portions were longer than my everyday coat... I like it though, flying was going to look that much more awesome! My arms wrapped around Hina's neck, She laughed jovially and pat at my shoulders in a endearing way. Her unyielding friendship has made me see her like my little sister. I have done my best to look out for them and be a good friend, but they are truly my keepers. I would probably be dead if not for Hina and Hiromasa... I literally owe Hiro my life…


"Thank you Hina! Thank you so much!" I spun a few times as the coat flared around me.


"Does it fit ok?" Hina asked and I responded positively.

"It's great! I can't thank you enough!" I tried to hug her again, but she was laughing triumphantly to herself.

"Looks good Vyon. You did a great job dear." Hiromasa addressed us both with a small grin.


"Thanks, I hope you like it Vyon!" Hina replied to the two of us.


"I love it! Thank you!" Was all I could manage to say as I examined the three of us with uniform appearances.


"Let's get going. We have a plethora of enemies to deal with." Hiromasa stated, his departure was paired with a sonic boom.


"Thank you for caring this much Hina." I hugged her again.


She told me to, "forget about it", in an Italian accent. Chuckling to ourselves, the two of us darted after Hiro. We hurtled over buildings and dashed through empty air. It felt stupid, but I kept looking behind me at the spectral and stitched fire. Hina's uncanny sewing skill had me questioning how she could produce such a fine piece of clothing. It was far better made than some store bought clothes! Plus it was mine, my color! It is strange how quickly the color yellow became appealing to me. Before I was more a fan of black, gray, and red. But recently yellow has crept its way into the spotlight, for obvious reasons.


The day progressed and several impish fuzen were put to death. Never has it been easy to kill a fuzen... Fighting them is one thing, but the act of killing will never be easy for me. It is a terrible physical struggle in itself, but the mental burdens were just as harsh. Nightmares of screaming faces and gruesome monsters have haunted me off and on during this last month. Ahead was a tall lanky figure, which was stalking a young boy through a parking lot. Upon our approach the fuzen quickly backed down, but several lesser creatures appeared from around the area to challenge us. Hiromasa near instantly destroyed one, with a throw of his spear. This seem to kick them into action and they all attacked in a spreading drove.


Three approached me at once, but attacked separately due to differing speed. One fuzen had a warped torso, which altered both arms severely. The right arm had been morphed into the crooked shape of a scorpions stinger. Where the hand would have been, a swollen, moist bulb tapered into a curved needle point. This human's left arm had become a slick octopus tentacle, which was longer than the stinger by several inches. This lashing lump of flesh had retained a normal skin colored, but the suction cups are swollen, purple and constantly dripped a pale yellow slime. Its skull was elongated and both eyes stand on a twitching, bony stalk. It slapped the tendril forward, but I avoided it and redirected the lunging stinger seconds later. Now behind the foe, I kicked outward and sent it staggering away from me. As it fell back, the furthest fuzen tripped over the body and stumbled around uneasily.


The second fuzen had been circling slowly, but now it began leaping toward me with its claws spread. The creature is characteristically feline, but it was missing the head entirely, as well as most of its skin. Where the neck ended a simple set of horns had developed, similar to a bulls. As it grabbed my sword, I stepped back to brace the creature and avoid the dangerous claws. The rotting neck butted against the broad side of my sword, as it fought to gore me with the crude horns. One of the claws got through and slashed my arm terribly. Shouting in pain, I pulled away and swung upward to knock the beast away. As I checked the four, deep, open gashes, the third fuzen shuffled forward and attacked!


This last foe was slow and it had a mass mutation, which had destroyed most of the upper body. This once female being was skinned entirely, where the skin was... I couldn't fathom. All of the meat had been gathered in the stomach, to form one huge pulsating eyeball. The pupil of said eye, was the skull of the mutated human. From the upper spine, the ribcage had been refashioned into a kind of web or giant hand. Each “finger” was sharp and of differed length, they seem to move independently of one another. Three of the longest spikes jumped forward as they others raked the air violently. Narrowly avoiding the slashes, I swung the sword and shattered two of the shanks as they were retracting. The fuzen backed away after this, but made no noise, save a wet squelch from the giant eye's movement.


