Chapter thirteen: Guardian

Chapter thirteen: Guardian

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Important chapter that changes things, the dynamic of the story is effected heavily. The events to come will be effected by what has passed... yadda, yadda, yadda... EDITED


Chapter 13: Guardian


Two weeks have passed and the fuzen population has been expanding! My job is harder, but I feel that I have gotten better. Few fuzen stand up to more than two of my strikes! Severence and sin strike are quite powerful as well, but still require loss of stamina. The job has interfered with my social life, but I manage and usually avoid most suspicion. Sometimes have to explain where a cut or two came from, but no big deal!


Today was a special day though and I requested it off. The "boss" was more than happy to let me have Lyra's birthday to myself! I stole a necklace from my fake mothers jewelry box and though it was dishonest, I was excited to give it to Lyra! The beatings and verbal abuse haven't stopped so this is a little payback!


"Hey babe!" I called to her, knowing I arrived before everyone else.

"Vyon, my love!" She hugged me tightly.

"Happy brithday!" I exclaimed lifting her into a bigger hug.


She cheered, raising her arms toward the slightly closer ceiling. Her supple body was warm to the touch and even without her current perfume, Lyra smelled incredible... Running my fingers through her hair was easy and it felt like silk woven by an angel. We kissed a few times, her sweet lips were ever so slightly moist.

"I got ya something!" I held the box up for her and she gasped.

"Vyon you shouldn't have!" She snatched it quickly and began unwrapping it.

"You would have been pissed if I didn't get you anything." I laughed and so did she.

"I would have pretended to be fine, but then brought it up later when we argued about something else." Her casual tone forced me to laugh again.

She opened it and leapt backward screaming with delight! She spun in place for a second her voice spiking into random octaves. Her eyes gleamed with excitement, as she jumped up and down, shaking the box. Lifting up the silver pendant, she gasped again as it shimmered in the light. A special endearment grew over her, as she stared into the circular gemstone it held. This tiny gem was just a few shades lighter than her eyes, which made me steal it over the others.

"Does that mean, you like it?" I asked and she threw herself into a hug.

"Thank you Vyon!" My heart soared higher than the stars upon hearing this.


"You're welcome, I'm so glad you like it!" A more sincere hug was given to me after this.


Lyra quickly removed her other necklace, a small shell strand, to replace it with my gift. She ogled the slim silver chain and ran her fingers around the ornate oval, taking care to avoid the stone. It meant the world to me that she was happy... though I would sure end up paying for it in some way. We had another tender moment, which I knew would be short. The others arrived soon after and we had to hide our unity.


"Happy birthday Lyra!" The three greeted, as a armful of presents were loaded onto her.


"Thanks you guys!" She hugged each of them, but I had received the best one by far...


Watching Lyra open the guys gifts made my heart shine like a spotlight. Anytime she was happy I felt a deep inner warmth, which I cherished more than any present or belonging. Speaking of gifts, the guys got her a variety of media as gifts. Zenex got Lyra a movie she really likes about some crooked cops and cartels. Maxwell purchased her a book, which she seemed to be excited to read. Shio bought Lyra a CD and she was very pleased with it as well. The others gifts were lackluster compared to mine, but then again... They probably didn't steal these things...

"Thank you all so much!" She pulled us into a hug.

"What else did you get Lyra?" Zen asked with a big grin.


"Some gift cards, a little money, clothes, and this!" She referenced the amulet with a delighted look about her.

"Pretty." Zen stated bending over slightly to examine it.

"Lovely, it matches with your eyes." Max added, fixing his glasses for a closer examination.


"So Lyra, what ya wanna do today?" Zen asked with a dopey smile.


"Yeah, it's your special day!" I added jumping up from the ratty couch.


"I don't know... Uhh... Lets go to the woods!" She suddenly perked up, a glow of excitement sweeping over her.

"Sure, why not! A little random, but sure!" Zen mocked her lightly and she shoved him.


"Lemme drop this stuff off at my house." Lyra waved us to follow her. "Ooh, I'll get a picnic together!" She suddenly exclaimed spinning in place.