Spinning backward, I whipped the sword in a wide arch, to keep the stinging fuzen at bay. It hissed and threw the tentacle forward only to grab the blade of my weapon. There was a momentary struggle, but I quickly jerked the handle violently. Pulling my weapon upward and away caused the tendril to snap and hang limply. Pools of black sludge poured from the partially severed tentacle, but the creature was undetered by pain.


It snapped the stinger forward half a dozen times, but I managed to avoid it and land a meager strike. The scorpion stinger was far more armored than the octopus tentacle had been. This fuzen had developed a type carapace to cover the mutilated flesh below the stinger. A gurgling snarl signaled the big cats attack. I narrowly avoided the leaping beast, but it clipped me with one of the wide horns. A thin stream of blood spilled from my shoulder, where I was wounded. Once it landed and turned to strike again, I retaliated.


Lifting the sword overhead, my muscles tensed as I slashed a deep gash into the right legs of the beast. Hobbling now the big cat released a muffled yelp, as it clawed at the gushing wound weakly. Though it tried with great effort, the beast could not seem to stand up. Some ligament or tendon had been destroyed and now the beast had no means of using those legs. As the other two were circling me, I drove the blade downward into the flailing beast. Claws hacked the air in front of my face as the wicked feline desperately tried to kill me with its last ounce of life. The frantic hisses coming from the severed neck hole slowly died away with a long sigh. Removing my weapon from the creatures carcass caused a juicy shucking sound, followed by a fleshy pop. Blood coated the top half of my weapon, but quickly flowed down and gave the blade a crimson coating.


The final two seemed to back away upon seeing how easily I slew their comrade. This didn't last long however, as the gaunt fuzen, who we were originally chasing, commanded them to destroy me. Though I cannot pretend to understand how these things work, they do follow a certain hierarchy. Usually, if there is a larger group, one very powerful fuzen will control the rest or atleast boss them around.


The stinging fuzen swung with such tenacity, it was shameful it could not actually hit me. Leaning to the side, I watched droplets of liquid death spew from the stingers tip. My hand latched onto the thick, chitinous plates and I ran the blade forward. Holding back the stinger with all my strength, I actually let go of the sword and used both hands. Slowly but surely, the creatures efforts waned, until nothing was left. Shoving the still twitching corpse to the ground, I grabbed my sword and delivered one final blow, which cut the stinger off at the shoulder.


This left only one in my direct area. The sloshing noise, which the giant eye produced, was just gross... When paired with the cold scraping of bone against bone, the sluggish creature became more intimidating. Lunging forward, the fuzen shoved a cluster of bony spikes toward me like a grouping lance. They were dried out and brittle, so I simply smashed them to nothing with a well timed swing of my sword. Teleporting closer, I appeared already prepared to stab. Before it could even blink, not that it could, the point of my sword pierced through and emptied its internal fluids. Black sludge poured out, alongside squirts of human blood from various veins. Stumbling backward the creature removed itself from my sword, then deflated into a pile of flesh and a collapsed bones. These freakish horrors are usually very efficient at turning a body into a weapon, but this thing did little to protect itself. Leaving such a huge, unblinking target completely unguarded was this fuzens downfall.


"Took ya long enough!" Hina chuckled as they both watched my victory.

"You think this a game little girl!" The final, skeletal fuzen shouted, its voice guttural and uneven.


"Life is a game, when you're actually alive." She responded sarcastically, her calm demeanor was impressive.


Hiromasa stepped forward, but the fuzen did not flee. “You stand no chance. You’re already dead.”

"Death means nothing to me." It snapped back, the specks of red light within its sockets sharpening. "Even if I die, the lord will resurrect my power. My death, will simply lead to the end of another miserable human." It cackled for a moment as the abnormally raspy voice grinding like stones against each other.


What the hell does that mean? The lord... what, like, god? I seriously doubt that god is on this things side. Still that’s an odd thing for it to say... Talking fuzen creep me out, so I tend to just not listen to them. The lungless laugh died out and the fuzen splayed its claws, awaiting our approach.


This figure was a abnormally tall skeleton, with a missing lower jaw, and sparks of red light for eyes. Barely clinging to its bones were scraps of flesh and internal organs, which made for a grisly scene. Before I could even breath, Hiromasa was before the creature, poised for the kill. The hammerhead shattered through the ribcage, breaking every single bone in an instant. Upon contact with the spinal column, the entire skeleton exploded into bony shrapnel and bloody mist. Hiromasa dusted off his weapon, as the clinking of fragmented bones could be heard tickering around the parking lot.


"Did that fuzen say it had a lord? What's that about?" My eyes darted to Hina, but neither seemed to have answers.

"No clue, never heard about anything like that..." I mumbled just trying to sound my effort.


Hiromasa didn't take note of me. "Will you two finish up today? I want to do some research on this.” He asked instead.


"No problem!" Hina replied patting his arm.

"Gettin tired old man?" I taunted, but he simply smirked.


"You get good enough, I may get to retire!" He laughed, but that made me sort of scared.


“N-no way!” Was all I could say.


He just shrugged, smirked, then teleported skyward, barreling toward his home. I cannot possibly become as skilled, knowledgeable, and powerful as Hiromasa! Never in my life would I dream of replacing him either! Damn, the thought actually hurt a little. If Hiro wasn't around... I would probably be dead... I owe them both so much. Do we die? Like I know I’m still mortal, but will things like disease or age still effect me? I really don't ask enough questions...


"Come on Vyon, we got work to do!" Hina called back to me, as she turned over in the air.

"So Hina, I never asked, but... How do you know Hiromasa?" I asked after catching up to her.

"He knew my dad really well and when I found out I was a sin splitter, Hiro offered to train me." She spoke as though she has said that story a million times.

"Oh I see! You're lucky to have someone as awesome as Hiromasa." It felt weird informing her of this, but she nodded with a big grin.

"There's the target! It's really weak so we can kill it on the fly." Hina shouted over to me, but I was lost in deja vu.

"No freaking way!" I called out with a vein of excitement flowing through my voice.

"What is it?" Hina seemed alarmed, but quickly started smiling again.


"This is the first fuzen I ever saw!" I stared down at the twitching little cretin.


"Wow, you seriously got beat by this thing?" She mocked wryly.

"No, I kicked its a*s!" I defensively replied, balling my fists up.


"I'll take your word for it." Hina laughed at me and I felt my face heat up with shame. "Go get some revenge!" She shoved me toward the ground.

Landing in a grocery store parking lot, I was shocked to find the creature not stalking the scattered humans. Instead this creature appeared to be chasing a stray cat! The second I approached though, it fled and the cat scampered off. Shrieking up at me, the figure’s foggy eyes scanned me, a sense of disbelief on the mutated mug. Chasing it around the asphalt, I eventually cornered the little b*****d by a shopping cart stable. It whipped the claws at me, but tried to escape more than fight. With one solid strike, I cut straight through the enemy and cracked the pavement below. It melted away almost instantly and a degree of closure filled me. Under my breath I muttered an insult, then returned to Hina's side. Staring at me a moment, she burst into laughter and then began flying away.

"What the hells so funny?" I asked her with a small smile on my lips.

"I just pictured you cowering from that tiny thing. It was sad at first, but knowing you personally makes it hilarious!" She held her stomach as she fought to stop her laughter.

"It just shocked me! I wasn't cowering!" Defending my pride felt wrong considering, I was petrified that night.

"I just can't picture you afraid, now that I think about it. You have become so strong, Lyra is lucky to have you!" As she finished it felt like there was a beehive in my belly.

"She is, isn't she!" I replied flying backwards so Hina could see my smug smile.

"Damn you're full of yourself." Hina laughed as I tumbled around and continued flying properly.

"You know you love me!" I called over to her as we split to avoid a billboard.

"Damn it, he's right!" She snapped her fingers in fake disappointment, but we both laughed.

Suddenly, I caught the scent of a fuzen and I slammed through a wall of negative power. We both came to a dead stop and began trying to locate the source of this energy. It was difficult to maintain my composure while in the eye of this demonic storm, but I didn't waver. Surveying the ground I was startled to find the creature rocketing into the sky toward us. Hina whipped both arms downward and the bladed rings formed instantly. Before I could get my weapon out, Hina threw one of the discs with a light grunt. It whistled through the air and spun in a perfect arch toward the winged creature. A ping of metal and a wisp of blood showed me she hit her mark. Vanishing away from me, Hina moved a short distance to catch her weapon.

The fuzen flew straight to me and slashed, inaccurately, with two barbed claws. Lifting the sword to strike, only led to being swatted by one of the wings. The stinging slap didn't wound me, but I was a stunned for a second. Blindly striking outward, I managed to keep the beast away, but failed to actually hit it. Flapping erratically the monster tried to avoid my strikes and get close enough to bite me. The viciously sharp fangs were longer than a humans should be, but this wasn't a human after all...