“Chick stuff…” Zen whispered to the rest of us, but only I laughed.


Getting to walk with Lyra is special to me even when I have to pretend it's not. The guys, they have to know... It just wouldn't make sense if they didn't at least suspect something. She was intoxicating to me, invigorating as coffee and as stimulating as cocaine. Not that I’ve done coke... I’ve never made this apparent of course, but I have to of slipped up once or twice. Traveling to her house I almost called her honey, so that’s evidence right there!


After she dropped off her gifts, Lyra nabbed some food and we hid from her father. He’s a strict man of military discipline, who has shown us nothing, but disdain since youth. I’m his least favorite by far, so I’m not excited to introduce myself again as Lyra’s boyfriend... Once the door shut behind her, we popped up from bushes and hurried across the street. One by one we joined the growing crowd at the edge of the tall field. Marching in a loose single file, we followed Lyra to the spot she wanted in the forested behind the school. I was afraid they would stumble upon Hiromasa's place, but I doubt any of them would want to break in to someone’s home.


"Here's a good spot!" Lyra declared at a flower heavy clearing.


She unrolled a beach towel across the grassy area, and began distributing sandwiches. It was a choice area she had found. Bees eagerly grappled with flowers, birds sang praises of their home, squirrels curiously watched us, and other little critters reacted to our presence. It had just enough coverage to where the sun didn't burn through, but it still received a warm shine. Shio played music and we smoked a blunt, which he had made for her birthday, before eating. The earthern atmosphere really brought a new level to smoking. I felt more in tune with my surroundings or maybe I was just noticing a lot more than usual. I have been to these woods countless times, but never has it been so peaceful or serene. There hasn't ever been anything here that could inspire these feelings before...


Just as I was going to dig in, a scent hit my nose and my stomach turned over. A fuzen was nearby! My eyes darted upward and searched through the trees as best they could. In a canopy opening, I saw a demonic figure hovering motionlessly. It had human physique, but a blood red skin tone and tall demonic horns. A devilish tail flicked behind it, as the black eyed figure grinned down at the group of unwary humans. My aura almost appeared against my will, but instead I began thinking of a plan.

"Be right back, I gotta pee." I declared as I dashed off, not waiting for responses.

"When you gotta go, ya gotta go..." I heard Zen mocking, as I began tearing through the wilderness.


The second I thought myself clear of their vision, I blasted into the air and drew my sword. Lazily lifting higher into the air, the demon scowled me down, it’s arms folded over an arrogantly puffed chest. Readying my weapon only caused the huge figure to scoff in return. It was mostly human shaped, save the overall size and muscular form. The fuzen was almost eight feet tall and was built like a pro wrestler. Its skin was deep crimson colored and the remaining mass of hair had faded to bleached white. Both hands held long, clawed, fingers. Each pointed nail was jet black to match the empty, midnight eyes. Two enormous charcoal colored horns sprouted from the forehead and twisted backward. The altered skin bunched in stiff, discolored clumps at the base of the horns. His flicking devilish tail was tipped with a single spine, which grew from deep within the skin and bone. It had covered itself, the lower half at least, with a crudely cut animal pelt. This fuzen was immensely powerful and I knew it would not be easy to defeat. An invisible force radiated from the demon and constantly drove me backward, but I held my ground with minor effort.


“You are weak... The useless of the three.” The beastly figure revealed a distorted male voice.

“Ouch, now that hurts! I’m new, gimme a break!” I joked with myself, but it just snarled back.


“Fool, I’m going to slaughter them!” The threat in his voice spiked to mild shouts. “Your guilt, as they die in agony, will be the power I use to kill your comrades! The agony these miniscule beings are about to experience, will empower me for years!” Muscles flared as it threw its arms open, clawing at air.

“Shut the hell up! Not a chance! I’ll kill you if you even move!” I got an insulted look in exchange for my anger. “You wont touch them! I’d die before I let them get hurt!”


It scoffed. “Yes... you will die...”