This demon had no legs and instead stiffened entrails hung from the within the torso. The chest was torn open and from within the decaying cavity of flesh, two mantis like claws had formed. Each claw had jagged spikes on the reverse side and a sharp, pointed tip. They rested within the cavity perfectly, but could lash out in a blink. The once human arms had been twisted outward and broken to hold crude wings, with each finger dramatically extended. A taught, clear membrane connected each contorted digit. The once male face had no eyes, a pair of demons horns had grown from the bloody sockets. Its mouth had been ripped open to give it a much large bite radius and a permanently grotesque grin. The teeth were blood soaked and still had bits of the last victim stuck in them.


With a hulking roar, the fuzen flew at me again. The whoosh sound of the flapping was easy to track, but the creature was fast! Each attack was paired with a swift swipe of the wings, which were rubbery and ineffective as weapons. Lifting the sword to block myself, I began fighting against the creatures inhuman strength. A wet hiss escaped the torn mouth, as the fiend tried bite me, only to snap at the air. The clacking of its jaws meeting rung in my head and with no time to think, I simply punched the fuzen with all my might. My fist was covered with blood after I made contact with the beasts neck and, though unsightly, I knew it wasn't mine. Swatting my hand around, I cleared as much of the blood as I could, but didn't delay.


My punch knocked the creature backward, but it didn't hesitate for long. Stabbing at me again, I dodged at first, but the speed of its attack forced me to block instead. The fiend brought both claws down and I held the weapon widely. Suddenly the fuzen screeched in pain and began thrashing about. As it turned, I saw one of Hina's chakrams was lodged in its back. Quickly snatching the ring, I managed to teleport just as the hooked claw clipped my hair. Though in a nerve wracking battle, I couldn't help but laugh at my amazing timing!


"I believe this is yours." I said flying over to Hina, but she quickly snatched her other chakram.

"Lashing lightning!" Hina pointed one ring in the air and the other at the enemy.


Blue sparks of electricity surged from the raised blade. Once this intensified, she gave the other ring a sharp twist. From the tip of her aimed chakram, a bolt of solid electricity leapt forth and connected to the creature for a split second. One of the mantis like claws had been destroyed entirely and the smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Wailing with unearthly pain and rage, the beast seemed to target Hina now. I couldn't be certain, as there were no eyes to follow. It didn't attack however, instead the fuzen began mutating further! This is a common tactic amongst these fiends, but it is disturbing none the less...


From the burnt off limb, a broad lump of bone jutted forward. Crying out in carnal pain, the fuzen forced it to grow longer and wider with a sudden jar of its body. This thick bone cracked and split straight down the middle, as if being chiseled open. Soon I realize it was growing teeth! The bone split apart leaving about a six inch gap for fangs of all kind to sprout forth. This new arm and began resembling an animals muzzle, as the maw began filling in. This new mouth produced meek squeaking sounds, but soon began thrashing and biting as if it had already killed something.


"Take this, wild windstorm!" Hina spun around and threw her arms outward.

From her green flames, a spark of white light burst forth. From this flash, a sudden gust of concentrated air shot into the flying foe. As it fought to fly, the fuzen was spun asunder and thrown outward at a random angle. Tossled and now falling fast, the fuzen gave out a bellowing shout, as it tried to regain flight. Eventually it did, but the blast of wind had forced it to land. Pouncing about for a moment, the beast appeared delirious, but it quickly focused in on a nearby woman. My instant reaction was to vanish as close as I could. This was not enough so I had to take off flying in order to intercept this attack. The fuzen moved around the woman for a moment, feeding on the negative energy she produced, but then went for the kill!


My heart stopped, as I prepared my sword overhead. Launching a thin arch of solid energy from my swing, knocked the fuzen aside and it was unable to bite her! Enraged, the fiend attacked relentlessly. It snapped the bony jaw in my face, then dashed forward to bite me. When it missed, the fuzen whipped both wings around in a slapping flurry. After being walloped a bit, I managed to grab a hold of a wing! It went into a frenzy because one wing could not sustain flight, and this creature couldn't stand! Both of Hina's razor rings firmly struck the fuzen, but only one stuck in. The other cut through and whirled around back to her with supernatural precision. Even when wounded, it still gave a great effort to try and rip me apart. Using its eye socketed horns, the beast tried to knock me away with thrashes of its head.