A grimace grew across the monsters face and it was instantaneously before me, a fist drawn back. It moved with unreal speed, unlike any other fuzen I’ve faced before! Two punches tore through the air, then a kick whipped overhead, striking my hair as I ducked. Reacting on impulse, my arms brought the sword upward, but the fuzen deftly guided it away. During my momentary recovery, the beast launched upward, driving a knee into my chest. The impact lifted me just enough to meet with his sucker punch squarely. My vision was hazed and what I saw was moving sporadically. I was falling, I knew that, so I focused all my remaining willpower into balance. I regained composure just in time to block a wide hook punch, but the impact still hurt greatly.


The fuzen disappeared beneath my strikes effortlessly, leaving me to slash air. Each swing only served to drain stamina and few actually hit the creature. Even when a blow did land, I felt like I was striking stone, not skin! A chain of three strikes were all stopped without flinching, solid thrusts of his arm all that was required. On my fourth attempt, my sword was caught and I was backhanded carelessly. Retaliating quickly and efficiently, the momentum from his slap spun me into a counter attack! Unwinding from the spiral, my arm lift at just the right time! Blood slung and flesh opened, causing a minor gasp from the demon.


With a grunt, it rocketed toward me, flying full speed into an uppercut. The impact against my guard drove me back a few feet. Before I could even relax my muscles, a shadow formed overhead. All I managed to see was his descending clawed foot and flourishing satanic tail. My vision blacked on one side, blurred on the other, as I was thrown downward. My head feels like it’s full of jackhammers! I could taste blood and I felt it on my face, but not enough to draw focus.


Plummeting toward the earth, I desperately tried to recover my aerial balance. The second I regained composure, I had to avoid a sweeping kick, which would have split my skull open! My body was tensed by panic, but I managed a few chops to keep it away. This was not like any other fuzen I have faced before... Where most of my enemies are mindless and charge into battle recklessly, this creature showed combat prowess. I would go as far as to say it is trained in hand to hand fighting, but that doesn't make sense... Can fuzen manipulate the talents a person once had? This creature would give Hiromasa a good challenge... What the hell am I thinking? I cant possibly kill this thing!


We clashed, my blade met his arm, yet didn't cut through... Darting backward, I yanked the blade away and tore a patch of flesh free. The fuzen grunted and jerked its arm back, but then whipped a claw across my face, lunging forward to do so. Dabbing at the blood, I had little time before another kick wracked into my guts. I managed to swat away a few attacks, but the fuzen was impossible to escape. Everywhere I tried to teleport, he was there. Punches rained from all angles and kicks snapped outward like lightning. I couldn't find openings for my own strikes, I was purely on the defensive! Not that I could defend myself at all... A particularly strong haymaker left the creature open, giving me the chance to move toward him. The sword sunk deep into the demons arm, but he shrugged it away once I had finished attacking.


Gasping with chaotic fright, I brought my arm up to deflect the incoming elbow. Blocking didn't hurt that bad, but the fuzen was close enough to swing its arm outward and simply backhand me! The force generated from a simple extend of the arm was ruinous. I was seeing stars after that blow to the head, yet the onslaught continued in an instance. He slammed his log sized leg into my stomach, doubling me over and causing blood to spittle from my mouth. A dull groan tore into a shout of agony and again the ground was approaching rapidly. It felt like someone just hit me in the back with a sledgehammer! My aura died during the fall, sputtering on and off uncontrollably, but seeing the canopy snapped me out of it. Errupting with supernatural force, I bent several trees backward as I ascended. The demonic entity was laughing, as I returned to his height and cleared blood from my eyes.

"Why do you not fight? Or are you truly this pathetic?" It mocked my growing skills, waving for me to attack.


"Just... getting... warmed up." I replied wiping blood from my mouth.