Swinging my arms around to the side, I built up momentum. Using this force, I spun into the air, towing the fuzen by its wing. Two rotations later, the monster began to fight with enhanced fury. It was too late however and I easily forced another full circle on the creature. Not wanting to push my luck, I timed it as best I could and let go. With a stunned, humorous roar, the fuzen shot like a frisbee away from me. Beating its wings as hard as possible still couldn't stop the fuzen and it splattered against a billboard. It was broken in many disturbing ways, but the slow peeling of the creatures corpse was like something out of a cartoon. I heard Hina laugh before me, but I couldn’t help it either. Watching the devilish beast slowly slide down the metal wall was priceless! Her chakram vanished in a small burst of green fire and the creature liquefied far before it hit the pavement below.


"Nice throw man!" Hina laughed waving to me as she lowered to a nearby roof.

"Thanks! You too, as usual." I replied, as I lowered to the gravel roof below me.


"Rest up, there are a few more around here." Her patience bled through vibrantly, as she was ready to go.

"A lot more?" I questioned innocently, but I think she saw right through it.

"Wanna go see your girlfriend?" She teased, putting her hands on her hips.


"Yeah..." My sheepishness led me to turn away and laugh uneasily.


"There are only a handful left." She waved an arm my way nonchalantly. "Go on."


"Thanks Hina, see ya tonight!" Leaping up, my body was infused with new life.


Hina waved as I sailed over the buildings, until she had shrunk from view. Dropping to a lower roof, I hit the ground pretty hard, a testament to my excitement. Flipping open my phone, I saw the guys had already text me. Lyra did as well, but that doesn't work for me anymore... I need to talk to her! I really enjoy hearing her voice...

"Hey Vyon, what's up?" Lyra asked just a sweet as ever.


"Hello Lyra... I... uh... wondered... maybe... uh..." Words slipped off my tongue, but no thought embodied them.

"So we kiss once and you can't speak properly? What is this, a fairytale?" Her mocking questions were enough to snap me out of it.


"Did you wanna do something today? Just us?" I asked with a tornado brewing in my stomach.

"I'm on my way downtown right now, to meet Max. Come smoke with us!" She sounded excited, but I was a little let down. "You can walk me home tonight..."

"Alright be there in, like, fifteen minutes." Checking my fine fiery garment, I realized I needed to change.

"Did you just wake up?" She laughed to herself and I heard the phone move away when I tried to respond. "Love ya lazy bones!" She added before hanging up.


Standing there in a mild melancholy, I stared at my reflection in the called ended screen. Though I would see her in just a few moments, hearing those words meant so much to me... I felt lighter and it almost felt like I was going to start flying! This was different though, I felt dizzy... My body felt like it wasn't there and I almost dropped my phone from how relaxed I felt! Snapping back into reality, I leapt off the roof and did a few flips before jetting off. With a big howl of joy, my body produced more fire and I rocketed through the clouds. Feeling good made my powers easier to use and overall, made it easier to live. How corny does that sound?


Appearing in my room, I removed me new sin splitter cloak and hung it up next to my winter coat. I took a little bit of extra care in pushing it out of sight, because the yellow Hina used was bordering neon! As I put on deodorant and my normal jacket, my fake mother opened my door. Leaning out I fixed my shirts collar beneath the jacket and gave a smile.

"You need to finish painting the kitchen Vyon." She commanded, but I don’t remember starting... "Maybe do something useful with your time..." She mumbled under her breath.


"Have a good day!" I replied as though she was a total stranger.

It is sort of funny that they have never asked me how I sneak out. They haven't ever questioned that I can just, not be in a room suddenly? It's because they don't care... Walked into that one didn't I? Flying will make me feel better though... It took only seconds to be near downtown and I began trying to think up an excuse for my swift arrival. Maybe they wont ask...


"Hey what you kids doing in here!" I shouted just before I kicked open the door.


"Oh f**k, the cops!" Zen practically screamed, but then started laughing when he saw it was me. "Don't do that s**t man!"

"It's practically legal anyway!" Lyra announced as she took a long drag, then handed the joint my way.


"Damn straight!" Shio chimed in with a small laugh, his face still shocked.