The pain subsided as my power flared forth. A chain of heavy punches and fluid kicks stormed my way! It wasn't easy, but I managed to not only avoid being hit, but I countered! Blood slung from the sword as I cut through the creatures side. Shouting savagely the fiend swung for recourse, but then whipped around and slashed me with its tail. A jagged cut was now gushing blood from my forearm and all I could do was teleport away. This didn't move me far or fast enough, as the fuzen snatched the back of my hair. Growling with exasperation and intense helplessness, I jabbed the sword backward, but failed to stab my enemy. Several devastating strikes slammed countless parts of my body, but I had to endure, there was no other choice...


Laughing as I squirmed, the demon swung me overhead then hurled me straight at the ground. A patch of my hair was torn out, but I was more concerned with my fading vision and the trail of blood, which followed me in a choppy stream. The creature shrunk fast, as I fell from the sky unable to keep myself aloft. Air rushed around me, biting at my wounds and turning my hair into a storming mass, which clung to my bloody face. Slowly turning over from momentum, I saw the trees approaching fast, but there was little I could do...


The first few branches gave way, but soon I was being battered by limbs thicker than my own. My near unconscious mind was still aware of what was happening, but my lifeless body couldn't respond in time. Each impact threw me into three or four more branches, which snapped, slapped, or broke against every inch of my body. I landed back first and bent around a wide branch, crying out in despair. Unable to move, I felt myself slowly slip from the tree branch, fall a few more feet, then collide with the earth head first. Slowly I began spitting up blood, clutching my wounds, and trying to crawl to safety. Each finger twitched independently of the other mangled digits and one of my legs was twisted almost entirely around.


I didn't make it far before the demon dive bombed me. My body crushed into the ground a few inches, as an immeasurable weight splintered my spine into dust! The fuzen had fallen from the sky and onto my back, feet first... My gasping intensified and each little inhale was now agonizing. Half coughing and half choking, I felt blood running from my nose, mouth, and ears. The crushing pain in my back made it impossible to take in breath, but instinct forced me to try. Suddenly, the heavy weight pinning me down shifted and kicked outward. With a lifting punt kick, I was thrown from beneath his pinning foot, which tore my shirt open from the back. Whirling through the air, I traveled a few yards, then hit a tree. After tumbling down the wooden wall, I managed to get on all fours and cough a few teeth out. Blood pooled from my face onto the pile of shattered calcium. Seeing blood droplets rain from my face snapped me back into the fight, I have to keep going! Rising uneasily, I felt my energy chop the pain down to a manageable, yet still crippling, level...


All at once, I stood, turned around, and swung the sword. Power split the air as I sent a wave of razor force into the foe. A radiant flash of searing yellow light arched away from the impact area, only to thin out and flutter back to my aura. The fuzen shouted in shock and staggered away from me. One continual wound ran from the left hip to the opposite shoulder. Blood leaked down the torso of this monster, each stream bolstering my confidence a little. Alarm tightened into fury, then shredded across the beasts face as caustic scorn.


Growling with inhuman ferocity, the beast charged me again. Rapidly swinging its streetlight sized leg, the beast shattered a large patch of the tree behind me. Striking outward, I missed by just a few inches, but was far enough away to avoid being punched. Instead the fuzen shoved me to the ground in a blur of rushing motion, then attempted to stomp me while down. Vanishing from the ground, I watched the clawed foot come crashing down where I just was. The tremor of this creatures stomp was unreal! The rumbling echo shook the trees and my own balance was tested. Not wasting a second, I hacked at the creature, trying to vary my attack pattern, to assure a hit. My energy was waning, thus effecting my aim, and soon I was throwing the sword around as best I could. It was becoming impossible to focus. Fatigue, pain, and the crushing force of this fuzen are draining my efforts quicker than I could have ever imagined...


Swinging the weapon only led to being countered, then b***h slapped. Staggering away, I attacked again, but the demonic entity flashed out of being the instant my sword passed. After this and during my astonishment, the fuzen drove a straight kick directly into my gut and sent me flying backward. Coughing upon contact with the ground, I felt myself lose grip on the sword, but the tail stayed wrapped around my wrist. Struggling to rise, I felt my hands slipping on the slickness of the blood soaked grass. Being stomped ricocheted my head off the ground and I fell motionless, save a few meek twitches. My ears felt like they were full of water and I could feel my face swelling with trapped blood. A constant ringing vibrated my skull, as I deliriously looked for the circling monster.


Crude, brooding laughter filled the surrounding area as I fought to get up. Something locked around my ankle and then lifted me in a dragging motion. Before my vision could clear of blood and hair, I was flung through the woods. Small branches snapped as I passed, but a few slapped me around and showed resilience against my weight. Crashing end over end for several minutes, I think ever single part of my body was harmed by the trees or the ground. Bouncing to an agonizing stop, I again was laying in a growing pool of blood. Nothing was working properly and parts of me were numb. Lifted from the ground once more, the fuzen looked into my half opened eyes and smirked. Three punches were savagely beaten into my skull, then I was dropped back into the crimson foliage below. Everything was blurry and I barely managed to spit out a half breath.


Deep in my thoughts beyond the pain, I felt frustration layered atop growing sorrow. I was disappointed with my body for not reacting to my commands. Crying out in a meek voice only brought more callous laughter and inner shame. I desperately wanted my friends to run, to get away! They are all that mattered now... Every time any amount of strength flowed through my body, it would die out and leave me to shake or convulse like a partially crushed insect. Am I... am I about to die? Is this creature going to kill me and everyone else? Dreadful terror locked my body into a tense struggle, but the bloody agony I felt halted all motion. I began to cry uncontrollably, sobbing and calling out for my friends... my family... If even one of them could hear me, then maybe they would be saved...


A light breeze rustled the surrounding bushes and that calming noise sent me through time. I could almost see Zen and I running through the fields, chasing Max, Lyra, and Shio. Forcing myself to move through the pain, I flipped over onto my back and stared at the sky. Glorious azure patches beamed down from between the colorless clouds. I couldn't see the sun anymore, but that is simply because I didn't have the strength to look for it. The ground beneath me felt soft, although I knew it was hard and earthy. Is this what death is like? Everything starts to feel... alright? The breeze blew again, but it was colder this time. Soon that was all I felt... Waves of freezing cold, expanding over my entire being. I tried to sit up, but simply thinking about it sent a bolt of seizing pain through my body. This is it... This is the end... It is tragic, things were finally starting to go my way... What happens when... what's going to happen now?

"I can feel your suffering, it is nectar to me. The fear you feel for them is well placed, such an exquisite form of fear..." The fuzen's voice alerted me to his new location near my feet. "Miserable creature..."


The footfalls got heavier and heavier until the crunch of breaking grass was right next to my head. Another stomp sent me into a frenzy of agonized thrashing. Yelping meekly, I called for help, but I knew my voice wouldn't travel far. A bellow of satisfaction came from the fuzen, as he drank my fear and pain like a fine wine. A sharp kick flipped me onto my stomach and I felt the creature clutch my ankle. Sharp stones and uneven dirt raked against my face, as I was drug through the woods helplessly. This continued for what felt like hours, but was probably minutes, until I was lifted and thrown a short distance. Near unconscious again, I began fading in and out, but desperately tried to stay awake. Taking a deep breath, I felt my body growing colder and I wondered how much longer I’d last. I did the best I could, while I was alive. I love you all, please forgive me...


Voices broke the stillness of my fading thoughts. Familiar faces were brought before my dying eyes. All my friends, new and old, flashed before my sight alongside moments of my life, good and bad. Nothing felt real as moments and memories now long past, were brought to my attention one more time. This put me in a false sense of peace, seeing everyone and the joy we shared over the years... A piercing scream shattered these illusions and I suddenly felt myself standing fully.


Tearing across the forest at mach speed, I slashed outward and watched the arm, which held Lyra, fall free. Hellish roars and glowering glares came from the one armed fuzen, as I landed with Lyra folded limply over my shoulder. She was unconscious, but alive... I know it, I-I can feel it! Looking back, I watched as torrents of red mist, poured from my friends worried and frightened minds. To them, Lyra must be floating around under the control of phantom forces. I can only imagine how they are feeling...