Straining to hold the smoke, I felt my body starting to tense painfully. I could feel the liberating effects of the barely legal narcotic in an instance. After another drag, I passed it, but held this hit as much as possible. It became painful and I began to feel light headed, so I released the smoke. Plopping in the chair next to Lyra, my arm naturally fell around her shoulders, but I caught myself quickly. No one seemed to notice as the conversation stayed on marijuana and the legality of it. Felt a bit funny discussing it in such a light, when we smoked plenty ourselves! The topic moved onto to videogames and Lyra seemed to tune out. Scooting closer, she bumped me with her body and we started watching videos on her phone together. Chiming in when I could, the guys talked about the newest games and how to beat them. I don't have a console, but I try to play anytime I can. They're a lot of fun and a great way to make friends.


We ran out of weed pretty quick, but we could probably get more tomorrow if someone had the cash. Still, the feeling of Lyra's hips gently resting against mine, was pure poetry. It didn't matter if what we watched was funny or not, she was the interesting part of this. Being able to feel her warmth and know that Lyra enjoyed mine as well, made me feel lighter than air. Even though we never do much, (not that there is much to do) I enjoy this time. Zen, Shio, and Max all played a new phone game, which distracted them from my sly moments of affection. Lyra was wary though and swatted my hand away a few times, only to shoot me a friendly glance later.


"Damn you Maxwell!" Zen shouted gripping his phone in frustration.

"Close, but no cigar!" Max replied lifting his phone with a twinge of superiority running along his face.


"That was a tight game... Didn't know who to root for." Shio added as they both compared results of their match.

"You should always root for me!" Zenex announced, as if this was a well known fact.


"He mess up your mojo Zen?" Lyra asked laughing to herself.

"No, just some choice moves and well planned tactics. Zen didn't stand a chance!" Max interjected as he clicked his phone off.

"No way you're getting out of a rematch!" Zenex pointed at him as he leaned up in his seat. "Your just winnin cuz I'm high!"

"Let's see..." Maxwell replied getting back on his phone.


The sounds started up and they were both under the spell again. The level of concentration video games allowed Zen to achieve is incredible! Never have I known him to be serious about anything, but he could enter an entirely different state of mind. He beat Maxwell this time, but it was another really close game. Shio watched with anticipation, biting his fist, as the two of them had another tight bout. Lyra's hand fell into mine and for a second, time froze. She was using her jacket to hide our connection, but that didn't make it any less real. I graciously gripped her hand back and as she squeezed, my heart began to melt.


It began to get dark and though I feared going home, it meant personal time with Lyra. Shio was playing music now and the noises of game combat had ceased. We all just sort of chilled and shared what few cigarettes remained. Some stories were exchanged, but nothing to serious, just empty time. I would’ve probably been asleep right now anyways...

"Aw, crap... We got school tomorrow. Forgot..." Zen seemed downtrodden, but not for very long.


"You know that days don't change, right? Sunday always comes before Monday." Maxwell mockingly bit at Zen, but he kindly flipped him off.

"We'll just have to make free time extra fun!" Lyra added, her positive attitude amping up my own.


"There isn't much to do around here..." Shio admitted looking at the ground.

"Yeah, this city sucks..." Zen looked up through the holes in the warehouses roof.

"Well, imagine if we didn't know each other..." I added, my heart taking a sullen turn. "Can you imagine if we weren't friends?" This got them all thinking.


"Not good..." Shio whispered.

"I would be a totally different person!" Zenex blurted out after a few seconds.

"That could be a good thing." Max again nipped at Zen, but he just laughed this time.


"B***h, please!" Zen snapped back. "You know you love me!" This made me laugh, since I said that to Hina earlier.


Though it was a funny coincidence, I was in deepening thought. Who would I be, if I had never met my closest friends? These people have shaped the good in me and helped kill parts of the bad. How would I have faired in the world without, voices to listen to and minds to be heard by? Everyone needs somebody, but considering the heartache and hardship I go through... maybe I deserve a few somebodies...


"Hey I gotta head home early. Vyon, walk me home?" Lyra popped up and my train of thought followed her track.

"Of course! I better head home early too." I announced to the guys, as I stood up.


"Later guys." Shio put up a peace sign.

"See ya tomorrow." Zen was checking his phone, but nodded to us both.


"Have a good night. Be safe." Maxwell added, as we waved and left together.


A few feet up the street, she grabbed my hand. It felt amazing and in this low light, she was more beautiful than ever. I cannot believe that out of everyone there, she chose me... What did she like? Max is smarter and more sound. Shio is down to earth and he has to be stronger than I am. Zen is much more fun and always available. How did I get so lucky? We headed toward her house, but stopped by the bridge. Standing in the shadows of two street lights, she turned to me and smiled.


"So here we are..." I mumbled, but she just laughed softly.


Looking up at me with her azure eyes, which sparkled with each blink, Lyra lifted her face and kissed me. I instantly put my arms around her, and she did the same. Our mouths had locked and I did not want them to part. I felt her tongue touch mine and I pulled her closer instinctually. Our kissing intensified, as I began to run my hands over her body. Trying to keep her comfortable, my touch was gentle and I only went as far as her hips. She moved herself against me softly, in a grinding motion, so I took more liberties... Slipping my hands around, I grabbed her butt firmly and she straightened with shock. A short, sharp squeak came from her, as our lips separated. A shamed frown came over me and I looked away from her unable to think of anything other than "sorry".


"No, I..." Lyra began touching my chest. "I guess I'm just not used to this yet." She seemed assuring, so I figured I could joke with her.

"You kissed me though!" I was comically upset, but she seemed to be in thought. "Sorry... I feel weird now..."


Lyra's face bunched up and she looked cross with me. Turning in place, my heart sank, as I thought she was leaving. Instead, Lyra leaned back against me, pressing her rear into my pelvis... My face burned with the false fire of blushing and at first, I was completely unsure of what to do. It wasn't sexual or anything... It just caught me off guard is all, yeah... After a few minutes of this, I needed to act or something may... arise. Leaning down, I pushed her forward slightly and gave her a kiss on the cheek, from behind. She turned in place and returned the gesture instantly.


"Ready to go home?" I asked her and she nodded grinning.


"I really like you Vyon..." Lyra began as we were walking toward her house, slower than normal.

"I love you Lyra! I really do..." It was hard to control the volume of my voice.

"I know that, but... I wanted to say that you're one of my best friends also." She turned to me, forcing us to stop.


My heart began to overflow and I feared tears momentarily. Gently touching her face, I slid two fingers down her cheek and steadied her chin. Planting a long, passionate, Hollywood grade kiss on her, was my only course of action. It worked too, she was doe-eyed and her knees were bent by the time the kiss ended. During the rest of the walk home, her hands were all over me! It may just be my ego, but I think she could feel my growing muscles! Things couldn't be better right now! If I play my cards just right, my life will be story book!

"Lyra, what the hell are you doing!" A solid voice barked into the night and she straightened like a board.

"Nothing, sir!" She replied in a similar military mannerism. "Run, Vyon!" She whispered loudly, as she went to her father.


"Who the hell are you!" He was standing at the gate of her house, when did we get here?


"Bye sir, nice meeting you!" I shouted, darting across the street once I saw him coming toward me.


The ranting and threats, fell behind me. Soon, I felt clear enough to fly and I did the short distance. It was late now and I guarantee, something is going to happen... I consider this a type of extra training for what I do, like an endurance course in pain. Lowering to my window, I warped inside and tried to land as softly as I could. This meant nothing as the old apartment building made more noise than dropping a bag of beer cans. My fake father burst in, but tonight wasn't that bad! He shoved me onto my bed and threatened to hit me a few times.

"When your mother tells you to do something, you do it!" Was all he said coherently.


Before he went, he gave me one solid slap across the face. This started the blood colored smoke, which I have come to know as pure negative force. Once he was gone, I rubbed my stinging cheek and then instantly felt better! I can talk to Lyra! I’m f*****g bullet proof tonight! I'm gonna text her and ask if she can call me tonight! No, I don't want to get her into trouble... Patience is a virtue, definitely! School has two practical purposes now, food and Lyra! The door to my room opened and I sat up to see my fake mother standing with a smirk.

"Better do as your told, huh?" Her smug voice was so annoying, like she won or something.

She didn't wait around for my response, but that is probably for the best... Leaning against my window, I craved a cigarette... That suddenly gave way to hunger and I wanted something deep fried... Almost everything tastes better after being put through boiling oil or grease! My phone pinged suddenly and I looked up curiously. The text just said, "I love you". It had a little pink heart next to it and I was so thrilled by this pixelated image, I could have died. I slept so incredibly, with the warmest dreams imagineable!

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