"You're still alive? Damn you!" The beast quickly began growing another arm from the dripping socket.


It was hard to focus on the creature, when I saw everyone’s faces. The fear, worry, and confusion they were all feeling, empowered this beast greatly. A sudden decision swept over me... Though I didn't want them involved, I also wanted them to know about me and what I do. If I die here today defending them, so be it, but they will survive this! They will go on and... carry my memory, if necessary... Setting Lyra down in front of them, I watched their eyes follow with infinite concern. One by one, I gently tapped each of them and the reactions I got, ranged from explosive, to near passing out.


"Vyon? What the hell is this? What happened to you?" Zenex shouted with a voice I haven't ever heard him use. “BWAAAGH!” He pointed at the satanic shape, shoving the others, with a spotlight stare.

"I know you're all scared, but please try to remain calm." I stated, knowing they could now see my sin aura. "Protect Lyra." I declared taking a step toward the fuzen.


"Vyon are you alright?" Shio's trembling words matched his shaking form.


"Vyon you're-." I cut off Max, unwilling to listen to another word.


"I told you to protect her!" My shout caused them all to jump with fright. "Trust me..." Was all I could add to make them calm down.


"Tell me something boy, why do you care for humans? All they do is create my kind. What value do they hold to you?" The grinding voice intensified as it finished growing a new arm.


"Because they also create love, joy, happiness, and friendship. That may not make sense to you, but it's far more powerful!" My stern statement was chorused by screams of terror, as the others were forced to interact with my enemy. "If I die, life will go on... maybe even a little better for some. But without my family, I have no life! So I will gladly die for them!" Shouting this caused my aura to flare higher and stronger than ever.


"If you embrace death, so be it." The fuzen began walking toward us. “Die now, in vain.”


With a howl of rage, I flew wildly into the creature and drove my blade straight through the beasts gut. Though it screamed out in pain, the creature simply grabbed me by the neck and I lost grip on my weapon. Laughing at my thwarted attempt, the fuzen lifted me up and began crushing my throat. Gagging sounds were forcefully squeezed from my lungs, as the fuzen watched me die in his grasp. The disgusting squishing noises my neck produced, were only drowned out by the screams of my friends. The gleaming yellow grin and piercing eyes basked in the unmatchable strife of my slow, inevitable demise. It was impossible to fight, the struggle was gone almost instantly... All five of them, Lyra included, fed this creature power without realizing! What the hell do I do?

"They fear for you... It feels so divine." The fuzen brought me closer, the smell of decay spewing from its mouth. "Do not worry... I will kill the girl last." Upon hearing this, my own hand latched onto the beasts throat.


Staring each other down, I began feeling lightheaded and knew I would certainly die first. An idea formed and, like all of my ideas, it wasn't very good... I started charging my weapon as fast as I possibly could, using the tail, which still snagged my wrist, as a conduit. It didn't take long for the fuzen to realize and it buckled in agony, as my weapon prepared a sin strike. This was not my plan however... I forced, strained, and fought to put more energy into my weapon. Within a few seconds it happened. My weapon groaned with spiritual stress, then exploded in a cloud of metal shrapnel and golden curtains of spiritual incandesense.


I soared across the clearing, launched by the detonation of the weapon. My limp body tumbled, rolled, and slid to a stop. Through my one available eye, I watched the fuzen dancing as death instructed, clutching itself desperately and writhing like a worm. My weapon exploding had coated the fiend from head to toe in a glorious yellow inferno. His torso was brutally ripped open at the front, barely managing to hold the spine in place with a thin strip of undamaged flesh, which was thinning in the direct flame. Ungodly screams and curses were spit from the satanic looking beast. It fell to its knees, attempting to point at me, but finding no fngers and a disintegrating hand instead. Watching with a deep satisfaction, I saw the creature burn away to nothing more than a pile of sparkling ashes. Fading in and out of consciousness, I felt hands gently gripping my shoulders and arms. Finally succumbing to the devastation, I passed out and sighed a long breath. Honestly, I thought it to be my last…

© 2017 Thatonedawg

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